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Asus' latest single-board computer packs a 12-core, 4.5Ghz Intel i7


"barely larger than a Raspberry Pi " for some value of "barely"

rpi4 85x56mm

this 119x121

so that's 14399 vs 4760mm² or about 3 times as big.

Rocky Linux 9 and its new build service enter the ring


VirtualBox requires the guest additions to do integrated mouse. Those GA are not included in any RHEL9 clone, not even RHEL 9 itself so any rebuild of RHEL 9 will be lacking mouse integration in VBox. It's not unexpected.

Mars helicopter to take a breather, recharge batteries


You'd think that after the number of times they've had solar panels covered up in dust they would have invented a solar panel windscreen wiper

Broadcom's VMware buy got you worried? Give these 5 FOSS hypervisors a spin


Much as I like VirtualBox for home use, it's hardly Enterprise.

OpenSea phishing threat after rogue insider leaks customer email addresses


> To wit: opensae[.]io, opensea[.]org, and opensea[.]xyz would be bad domains.

OpenSAE is what you do with a Stamped Addressed Envelope when it arrives?

Micron aims 1.5TB microSD card at video surveillance market


Yes, but how much?

Enquiring minds want to know

RSAC branded a 'super spreader event' as attendees share COVID-19 test results


> However, 39.9 percent said they were unsure, for whatever that means.

I'd guess that since the conference didn't end until the 9th June, some people could still be unsure since the COVID-19 incubation period is still listed by the WHO as being on average 5-6 days but with outliers up to 14 days. So if it ended last week, there might still be new cases for another week yet.

Let's play everyone's favorite game: REvil? Or Not REvil?


VoIP attacks

The various VoIP extortion attacks last year were all claiming to be REvil so DDoS attacks would not be a new thing (if indeed the ones last year were REvil).

The new generation of CentOS replacements – plus the daddy of them all: RHEL 8.6


Re: It was sad to see Centos go

Red Hat decided to turn CentOS into a beta version of the next version of RHEL so it has become unstable and pretty much continually broken. Rocky and Alma were set up to replace it outside of Red Hat and both aim to release the same thing that CentOS used to : a clone distro of RHEL minus hte RH branding and logos.

Workstation, server, IoT? No worries. Fedora 36 is out – all 13 editions of it


Running Rawhide is like playing Russian Roulette. It's definitely not for the faint of heart. Nor for those without backups!

Elon Musk's latest launch: An unsolicited Twitter takeover


Another dangerous megalomaniac throws a strop.

Arch Linux turns 20: Small, simple, great documentation


The arch wiki is excellent

The arch wiki is one of the best resources out there for any flavour of linux. It's clear, concise, detailed and even better, it's usually right!

Chromium-adjacent Otter browser targets OS/2


I was always told the reason why it could not be opensourced was that a lot of the source files are "Copyright IBM, Microsoft" and that getting the two teams of lawyers to agree to anything like that would be, shall we say tricky.

Russian 'Minecraft bomb plot' teen jailed for five years


Thoughtcrime :-(

'Now' would be the right time to patch Ubuntu container hosts and ditch 21.04 thanks to heap buffer overflow bug


Still not patched in CentOS Stream

so much for Red Hat's promise to keep CentOS Stream up to date and free of exploits then...

SUSE announces 'tech and support' product Liberty Linux


A rebuild isn't really a rebuild if it doesn't include the same kernel as the original. Are they also doing what OEL do and providing the original RHEL distro kernel as an optinon as well?

Spruce up your CV or just bin it? Survey finds recruiters are considering alternatives


We discard something like 50% of applicants based solely on the contents of their CV which generally shows that they are not suitable for the role in question. Without a CV we'd have to interview all those too which sounds like a massive waste of everyone's time.

Microsoft rang in the new year with a cutesy tweet in C#. Just one problem: The code sucked


> "Yeah 2021 is wrong. We're still stuck in 2020."

No, it's 2020 too.

DDoSers take weekend off only to resume campaign against UK's Voipfone on Monday


Re: Annoying...

Unfortunately they use a botnet which is not just Russian, it's worldwide.


