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METRE-LONG DINOSAUR POO going under the hammer


No dinosaurs were injured during production

If this turd was deposited 23 million years ago it was over 40 M/Y after non-avian dinosaurs disappeared so it can't be a dinosaur plop can it?

What were the big mammals around at the time, the "likely coprolites" as it were?

MOST iPhone strokers SPURN iOS 8: iOS 7 'un-updatening' in 5...4...


Apples and erm...

iOS 7 = 52% of 450 million iPhones after 7 days

iOS 8 = 46% of 520 Million iPhones after 5 ¡FIVE! days (17 to 21 September 2014)

Lets wait till the week is over before crowing folks

'Maybe I'll go to Hell, but I think it's a good thing' says plastic Liberator gunsmith Cody Wilson


"More guns in the hands of more people leads to a lower crime rate." He really said that didn't he.

Apple iOS 8 'will put end' to crap map app rap flap misery


yes but...

I deleted Google maps because it just doesn't work as well as the native Maps app.

It may not be as feature-rich as Google's effort but it gets me to where I want to go 100% the time (so far...) whereas Google maps has sent me on some really crazy wild goose chases and often gets the address wrong. I admit the Maps.app doesn't find businesses as easily as Gm but if I can find the correct address it will help me arrive. I once stood within 300m of a destination (I knew where the tech park was) but Google sent me 14 km away - stupidly I actually trusted it. When I realised I was in totally the wrong place I turned to Maps.app and bingo it took me straight there by a faster route. Personal experience says the Crap Mac App is better than the alternatives, perhaps that why most iOS users stick with the default Maps.app?

New US Apple factory will make INVINCIBLE sapphire glass for SHINY iThings


Beginning of the end?

Amidst the normal barrage of anti-Apple publicity I wonder if this is a sign the Apple Inc. is starting to go down the pan. In wanting to please its home market and bringing manufacturing back to the USA will this see a dip in the build quality of Apple products compared to the ones built in the far east? My, admittedly limited, experience of American-made products fills me with dread for future iDevice investments.

Does Apple make you puke? Take this iOS 7.0.3 update with your tablets


You have the choice, don't buy Apple products. I don't like Android phones or Windows computers but I don't whinge about them even when I am forced to use them.

I have no grounds to complain about products I don't choose. If I thought they fitted my needs I'd change, it's obvious and as the rival products are cheaper anyway so it's a no-brainer. Sadly they don't perform as I want – ergo I buy something that does.

Why waste energy griping about other peoples decisions about devices I don't use?

EU move to standardise phone chargers is bad news for Apple


Why should we have to buy micro USB cables? I don't have a single one, never needed them and can't see why I would.

Have a couple of rarely used Mini-USB cables but find it easier to get hold of a Lightning or 30 pin cable when needed.

Oddly enough the only non-Blackberry chargers that will revive my wife's detested and unreliable business phone are the Apple ones, so much for that pet theory...

Hopefully Apple will just ignore the EU and give away their tiny m-USB to Lightning adapters to cover their backs and meet the legal requirement (have one but never needed it so far).

Lightning is certainly tougher and easier to use than fiddly USB and despite what other folk have opined, you clearly can struggle to insert a USB cable (and bloody annoying it is too!) but if you've never used a better system you would not realise how crap micro/mini-USB really is... Just wait till you see the next iteration of the USB —makes SCART look elegant.

Leave us in peace — we don't want a backward step that makes connectivity harder.

Rid yourself of Adobe: New Firefox 19.0 gets JAVASCRIPT PDF viewer


Re: I've been trying it.

Not 100% sure of my facts here but I seem to remember that the Mac OS GUI is pdf native (in other words uses pdf for finder elements) so pdf is in effect part of the OS. I'm guessing... as iOS is a flavour of Mac OSX it also has the same capabilities.

Top admen beg Microsoft to switch off 'Do Not Track' in IE 10

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Or Conversly...

If Microsoft moves forward with this default setting, it will help its customers by reducing advertising and, as a result, drastically improve the online experience by reducing the junk Internet content and offerings that such advertising supports. This result will improve consumers experience, improve privacy, and demonstrate American innovation and leadership in the internet economy.

No contest.

Vote now for the WORST movie EVER

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How can you not include Flatliners (1990 - Joel Schumacher) in the list! The worst film ever made and the only one that forced me to leave the Cinema during the screening.

UK.gov issues death warrant for ID cards

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Oh dear...

Bang goes a good idea and in typical UK fashion Britain is demostrating its dire need to be always 40 years behind the times and UK taxpayers will have to spend even more money in future when a ID card system is finally introduced (because it WILL happen).

