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UK lays carbon plan before Earth Goddess


"Domestic energy bills will fall by 7 per cent says Huhne, but only if we use a third less electricity."

So in reality they're going to go up by 41% by my calculations

CPU cycles for stars: theSkyNet wants your sandbox


Not sure but

I'd say that they're looking through similar data but for completely different things

Telstra's branding plans leaked to El Reg



While I know almost nothing about Telestra, this seems like the usual corporate "dressing mutton up as lamb" bullshit

If these companies spent as much on improving their services as they did trying to convince people that their services are of x quality, then I imagine that their customers would be a *LOT* happier

No pain, some gain: Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot examined



Tried Unity and hated it. At the moment I'm using Linux Mint, and I'm keeping a very close eye on what desktop environment they decide to use in the future

Oz teachers lugging obsolete lappies



Assuming I've done the sums correctly, the Lenovo will cost the teachers AU$416 and is therefore subsidised by AU$383. the Mac however will cost the teachers AU$1196, a AU$297 premium on the retail price.

Deakin Uni promises safe three-wheeler



"motorcycle-like fuel economy of better than 2.5 litres per 100km"

If only my motorcycle got fuel economy like that. It's currently running at 5l/100km

Samsung Chromebook: The $499 Google thought experiment



You must be a fellow person living in the UK then :)

BT's fibre-to-the-premises trials hit duct roadblock

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Was a title needed?

To be honest, I wouldn't let BT do any work on my property even if I was there. A few months ago they turned up without warning and put a new line from the telegraph pole to my house, and they made a RIGHT pigs ear of it, and it took me some months to get them to put it right again

Sony closes PC games site over security 'concern'


title not required

It already is a double XP weekend. Was looking forward to a day of Star Wars Galaxies....

Might have to copy your idea of the game cards though.....

Oracle kills Sun.com after starvation diet



that domain name is older than me.....

UK.gov plugs £10m into North Wales 'superfast' broadband rollout



Hmmm, not sure what to thing of this. Hopefully it is just the beginning of the investment

Oh noes – they've stolen the internet!



This is literally one of the first things I've read on the internet since my migration from BT to Entanet completes.....

Sacked health care BOFH jailed for revenge hack



*alters alert to only show articles by Simon Travaglia*

i'd gotten my hopes up then....

BT accidentally chokes bandwidth to 'superfast' customers



never mind infinity, i'm not even getting half a meg on 'normal' broadband after many years with a rock solid 8mb (line length being 1km)

been yelling at bt to get it fixed for a month. they can't even keep track of if an engineer has visited me, and when they say they're going to ring me on my mobile they ring me on the house phone, and when i tell them i'm not home til thursday, they ring me the tuesday (today ironically enough)

incompetent arseholes. i'm seriously considering switching to talk talk who have just unbundled my exchange, since even with their reputation they can't be worse than i'm getting with bt

Regional accent read-outs coming to satnavs



Ahhh, dwi'n byw yng Ngogledd Cymru hefyd :)

I can just imagine somebody driving into Caernarfon, to have the sat-nav say "Croeso i Gaernarfon. Os dach chi'n dwad o Loegr, troi rowd a dos yn ôl adra!", and the people thinking it's something like "Enjoy your visit.".....

Laptops heat up your balls


RE: We need more research on this.

uhmmm, you can't. there is a lot more risks to having unsafe sex than just getting somebody pregnant....

Linx outage caused by upgrade


makes sense

might explain the problems i had around that time. i was going to blame bt but....

NAO slams 'redundant' MoJ finance systems


Not a surprise

I got a fine for £100 fine for battery, £100 for resisting arrest and on top of that costs of £150, compensation of £50 and a 'victims surcharge' or £15 a year ago. Originally it was being taken out of my jobseekers, but when that switched from contribution based to income based, the DWP decided to stop taking the fine out of it. I then had to wrangle for with the court for months to actually let me pay my fine off. They said that their computer systems wouldn't let them do it without the DWP telling them

In the end, I sent off a nasty letter to them recorded delivery and they phoned me up a day later to arrange how I was going to pay. Funny that isn't it?

I managed to pay it off at the begining of this year, and they still haven't paid the compensation to the person I hit.....

A bunch of incompetent arseholes is what I'd call the people that run the financial side of stuff. According to the BBC, they are owed £1.3 billion in unpaid fines.

Google claims Wi-Fi slurp legal in the US



You don't need to connect to a wifi connection to be able to sniff the traffic....

Wii will, Wii will Rock You



The digital version are more expensive that the paper version - what could be better proof than that that the music industry doesn't "get" the whole in

Facebook re-write takes PHP to an enterprise past

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not a good advert

i doubt facebooks reliability problems recently are a very good advertisement for this

BT takes axe to Local Business



BT Local Business are in the office next door to me, and they spend most of their time laughing their heads off. This might convince them to actually do some work

Granada to start losing analog telly tomorrow

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urm, they've been switching analogue off in wales for a few weeks now.....

UK cops to be kitted out with smartphones


North Wales Police

North Wales Police have been using Blackberry's for years now

NASA tweaks killer asteroid's trajectory of death


@RIchard 81



Welsh yobs clobbered by cross-dressing cage fighters



my boyfriend being a drag queen and a few of my friends being drag queens also, i am so glad to see this (no way in hell i'm dressing up in drag tho). we routinely get abuse thrown at us and attacked when we're out on the lash, and even when the drag queens are working at the local gay bar

Average Brit shags 2.8m people


@Hywel Thomas

25 is what i can actually count :P the rough is to allow me to have missed 1 or 2 out of the count

Gates Horns

gay men

quite possible that they skew the statistics. speaking from experience (ie, being a gay man), i can say that they are quite promiscious

i can count roughly 25 partners, and i'm only 22, and i'm not the worst there is.....

Facebook 'fesses to bad hair day

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bad hair DAY?!?

almost everybody i know has been having a large amount of problems with facebook for at least 3 months!!!!