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AT&T ups Wi-Fi ante with Wayport acquisition

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For those of us traveling abroad, it could save on horrendous data charges

When abroad Data roaming can be REALLY expensive over 3G (a global 250 plan on AT&T is $250 a month!).

Connect your cell to a hotspot and tether it to access the Internet over WiFi? Much cheaper!

Blockbuster: DVD to Blu-ray shift slower than VHS to DVD

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No real surprise here

After all, DVD had several advantages over VHS:

Picture Quality

Form factor (smaller, more robust)

No need to fast forward or rewind like a VHS tape

More content available on a DVD than a tape

Blu-ray (by comparison) has only (in reality) a technical advantage over DVDs in picture quality and that is not enough to get consumers to move en-mass.

Killer Satnavs amok in 'Utah Polyhedron' phenomenon

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This is actually even better than it looks

I live in Utah and have frequented that very area in my large, high ground clearance, fuel guzzling monstrosity required for actually getting in and out of that area alive.

The entire convoy was made up of standard, road-going vehicles including a Mercedes Wagon (Estate) and a people carrier. NOT ONLY THAT, but they kept driving down a dirt road that Sherpa Tensing would have thought twice about tackling on foot for several hours before almost running out of fuel! What class!

Automated profiling tech is crap, says Home Office


An example of stupidity rather than eBorder intelligence?

This quote is fantastic!

"Ryan then gave the example of a passenger who'd booked the day before, paid with cash and was due to spend just one day in the UK before a further connection. Four kilos of cocaine were found in his bags when he was stopped at Heathrow."

Clearly the numbskull who booked the ticket had an IQ roughly equivalent to his shoe size! It didn't take a hyper-advanced system to figure this one out, just some very basic data mining and then a "oi... heads up!" to customs when he landed.

O2 PR calls Reg readers 'techie nerds'

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O2 - You just lost a lot to '3'

I work for a US based corporation and a quite a few staff travel to the UK regularly. I've been looking to recommend a wireless broadband network for people to use rather than pay massively expensive hotel internet charges. I had debated O2 but given the coverage by El Reg, was having second thoughts.

Now I can see the insane way in which O2 are behaving and the fact that I personally don't like being labelled a 'nerd' (Geek would have been fine), I have just recommended 3 as the network of choice.

Way to go O2, you just lost several thousand pounds of revenue every quarter.

Computer system suspected in Heathrow 777 crash


So... did the computers do the RIGHT thing???

Perhaps the computers deliberately blocked increasing engine thrust as they either discovered or "thought" the engines had a problem. The quorum elected it was more dangerous to increase thrust than gliding given the proximity to the runway and the pilots were able to land the plane safely.

Interestingly enough, many years after the Airbus accident there STILL seems to be disagreement over the precise cause (witness the posts in this thread) and that was with both the black-box AND the pilot being alive.

Whatever the causes, I have visited the Boeing 777 factory floor (damned impressive) and was SERIOUSLY impressed with the dedication and professionalism displayed by the people there. The fact that everyone escaped unhurt is not just due the unquestioned skill of the flight-crew, it is also down the build-quality of the plane.

And I shall be telling myself that as I step onto a 777 bound for London on Wednesday!

Technical problems mar Barclays' PINSentry roll-out


Already been done - Verified by VISA

Although an additional aggravation, this kind of backup is pretty damned useful. A number of sites insist on Verified by VISA (newegg for instance) and it is just a little piece of mind.

If EVERY site insisted on this second level of protection most online fraud would be stamped out.

Of course the simple expedient of having your OWN photo printed on the card would pretty much eliminate direct fraud too.

Elgato Turbo.264 H.264 encoder


G4 and G5 Mac users rejoice!

I've got a Mac Mini G4 and Turbo 264 performance on a G4 is even more extreme. Even better, Elgato EyeTV will automatically find and use the Turbo.264 for AppleTV encoding.

This is a way cool piece of equipment.

Devon villagers chip in for mobile coverage platform


No surprises that the UK is so far behind.

My sister and mother live in Cornwall and can't even receive channel 5 yet, let alone Cell service. Psychotically it looks like the analog transmitters will be turned off before the local transmitter will be upgraded. Great planning!


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