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Huawei? Apple and Samsung's worst nightmare, pal

John Molloy

Well, here's the thing...

"Yet Huawei managed to show something Apple couldn't in 2014: a sapphire phone."

Dumping a few thousand phones on the market with a single special feature is pretty easy. But it looked at some point that Apple weren't going to get the yields high enough to ship the 10 million or so devices in the opening weekend and sanity prevailed and they went to the fallback position.

Very easy to produce a product so you can shout "first" - Samsung is pretty good at this and it looks like Huawei have jumped on that bandwagon, however when it comes to Apple unit numbers this was a non-starter probably around June last year.

Apple WINS iPod antitrust fight, jury nixes BILLION-dollar payout bid

John Molloy

Re: copyright violation = theft

@ AC who called me out with the definition of theft.

Here's the thing.

At that time you could not download anything directly to the iPods in question.

So you would have had a local copy of the file on your local machine.

Apple deleted the copy on the iPod - the "theoretically" was referring to the fact that even the legal eagles that were suing Apple couldn't produce anyone who was actually effected by the issue - but the original file on the personal computer was still there.

So where was the theft?

John Molloy

Re: Apple just got a free pass to remove files from their devices without consequence

Certainly better than the first gen Fire devices from Amazon, that just deleted "unofficial" content with no warning. After a week of "ownership" it got sent back.

John Molloy

Re: copyright violation = theft

Theoretical theft. If you purchased from any store that didn't use reverse engineered DRM then nothing was removed. Heaven's sake. The lawyers couldn't find anyone to argue that they had lost anything. What does that tell you? It was a legal hunting party that failed and failed bad.

US judge 'troubled' by Apple's $450m bid to end ebook price-fixing row

John Molloy

Re: I still can't understand how no-one goes after amazon

"Amazon does not books sell at a loss. They are hugely profitable."

I take it you missed yesterday's earnings numbers?

"Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN) on Thursday reported a bigger loss in its second quarter, and missed analysts' expectations.

The Seattle-based company posted a loss of $126 million, or 27 cents per share, compared with $7 million, or 2 cents per share, in the same quarter a year earlier. The average estimate of analysts surveyed by Zacks Investment Research was for a loss of 13 cents per share."

Big Blue Apple: IBM to sell iPads, iPhones to enterprises

John Molloy


"soon to replace the Lenovo/Windows laptop that I've only just managed to get correctly setup after 4months of work?"

I fear you just demonstrated precisely why this is an excellent idea. Most Macs work out of the box and the configuration stuff in the new OSX / iOS8 is going to make that stuff easy.

PEAK APPLE: Mystery upstart to hurl iLord from its throne 'by 2020'

John Molloy

Re: Oh Yeah...?

Here's the thing. Fred Wilson sold his Apple shares when they hit 91. They are at 600 today. He advised all developers to move to "Android as that's where the money is" and now this.

Sounds like a guy who's pissed that his predictions were so wrong he sold his shares and is regularly putting out stuff like this to try and wish and hope that someday it might just happen.

Android engineer: We didn't copy Apple or follow Samsung's orders

John Molloy

Re: Interesting Point I Suppose

In 2010 Samsung created an internal document that basically said, we've tried working around slide to unlock, but honestly? Apple does it better so we'll go with that.

Pretty damning evidence.

Apple's iTunes 'n' App Store rakes in half the mazuma of Google's ENTIRE core business

John Molloy

Re: Music in decline?

Er, that is patently untrue. As in maybe in your parochial English point of view. But there are a ton of people buying apps on the iTunes store, haven't as yet seen a spottily for that.

And I know iTunes radio hasn't yet appeared in the UK, but mark my words it's coming.

Apple wins documents fight with Google in Samsung case

John Molloy

Oh, the irony. That may have been true in the 70s and 80s but these days Irony is just as well ingrained in US as it is in the UK.

You hear that, Mr Cook? Samsung's profits have gone UP

John Molloy

Re: Yeah but, parasitism is never comfortable

"That worked pretty well for the Volkswagen Beetle."

Which car did the Beetle rip off?

John Molloy

Re: Don't know what you want?

"Tim Cook isn't good at that. Apple's problems have started since the reality distortion field popped."

And four of the biggest quarters ever have happened since Jobs died. Including the fourth largest quarter ever. This most recent "fail".

John Molloy

Re: Of course theres this:

And of course, Samsung also makes a lot more phones. 80 or so I think in the current roster.