Re: this is what happens when you dont enforce authentication

So how do you authenticate when the pipe connecting you to the internet is so full of random data that the real stuff cannot get through. Your grasp of what a DDoS attack actually does and how it operates seems to be not very aligned with reality. You cannot protect against a DDoS attack once the packets from it arrive at your endpoint. It's already too late.


And that would help against a DDoS how?

Twitter's machine learning algorithms amplify tweets from right-wing politicians over those on the left


It's that Russian Troll farm liking posts most likely to lead to the demise of democracy...

Unhappy customers and their own tricks used against them, REvil ransomware gang reportedly pulled offline by 'multi-country' operations


After Kaseya it appears that REvil got out of the ransomware business. If the recent attacks on VoIP infrastructure are to be believed they've moved into plain extortion instead - "Send us 10 BTC or we will DDoS your business to death".

Thunderbird 91 lands: Now native on Apple Silicon, swaps 'master' for 'primary' password, and more


Re: More like Chunderbird, amirite?

The usual nickname for it is Thunderturd


Re: Primary?

s/A Master Password protects all/An overall password protects all/

Ubuntu, Wikimedia jump ship to the Libera Chat IRC network after Freenode channel confiscations



ASUS baffles customer by telling them thermal pad thickness is proprietary


> Savvy users often clean the surface with some high-strength isopropyl alcohol to remove debris and ensure peak effectiveness.

Here's a warning for those of you who have a bottle of 99.x% pure isopropyl alcohol. If it's over about 5 years old, get rid of it. I speak from experience, very bad experience :-( I had a bottle of it that fell into my pocket at a $dayjob nearly 40 years ago and I just finished it up and found the bottle rattled. Tipped it out into a pyrex glass ashtray and it was a small crystal, probably no more than 4x4x1mm, poked it with a metal stick and BOOM! Loudest single noise I have ever heard. My hearing cut out about 1/10th of the way through the B in BOOM! and and was followed by a ringing so loud I tried to cover my ears with my hands, I can only hear about 80% of what I could before. Shattered the glass ashtray into several large pieces and left a pile of powdered glass on the table. Left me completely deaf for at least 4 hours and recovered only gradually and is almost certainly never coming back. Went to A&E and they tell me my eardrums are still in one piece though I'm not sure I believe them.

Apparently isopropyl alcohol forms peroxides over time and these are extremely unstable.

Freenode IRC staff resign en masse, unhappy about new management


Re: Looks like I will be dumping PIA then..

I don't think they need to merge with OFTC. According to https://twitter.com/TwitchiH/status/1395350831805894659 libera.chat is already the 6th largest IRC presence on the internet and scheduled to pass OFTC in the next few days. Effectively libera is freenode by another name since it has the same staff and many of the same sponsors have already given them new servers.

Apple sent my data to the FBI, says boss of controversial research paper trove Sci-Hub


Wouldn't a genuine email say "from the Federal Bureau of Investigation" not just "from Federal Bureau of Investigation"?

'Chinese wall'? Who uses 'Chinese wall'? Well, IBM did, and it actually means 'firewall'


Having been a white hat hacker, I think I find being called "offensive" more offensive than any negative correlation of the existing name. Besides an "offensive security researcher" sounds more like someone trying to do damage than not. Perhaps a "defensive security researcher" would be better.

Also, from what I remember the terms white hat and black hat don't have racial origins at all, they come from the old Hollywood westerns where the good guys wore white hats and the bad guys wore black hats. Both sides were almost always white men.

What's in Fedora 34? GNOME 40, accelerated Wayland, PipeWire Audio, improved Flatpak support, and more


'scuse me?

Fedora is aiming to make the Flatpak format the "primary packaging format that Fedora users consume their applications in,..."

The unanswered question at CentOS community Q&A: How can we trust you now?


This had nothing to do with IBM. Red Hat are quite capable and willing to shoot their own feet.


Re: Are people sure they get what Stream is?

The downside that you are missing is that with the old style CentOS, you could plan for a point release coming along and including new things that would break your system. So you knew when to watch out for breaking changes and could plan for them. In the new scheme of things you will now get breaking changes whenever Red Hat feel like pushing them.


