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Final Arthur C Clarke novel on the way

Craig Barrowman

@Frederick Pohl

I'd have to agree, but recommend reading the whole 'Gateway' series, not just "Beyond the Blue Event Horizon", which is second in the series.

When I read about the final Arthur C. Clarke novel being released (on the Register), I immediately pre-ordered it on Amazon. Something to look forward to next month.

Circuit City runs up the white flag

Craig Barrowman

Who gives a f#ck?

Circuit City in the US has always played second fiddle. Even "Best Buy" with their draconian return policy and wastoid employees has always been better, especially price-wise. I think it'll take a Herculean effort for anyone to turn Circuit City around. Just another generic electronics store, a concept that their competitors have done better. Anyone fancy a pool for the day they finally shut up shop?

Dungeons and Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax dies

Craig Barrowman
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You stole my thoughts... I couldn't have said it better.

Rest in peace Gary. I hope the next level of life is exciting and fulfilling for you.

Arthur C Clarke lists three wishes on 90th birthday

Craig Barrowman
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Hope he lives many more happy years

Happy birthday to the man that predicted telecommunications satellites, (almost predicted that every phone call, local and international would be free by 2000), and has and continues to enthrall me with visionary works such as the aforementioned Space Odyssey series, Rendezvous With Rama series, The City and the Stars, and many more.

Intel slobbers over flash-based server storage

Craig Barrowman


I would guess that within 10 years, all conventional hard disk, CD/DVD Rom/HD/BluRay technology will be phased out and replaced with Flash RAM/ROM based devices. But who knows... by then maybe we'll have Petabyte desktop HD arrays for about the price of a 1TB drive now. And we'll probably need it to run Windows 2017.

No end in sight for Vista's Long Goodbye

Craig Barrowman

My favorite Vista bug so far...

Using a FAT32 secondary drive for storage of media, misc. As such, it should have no applicable security. I loved it when I was trying to access my files & Vista told me that I needed permission from 'everyone' to access my files. Hmm.. that might take a while.


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