John Molloy

Re: Comparing apples to pears?

Worth pointing out, Joeseph, that Samsung have recently been adding their computer sales to the mobile division to muddy the water even more.

John Molloy

Re: Hmmmmmm.....

"and in the process, you obviously missed the part about the Galaxy S3 and the Note 2, which are comparable to iPhones (in price, and superior in features and usability)"

But not in sales, of course. In Jan the media was heralding that the S3 had sold 40 million units. Roughly what the iPhone does a quarter.

John Molloy

Re: Can companies really make ever increasing revenues/profits?

also it is worth pointing out that last year's 48% margins was a ridiculous blip. No hardware company has made anything near that level of profit. This years 38% or so is a margin that Samsung would only dream of having.

John Molloy

Re: Cult of Jobs

But also the "new Apple" is very different from the one that was run by the sugar water salesmen and the bean counters. The one that actually kicked him out.

The only plus side to that of course is that we wouldn't have had either Pixar or OSX without them doing that of course.

John Molloy

Re: Samsung King of The Castle

All well and good save that even in a bad quarter Apple took in more profit than Samsung.

John Molloy

Re: Plain & Simple

I have both. The Nexus7 is no iPad.

John Molloy

Re: Plain & Simple

Apple's profits are still larger than Samsung's. Here's the thing, all this talk of Samsung "winning" is just media spin. Of course the Register hates Apple so this article is what we have come to suspect from such a rag.

Sorry, Apple - China's just not that into your iPhone 5

John Molloy

What are you smoking.

"Apple sold 2 million iPhone 5s in the three days in China after the device went on official sale on Friday."

2 million, in one country in 3 days? What are you smoking to say this isn't important?

I understand that you are playing to the cheap seats but when Apple ships 2 million units in 3 days and you carp when compared to Samsung that does about 5 million a quarter of the SIII what is the point?

Apple's profits fetish could spell its DOOM

John Molloy

Re: Charles Arthur

"Charles is the worst, as he does not seem to have an honest opinion."

Charles has an opinion that differs from mine. There, fixed it for you.

John Molloy

Re: android market which is at the cheap end

Because it's the cheap end where the numbers are.

Even at the high-end 30 million selling S3 end. That's still less than 1/2 what Apple sells.

John Molloy

Re: Apple don't have 5 years - @loan 09:52 GMT

Because that money sitting in the bank will explode?

Second win for Apple as Galaxy Nexus sales banned in US

John Molloy

Re: Calm down Calm down

Here's the thing.

Firstly this is not about look and feel. So arguments about Apple making a TV in a few months are irrelevant. There are 4 Patents up for grabs and make no mistake Samsung just got in the way these four patents infringements lie heavily at the feet of Google and Android.

Also this is the Galaxy Nexus phone that has been banned which was released in November last year and not the new Galaxy SIII which also infringes but has not as yet had an injunction against it.

The thing is if Apple does win this case then ALL of Android will be culpable.

It might be simpler for Google to code around this stuff or take features out, like Motorola made Apple remove push emails from iOS5 in Germany.

New iPad sales hit 3 million in first 4 days

John Molloy

The issue here is that smug, technically-obsessed posters don't understand why this thing is selling. It is always on, it is intuitive, and you do not have to pass some kind of geek IQ test to make it do things. At last there is a product that lets real people do stuff without having to resort to tech savvy relatives or worse, pay people, to get things done.

The barbarians are at the gates. The cabal is falling.

John Molloy

Re: I've got to wait for my shiny new i3pad thing

I fear you misread his post. He hates that he hasn't got it yet, not that he hates the device.

Steve Jobs' death clears way for '7.85-inch iPad prototype'

John Molloy

Re: Re: …pretty flippant way to talk about someone dying of a serious disease.

Thank you for that.

My mother died of a brain tumor last year, and my sister is a breast cancer survivor.

You may have a thicker skin than I, but I found it offensive.

John Molloy

Re: …pretty flippant way to talk about someone dying of a serious disease.

Agreed. One can only hope that Anna has no relatives that have suffered from or are dying of cancer because this tasteless headline takes the f***ing biscuit.

In fact the whole thing is a trolly bitch about Apple.

"Indeed The Register predicted this move after the arrival of the first iPad. Sadly, we didn't patent the idea."