Plus the CentOS board have no power to make any decisions about it at all so their "It's hard to predict the future" really translates as "we do what we're told".

The majority of CentOS board members are Red Hat employees and most of them, if not all of them, are nowhere near the C-level execs needed to make such decisions. Some others are not RH employees but when the vote goes 7:2 (or whatever) it's not hard to know who voted where...

Did anyone tell Logitech about lockdown? Biz launches pricey video chat kit for office conference rooms and 'huddle spaces'


Aren't huddle spaces what were in use on Jan 6th in the Capitol?

Red Hat defends its CentOS decision, claims Stream version can cover '95% of current user workloads'


> "the CentOS Board signed on to it."

In the same way that a hijacked plane pilot signs on to going to Cuba...

CentOS project changes focus, no more rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux – you'll have to flow with the Stream


"Changes focus". What weasel words. Red Hat pulled the plug on the project despite all their promises in 2014 about not interfering with the project and it being a safe home for it.

Linux kernel maintainers tear Paragon a new one after firm submits read-write NTFS driver in 27,000 lines of code


There has been read/write support for NTFS in linux for years. It's a FUSE based filesystem sure but it works.

Microsoft confirms pursuit of TikTok after Satya Nadella chats to Donald Trump


Microsoft Teens...

I thought it was already decided that it would be renamed Microsoft Teens...

From a trickle to an Application Stream: Red Hat opens barriers for RHEL 8.3 beta


I've not used the 8.3 beta installer but it looks like they just moved the user creation bit into the stuff that has to be filled in before the install can start. If it's like it was before this change, when you got to fill it in at your leisure while the install was running, then setting the root password is mandatory but the user creation is optional. If you look at the text it does actually say "No user will be created".

Amazon staffer based just a stone's throw away from Seattle HQ tests positive for COVID-19 coronavirus


Plus mortality rate at present is being estimated assuming that we have a functional health care system. If 20% of the population go down with this at once and 4% of those fall into the "critical" category then we're talking about more than 500,000 people in the UK needing ICU treatment at any one time. That still leaves the 15% with "severe" symptoms to fend for themselves at home. Better hope that you're one of the 81% with only "mild" (whatever those are!) symptoms.

Would-be .org gobbler Ethos Capital promises to keep prices down in last-ditch effort to keep $1.1bn deal alive


10% per year for 8 years means that they "only" double the price (plus a bit more).

Startup Mycroft AI declares it will fight 'patent troll' tooth and nail after its Linux voice-assistant attracts lawsuit


Pretty sure that Amazon & Google have a vested interest in this sort of thing.

Alexa, find me a patent troll

No Motorola Razr comeback orders in 2019: Costly foldy nostalgia mobe pulled back


"with just 6GB of RAM and 128GB"

That's 384 times as much RAM and 650 times as much storage as the first mainframe computer that I worked on and that ran the entire UK network for a very large insurance company.

Radio nerd who sipped NHS pager messages then streamed them via webcam may have committed a crime


> to make the content of the communication available to someone who is neither sender nor recipient"

Under that clause, is it not the responsibility of the NHS trust in question since it is them that are making the content of the communication system available by broadcasting it in plain text in the first place?

Fairytale for 2019: GNOME to battle a patent troll in court


How can they have a patent dated 2018 about this. Surely there is prior art and history showing it's already been done.

Virgin Media promises speeds of 1Gpbs to 15 million homes – all without full fibre


Have they fixed their crappy "superhub v3" so that it actually works yet? The one with the dodgy Intel chipset.

London's Metropolitan Police arrest Julian Assange


Re: International Law

Assange was never a refugee. A fugitive from justice, maybe. Refugee, no.


> Just yesterday his news leak org claimed that blackmailers had threatened to reveal "sexual" things alongside other details

> of Assange’s life inside the embassy; the group claimed that miscreants were trying to squeeze €3m out of it.

You mean he got one of those emails saying "I caught you in front of your computer and your password is 'password'"?

Well Holby damned! We've caught a virus: Brit medical soap operas team up for 'cyber' episode


Shouldn't it be that the outbreak is magically stopped by a malware author turned security researcher...