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Go on, hit Reply All. We dare you. We double dare you. Because Office 365 will defeat your server-slamming ways


It's O365, so you'd need to set up enough mailboxes to be able to trigger the threshold, and also license them.

Den Automation raised millions to 'reinvent' the light switch. Now it's lights out for startup


"Channel 5's cult Gadget Show programme"

For this, and this alone, you deserve a trip to Coventry.

Wait a minute, we're supposed to haggle! ISPs want folk to bargain over broadband


Re: Sad times

I once got disconnected by NTL for non-payment of bills, only for the internet to randomly start working again about two months later (I never bothered to unplug the gubbins, and was too poor to find another provider back then). They continued to supply me with free cable and internet for almost two years, until i moved out.

Migrating an Exchange Server to the Cloud? What could possibly go wrong?


TL:DR - IT team implement major systems change without testing or a serviceable backout plan.

Did they all get sacked? Because they should have all been sacked.

British Army down thousands of soldiers after outsourcing recruitment IT to Capita


Re: From a previous ElReg article

I can confirm, that in 1992 I went from civilian to squaddie in a matter of weeks. Once you had sworn in and accepted the Queens £25 it was off to Basic before you changed your mind.

Leaked memo: No internet until you clean your bathroom, Ecuador told Julian Assange


It is disgusting that Assange is held, without trial in an effective jail for so long

"It is entirely his own doing that he is hiding from a trial under the protection of another sovereign state to avoid extradition"


Plex plucks media cloud service, sends users scurrying to exit


Big cloudy Meh

Never really saw the point of this, other than targeting folks without large amounts of local storage. I've had Plex for donkeys, running off an old NAS box stuck in a cupboard - and it's always done exactly what I needed except for the one time my home IP changed after a system update many moons ago, since which I've had a script running on a local machine that emails me if the IP changes.

Can't see any reason for pulling the plug on a subscription, it was only ever one bolt-on goody around an exceptionally stable platform.

No, eight characters, some capital letters and numbers is not a good password policy


Passwords LOL

It's a constant battle for any sysadmin - shared accounts, admin passwords never expiring, stale user accounts. When I started with my current employer they had a practice of never deleting old user accounts (in case they wanted to come back), passwords were forced to change *once a year* and half the company was using a variation of the [companyname]123.

It's not until something happens (we got hit with a Ransomeware attack late last year) that the SMT starts paying attention to cyber security, particularly if you aren't an IT-centric company; we are manufacturing, so IT is a support element rather than core to the business. It's been a battle just to get USB device control and web/mail content filtering in place, and for the most part I've had to put it all under the banner of "GDPR compliance" to make any headway.

Unless you have the backing of the SMT and above, or suffer a major security leak, the company just thinks you are being difficult for the sake of it.

No, Apple. A 4G Watch is a really bad idea


Re: unless you've given a smart watch a fair trial your opinion is worthless.

>> Plugging it in at night is a minor annoyance but I'm old enough to remember the minor annoyance of manually winding a mechanical watch daily.

I'd never even thought of that :) I have a couple of decent-ish watches sat in a drawer because I got fed up of sitting and winding them, so taking my phone off at bedtime and dropping it in the charger (as opposed to just dropping it in my bedside tray) was a very small adjustment.


I Love mine :)

The other half bought me an LG Urbane as a "well done for not killing everyone in a tirade of rage at the subtle inconsequence of your pathetic little life" gift; have to say I'd be lost without it.

It has a pleasant face - round, not square - and tells the time and date, along with when my next meeting is, on the face; I can see who is calling by looking at my watch - and reject the call with a message if needed; I get my messages pop up on there, and it does turn by turn navigation while I'm walking so I can walk round Amsterdam without having my phone in my hand.

By far the biggest benefit for me in my daily life has been getting my phone out of my hand, off my desk and away, without the need to disconnect and "go wild", living without technology and growing a beard whilst trying to build a shelter out of old twigs in the woods.

All for about what I'd spend on a halfway decent watch (mine was circa £160 iirc).

Hello, Ello. Still no ads and no features to sell. What do? Bag $5.5m


Still waiting....

For my application to be approved, but I'm really keen to get in and have a look at this. I spend less and less time on Facebook as I find it really doesn't deliver what I want (what my friends and family are up to now) and more and more of what it thinks I want (promoted links and what my family and friends were doing yesterday).

German guardsmen growing mono-boobs from drilling with Nazi-era rifles


Re: SA80

ahthankyou - dewly noted.