I think you have to actually do something to get a patent. Don't think you could look at a leading device and say "like that but in yellow, or like that but smaller." I can see that you are trying to hint at Apple patenting everything but that was a dumb comment.

One other point. Digitimes track record on Apple has been pretty abysmal. They are the News of the World of tech reporting, a place that with this article, you are only a couple of places above.

Proview offers Apple peace talks amid Shanghai iPad ban bid

John Molloy

Shame it has no actual basis in fact.

"Tech titan faces tablet knockout in dozens of China's cities"

This thing is garnering a lot of publicity as the press would love to talk this up. But up until now it has managed to pull 45 iPads from the shelves. 45. So lots of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

This is all hype and bluster and the press are lapping it up.

How Google and Apple exposed their Achilles heels this week

John Molloy

Re: Maybe I'm being naive, but...

I could be completely wrong here, but I think chip and pin is a european initiative - I don't think it is used in the US or Asia, which is where the phones are developed and manufactured.

John Molloy

"Has Apple's iAd had it?"

Every iAd sold, and every Siri query answered first time (it eventually falls back to google) is one less ad served by Google. iOS is still the largest source of mobile advertising income for Google. These small steps are eating away at that.

How Apple won the West (and lost the world)

John Molloy

Short sightedness...

"Apple were also insanely profitable with their Macs some 20 years ago, but they chose high profit margins to market share"

Actually it was a different Apple, one full of bean counters and sugar water salesmen, basically bit players who didn't understand the market.

For all your sarcasm about Jobs, you have forgotten his best creation: the new Apple, the largest tech company in the world, ain't going to roll over this time. It's not that Jobs came back, it is what his management team have done over the last 15 years, but ignore that and just rely on usual British sarcasm, that'll fix it.

Samsung demands iPhone 4S ban in Japan and Oz

John Molloy

Samsung is a large company. The components division is completely separate from the mobile company. I think last year Apple spent something like 6-8 billion dollars with them and were Samsung's single largest customer.

I am pretty certain that the guy who ran the mobile division and put these "designs" into production was canned about 4 months ago.

But this argument appears to have tipped into "saving face" at Samsung and they are going at it with all they have, even if they are completely misusing the FRAND agreements already in place.

"I wonder how long it will be before Apple simply moves to alternative suppliers."

They already have shifted large quantities away.

John Molloy

Anonymous Coward trolling board.

"It is funny though, Samsung that has patents on actual inventions can't use those patents as they're standards,"

Let me spell it out for you. The reason they cannot use those patents to sue Apple is that they agreed to have them rolled into the standards. When that happens they must license them on FRAND terms, which means that they cannot use them as a lever to try and get better agreements with a customer just because they want. Also Samsung were seeking a 2.4% payment on the chip that Apple uses for connection to the wireless network on each and every infringement, which would be an outrageous figure and totally against the FRAND terms to which they signed up.

The iPhone 4S uses Qualcomm chips to do this connection and Qualcomm are already paying Samsung for the rights to use their patents. Samsung are trying to double dip here and charge the end customer for patents they have already licensed to the chip manufacturer.

"However the galaxy does look a fair old bit like an iPad"

I assume you have seen the charger? It's the same as the iPad charger, save for the color. And Samsung were the only manufacturer that went out of their way to skin Android to resemble the way the iPad looks and feels.

Samsung are on very shaky ground here, despite what the Apple haters seem to think.

In Japan, with the "Airplane Mode" argument, Samsung may have more luck, but I haven't had time to work out if there was prior art yet.

Verizon: Samsung 4G ban not in our, er, public interest

John Molloy

"It seems to me that Samsung have taken the only path that was open to them, and in using a selection of proper, defensible patents based on technological innovation "

All fine and dandy, save for the fact that the the patents Samsung are using to "protect themselves" are part of the 3G standard, so they are committed to licensing them on FRAND terms. That basically means if someone comes along with a better way of doing a mobile phone you cannot then use those patents to try and pull off a special deal to use their designs, their techniques. It certainly doesn't give Samsung the opportunity to lift Apple's designs for both hardware and software (skinning Android to look like iOS? Nobody else bothers to do the) even down to the design of the USB charger.

People don't want tablets, they want iPads

John Molloy

Cost of everything... the value of nothing...

Where did you get your numbers from? Does it actually have anything in there for marketing? Did the design just come up at no cost? The cost of components are not the cost of manufacture, and Apple's leading device, the iPhone is probably responsible for the largest parts of Apple's profit margins as they get full retail from the carriers for every one sold.