Meanwhile for simple everyday tasks and trans-European travel I'm a third class citizen as I don't have an ID card (unlike everyone else I know who isn't a Brit). No wonder the UK is going down the pan.

What a waste of money to build the infrastructure to produce ID cards and then throw it all away because of some edwardian-minded NIMBY politicians and the sheep that follow them.

Personal freedom, bullshit, it's just a bloody ID card, keep it in perspective and begin to understand why Brits are considered insular, uninformed, binge-drinking football louts - living in a miserable pseudo-Dickensian la-la land.

Maybe I can get a French passport and register as a foreigner so I can finally have an ID card...

Jobsian Vendetta - Flash stabbed by Mac the Knife


Biggest concern

Whilst I see the point of both Adobe and Apple on this subject, my biggest worry is that if Flash dies a death there will be no way of blocking all the crap that is on the web.

Simply not installing the flash pluging of having a flash blocker means that you can effectivley filter out a huge number of annoying adverts and you can also tell at a glance if a site is worth visiting just by how much flash there is in it - page full of flash? Look somewhere else immmediatley, you don't even have to let the page finish loading!

If everything goes to HTML 5 I'll be inundated by $itty ads again.

Steve Jobs Flash rant put to the test



I can't believe the great Reg. posted this story days after it first crawled out of a hole in the ground as what amounts to a crap piece of cut-n-paste "journalism".

The company that did this “research” has such a vested interest in justifying their existence (I mean, these sell flash training…).

I’m beginning to lose faith in your incisive nature.

Google goes cycling


potential, perhaps...

This could be a good thing.

The red-light jumping tag is, well, stupid. The things stopping most motorist jumping lights are cameras, worrying that their paintwork might get scratched and the fact that there is zero chance of being crushed/killed whilst waiting for the lights to turn green. Traffic lights are a polluted and risky environment for cyclist, you are surrounded by unaware, careless, impatient and distracted drivers sitting in big overpowered dirty sledgehammers that most of them can’t control properly or even accurately estimate how much room they need on the road.

MinionZero has some good points but rating what a diehard "tester" would see as being perfectly rideable/fast and what Joe Public would probably consider an “idiot/motorist-ridden-deathtrack” is probably difficult.

Unlike jake I use and have used maps a lot to find my way when riding. When you do more than a 100 km on a new route you need maps. OK when I'm doing my local favourites I don't lose my way but when I'm doing a bit of col-storming (well winching my way up them anyway) I can't possibly know the way and especially not any bikeable sections that are not signposted for motorists.

Pity they didn’t trial this in Europe first. There is probably a lot more demand for it here and it would make a fairer test with more riders, experience and feedback to make the feature usable. There are far more facilities for bikes plus general awareness of cyclists and an understanding of the problems riders face (in this instance I don’t include the UK as part of Europe because in terms of transport policies, driver skills and road usability Britain seems to be 30 years behind everywhere else on the Eurasian Peninsula).

Northerners give up ID cards for Lent figures suggest


I can't get an ID card...

I really would like an ID card but can't get one. I cross national borders almost daily and having to take my passport everywhere is a complete pain in the ɐsƨ and frankly just plain worrying (in case it gets stolen or lost).

My wife (who is not British) just uses her ID card and it makes life much easier. She has a quick legal means of identification which is valid to travel within most of the EU and Switzerland (even for air travel). It makes banking and administration jobs much easier and most of the time I feel like a backward and rather silly Brit. for not having as simple a thing as an ID card.

I have even had instances where people said, "you didn't need to bring your passport - your ID card would do". When I explain that we don't have them in the UK people are aghast and can't believe that we have to use our passport for ID when it's completely unnecessary.

Talk about fitting the stereotype - an insular hick.

Tories oppose charges and speed cameras


Say it how it is

Britain has some of the the safest roads in the world (just compare the accident statistics against population size) a big part of the reason for this is that Brits can't really travel as fast as they want to. That's down to congestion, the cameras and poor public transport and cycling alternatives.

Take away a deterrent and you will see the number of road deaths rise, there is no other possible result.

All politicians are at best untrustworthy. The Conservatives will not do what they promise, they rate wealth above the wellbeing of others and always eventually get caught lining their own pockets. "Conservative" because they lag behind reality.

Mission sets e-bike land speed record


not an e-bike

This is a new world record by a electric motorbike.

Electric bikes are electrically assisted bikes (or bicycles) not electrically powered motorbikes (or motorised bicycles).

The lines are being blurred...