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TalkTalk, 3UK scratched off Ofcom's Xmas card list


Another one for plusnet

I wonder if plusnet figures are included in with the BT Retail ones... as they became part of BT a few years ago. I've been with them since 2005, and not had a single problem, they even reduced my monthly bill after I sent them a cheeky tweet because my exchange got reclassified. Oh, and because I've recommended several friends and family to join them and they are all very happy with the service, plusnet take even more money off my bill every month to boot... which is nice.

Unfortunately I might be moving to Hull soon, which means no BT lines, which means I'll have to suffer the pain that is Karoo. Ick. That's a good reason to NOT move to Hull.

Linehan turns IT Crowd off but NOT on again



In the same topic on Reddit, he actually says that he WILL be doing a one-off special. He's also confirmed that he'll be doing this via Twitter (@glinner).

Lulz warns NHS of sick security


Alice's Bucket List

"little girl feasts" - this is a reference to a young lady who has terminal cancer, and one of her wishes in her bucket list is to get everyone to sign up for the Bone Marrow register. Google alicebucketlist for more info... it's been taking the twittersphere by storm.

How do you copy 60m files?


What about ycopy?

I was surprised to see no mention of yCopy at all - this is an absolute gem!


Those it can't copy it tells you, but it keeps on working through the list till its all done.

London techies get kit off for charity



I'm sure it was that one or it might have been the one before that. The vulture masthead was on a shelf I think.


The IT Crowd...

Definitely agree with Kevin there, someone is an IT Crowd fan! Better cause than the Boss-Eyedness too I think...?

Bonus points if you can spot El Reg in that episode, too. Caught it on the repeat on E4/More4 earlier in the week.

Hotmail phish exposes most common passwords


@Sir Runcible Spoon

That advert was probably the most inventive advert ever thought up - absolute genius!!

For those of you who can't remember it... It showed this story in a ye olde fantasy setting. There was a guy who went off to save a princess but came across a monster who's heads he had to chop off.

Twas clever because the telephone number was made up of the scenes, they did a quick recap at the end. I can even remember the phone number to this day because of this clever manipulation of words (a clever thing you can do by associating memory with weird objects or scenes, memory experts reccommend doing this when you want to remember something)... Here's the recap at the end of the advert...

"Oh, a tundred!" Said the guy...

"Sever one" said the guy as he chopped off one of the monsters heads. "Oh" said the monster, "Sever two"...

"Free!" (said the damsel in distress)

If you read the bits in quotes you'll get the phone number.... Gettit!?

Microsoft's Office Web Apps - a long way from here


@Finally, they removed VBA...

...errr, no. VBA support is not included in WebApps, but VBA is still (thankfully) very much still there in Office 2010, and will be there for several incarnations yet!