Small point of note - the rifle in use by the british army is not the "SA80" - this never existed, and was the working project name under which the entire weapon system of the army was developed (Small Arms - 80's). The weapon in use is in fact the L85A2, or simply "The Rifle" if you are an infantier.

The SA80 family included the L85A1 (original variant) and L86A1 LSW or Light Support Weapon.

Umbridge taken as I spent many years humping both weapons around the world. Other than that kudos for my new word of the day - emboobenation.

BT broadband goes TITSUP - cripples Scots, Geordies, Northern Irish


Re: Single Point of Failure

BT had rasied a TAC case with Cisco, so I'me guessing it's cisco gear; it was affecting traffic on 20 and 21CN, across ipstream connect and WBC - we're guessing something in the distribution layer, but no RFO from BT as yet.


Single Point of Failure

Seemingly (according to our discussions with the 20CN support desk this morning) BTO had installed a line card at the Edinburgh Exchange which then took down every card in the chassis; it _should_ have failed over to a juniper device, but didn't, thus resulting in the outage we experienced.

We lost circuits across the NE, NI and Scotland - SPOF fail!

Microsoft's new retro-flavoured logo channels Channel 4



Is this not for the UC offerings (Exchange/Lync et. al.)?

BSkyB punches Virgin Media in ads watchdog fist fight


Well....I'm no fan of the bigger ISP's but in an effort to apease the good lady earlier this year I agreed to drop my BE BB, BT phone line and sky package and opted for the bundled VM cable TV/BB and phone (the argument being that it was slightly cheaper than the previous setup and we got three months "free" and therefore made a saving of circa £180 for the year).

Can't argue with the wifes logic, and it was an argument I was going to lose if I tried to stick to it.

And I have to say - 5 months in - not a quibble, compaint, issue or nark. BB service has been flawless (apart from when I somewhat naughtily get caught hammering the newsgroups during peak times, and even then I only get throttled for a couple of hours to 50% speed, which is to say 1.8MB rather than the manly 3.7MB I usually enjoy), tivo is fecking awesome, and I never use the phone.

I DO hate the router, but not enough to replace it. I've not had to call customer service once, and I even managed to get them to ditch the installation fee to get me on board. 6 months free access to spotify premium thrown in, and they're doubling me BB to 60Mb/s next month, and also giving me a free tivo box for the bedroom after I asked them for an upgrade to their new bundle.

All in all - job done :)

'Dated and cheesy' Aero ripped from Windows 8



Not being funny, but how come _everyone_ is a fricking expert? I mean come on - it's an OS, and if you don't like it don't use it. Yes, most versions of the M$ OS have been buggy in the early days - our general rule of thumb was to wait until the first SP before looking to upgrade - but having jumped ship to Ubuntu some time ago I can say the same for the LTS releases there.

_But_ lets be realistic - with a choice of XP, Windows 7, Vista (if you are feeling sadistic) and all of the various Linux distro's - not to mention MAC - I fail to see the vitriol behind a companies release.

News update folks - M$ didn't make it for YOU, they made it to make money. It's their train set, and if it works then great, if it doesn't, well, there'll be another along in a year or so.

This shit is almost as dreary as the Olympics.

Apologies for the grammar/punctuation etc, I'm doing this on mah phone.

UK broadband speeds crippled during 'rush hour'


Utility Service...

I get where you are going with this, but in reality IS it a utility service? I know, I know, before all of those who work from home or run home businesses flame me, you couldn't work without it, but then surely its just another service?

Think of this - utility service = gas, electricity, water, so the services we need to live (food, warmth, hygeine).

Internet = additional or value added services, so something you need to trade, watch, enjoy, or fap...not necessarily in that order.

Like other users above I pay for an uncontended, guaranteed connection rather than mixing it up with Virgin, O2 or BT customers and sharing my bandwidth. I've paid for a chauffeur on the information superhighway, but don't cry when those of you on the rush hour train feel overcrowded!

Microsoft whips Apple with global Xbox TV deals


That would be exciting if.....

My Xbox wasn't connected to my HDTV which....

Is connected to my Sky+ HD box thus giving me all my Sky channels

Is Connected to my PS3 thus giving me access to my Blu-Ray HD Content

Has DNLA capability, which when coupled with my PC and PS3 Media Server gives me access to everything in the world ever

Has Internet TV, including the BBC iPlayer HD content

So, nothing here making me all that excited I'm afraid. If this has come 18 months ago,or even 12 months ago, I might have gotten excited over the BBC content, but its just too little too late I'm afraid.