More to the point. Amazon isn't allowed to sell iPads, only the scammers and third parties put iPads on Amazon as the actual company has no agreement with Apple to sell the iPad. This is why the sales charts on Amazon are not the place to go when trying to work out how well the iPad is selling because they don't there.

RIM PlayBook nabs first US gov't tablet certification

John Molloy

"The market for playbooks has just exploded."

Yeah, right. People will not being buying playbooks in any quantity.

Not even people from the government.

Apple unveils 'World's First Thunderbolt Display'

John Molloy

Yes, but...

The Dell appears to be a monitor.

The Apple product contains an HD camera, high-quality audio, three USB 2.0 ports, a FireWire 800 port, a Gigabit Ethernet port, and a Thunderbolt port for daisy-chaining additional high-performance devices.

So you get what you pay for I suppose.

Apple fails to get US 'App Store' trademark injunction

John Molloy


The word that is missing from the title is "preliminary", but don't let the UK focused anti-fanboys stop celebrating,,,

'Lion' Apple Mac OS X 10.7: Sneak Preview

John Molloy

Hmmm... Stephen, you are trolling...

Firstly you make up a product called Logic X to instill, fear, uncertainty, doubt into the conversation.

"there are already alerts that it breaks a lot of commonly used plug-ins"

Link, please, because my Logic using friends have told me that they haven't had any major issues. Perhaps the plug-ins they use don't fall into the "broken" category.

Perhaps we should wait and actually see what it does, and what the next version of Logic is and does before panicking...

John Molloy
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Thing is no one is forcing you to upgrade...

Just because Apple are releasing Lion - you don't HAVE to upgrade.

Samsung runs to the ITC to seek Apple ban

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I need to do some research...

But I thought Apple had actually done this a few months back...

Mac OS X 10.6.8 hails from Paleolithic era

John Molloy


That is the message you get if you are low on drive space...

DRM-free music dream haunts Apple's app-store lock-in

John Molloy


His "Perhaps the answer lies with the Financial Times, which spurred Apple to ease its app purchasing restrictions by introducing an HTML5 web app that bypasses the App Store entirely." argument kinda fails as that is how Apple launched the iPhone in the first place - and all the developers went up in arms to ask for full app writing privileges.

Basically Matt's moan this week is to try and get Apple to hand over the keys to their kingdom. Application lock in was an important idea from the start - once you are on iOS you stick with it - that people poo-pooed, but it is real and it is an important part of the iOS strategy.

Eagerly awaiting the article next week using same argument on getting all my Windows apps for free on Linux... Not clones, but the same applications.

"Go on Adobe, I bought Photoshop for Windows, give it to me for free on Linux. And no, I won't give you anything for development, I've already paid you for your time once."

Sounds a bit stupid when you put it like that.

Apple pilfers rips off student's rejected iPhone app

John Molloy

"If he'd trademarked his icon he'd have a very strong case."

Save that "his icon" consists of Apple's icon for wi-fi inside Apple's logo for sync.

So yes he probably has a strong case for insertion of two of Apple's icons being ripped off...

Apple squashes location tracking 'bugs' with iOS update

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Let me know...

When Google fixes their OS... and delivers it to all their customers.

Latest prediction: 5 months

Number of Users delivered to: 4%

Looks like you'll need to buy a new phone.

John Molloy


You spend the time waiting for the downloads by posting your rant here.

Behind Apple's record sales are signs of desperation

John Molloy

Math lose actually.

That Android figure is made up of a lot of companies... Some giving their phones away... Takes the count way up but remember, it is not the best Android phones which are leading the count. If it were then you'd be seeing 18.7 million figures for whatever the Droid of the month is. You don't.

Apple basically have 2 phones. The iphone 4 and the iPhone 3gs. One company shipping 18.7 million phones and the greater part of the profit in the smartphone market is NOT to be sniffed at.

John Molloy

Except it wasn't...

"The UI bits that Apple is claiming infringement of could have been thought up by a creative group of 6th formers with the right leadership. "

Yes the same can be said about Rothko's or Jackson Pollack's artwork.

The point is that it wasn't thought up by 6th formers and the look and feel of touchwiz is as close to the iPhone layout and design as you can get.

The only thing about that phone that is original is that the home button is an oblong instead of a circle and that isn't saying much now is it?