Mumsnet backtracks support for net filter


Makes me cross....

That we think we need a campaign to force someone else to take resonsibility for OUR actions. My daughter is 10, and uses the PC at home pretty much 24x7. She never ever does so alone, though, and I have web filters and parental controls on her profile. I monitor what she does and make sure I keep her safe...after all, thats my job as a parent.

She has no more chance of cominng across pr0n online than she does of finding the stash of Razzle I have secreted behind a cupboard in the garage (which for some reason I am loathe to throw away - there's years of work in that collection).

Another histerical band wagon for what used to be a support group for mums but is now a militant lobby group. How sad.

Most smartphoners don't give a flip about apps


sorry, i must be in the minority...

Ok, so I'm a technical savvy user, but in the workshop we all have either desires or iphones. Cisco vpn clients, rdp/ssh/vnc capability, good internet facilities, and a myriad other apps and functions have enabled us to add enormous value to ourselves, as well as making our job easier. Last night I repaired a failing exchange server while I was in the pub with nothing but my HTC desire and free WiFi from the pub. How frickin cool is that?

My wife hasb an iPhone and is totally socially connected...she couldn't be without it. In fact, about the least important thing about it is the ability to make calls! Too many folk feigning fashionable indifference methinks !

Police make a mockery of data protection


Oh well...

I have to say this does not fill me with joy. I received a police caution several years ago for a minor offense, which is now spent under the rehabilitation of offenders act.

This means that I don;t have to declare when applying fof a position unless it is exempt from the act; however I am finding more and more employers these days getting round the act by simply asking for a DP1 form - essentially a copy of information the police hold) which shows not only my spent caution, but on the last one I had done the fact that I had been involved in a 999 call relating to spousal violence (sketchy details on the DP1 but I had in fact called the police because someone was beating their lady up in the street outside my house), been stopped and breathalysed 4 months earlier and had to attend my local station (I had a chest infection and insufficient puff to blow....instant trip to the station) and also that during my time in the army I had taken a drug overdose (I had in fact accidentally taken too many antibiotcs when I misread the instructions, and the good lady insisted I see the doctor about it).

Much of this info was neither relevant nor was it information I would have liked anyone to see, and yet I had to sit down with my employer and explain everything before they would confirm my employment...how embarrasing!

So how do you manage remote users?


@AC - Stop feeding the trolls


Who does the helpdesk really help?


Insert Title Here

@ AC I feel your pain. I "Manage" the internal IT delivery for a SME (more on the medium sized), and there's myself and my junior engineer running 300+desktop/laptops, 30+ servers running a resilient EX2007 infrastructure, Dynamics CRM, Great Plains, Hyper V etc, VOIP office phones, mobile devices, datacentre Aircon etc and we are pretty much viewed as a "nice to have". We are customer facing, 1st 2nd and 3rd line support, dealing with procurements, IT budgets, project management etc.

I'm there at 4am when the file server falls over, I'm there when Jenny can;t log in, when the boardroom projector stops working, when the MD decides he wants us to start using sharepoint..instant experst in every bit of hardware or software going.

We're more than just a helpdesk....at the risk of being melodramatic the two of us ARE the start and stop of IT support for the company, but we are still seen as "the IT guys" who move printers around and sort out that niggling problem you got when you upgraded to IE8 when we have already told you it breaks the intranet.

Underpaid, overworked and underappreciated, and I wish to hell they'd change the departments name from IT support!

O2 Broadband puts brakes on BitTorrent


hhmm, not that much of a biggie...

considering it takes me around 2 days to download any decent HD content, I'm losing 6 hours out of 48? In any event I log on to my BT client from work via the web console to monitor my downloads, throttle the down/upload speed so it's not killing MY connection, let alone next doors, and usually kill it when i get in during prime xBox time, and kick it off again before bedtime.

Not defending the act of downloading from bit torrent, but if we put a bit of thought into how we do it then the bandwidth issue doesn't get to be such an issue.

Met steps up stop and search with mobile phone scanner


Insert Title Here

Of course, on the flip side if the oik who just cut me up at the lights and nearly made me crash subsequently gets a stop/search, and in the course of checking his car for drugs/guns/hoors they find a stolen mobile to add to the charges...I'd be pleased :)

Twitter-based mafia game irritates world+dog



Has had this for a while now....