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A character catastrophe for a joker working his last day


SOP on z/VM

I still work on IBM z/VM, and I was the perpetrator of an unscheduled shutdown when I thought I was shutting down the second-level test system. Shortly after, I created my first SHUTDOWN EXEC to trap the command. Something like this is a rite of passage for every VM sysprog.

OK, boomer? Gen-X-ers, elder millennials most likely to name their cars, says DVLA



I bought a new 2020 white Chevrolet Spark. I thought of naming it Casper, as in Casper the Ghost, because it was white, but it really wasn't right. My daughter came up with Sparky. I liked it and so Sparky it is. I'm in my late 60's.

YouTubers fell for shady 'sponsors' who seized, then sold, accounts


Re: WTF YouTube

Ghostery works well for me at suppressing the ads.

PETA calls for fish friendly Swedish street signage


Let's go with PETA...

Stop eating any animals and eat Soylent Green instead. PETA members can supply the raw materials.

Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn? Doesn't matter – they may need to update their room key software

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I like the attitude of Christophe Sut, seeing this as an opportunity to make their product better rather than grumbling about bloody hackers.

US govt's final bid to extradite Lauri Love kicked into touch



Well, when it's a U.S. citizen committing the crime, the U.S. think they should try them. https://www.thestar.com/news/world/2018/03/20/us-border-patrol-agent-on-trial-in-cross-border-killing-of-mexican-teen.html

Lauri Love judgment: Extradition would be 'oppressive' and breach forum bar


Re: Sympathy

Stuart22 - Thank you for your interest.

Based on my experience, the risk would be greater in the U.S. because of the vast difference from the U.K.

People with Asperger's tend to follow routines in order to minimize anxiety, which we all have to a greater or lesser extent. Disrupt that routine by forcefully taking a person to a different country, where the architecture, the layout of towns and cities, driving laws, language and food are different, and that person will experience anxiety. It isn't an absolute, I have travelled to the U.K. and I was okay, though I did have some challenging times. But my trips were voluntary, planned and I went to see friends.

You will probably say that the differences between the U.K. and U.S. aren't that great. To YOU. The differences are magnified for a person with Asperger's Syndrome.

This short and sweet video on Autism might help you understand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JdCY-cdgkI

A jail in the U.K. will have familiar food, the langauge will be familiar, ( I have to look up words that I see on the Register from time to time ) and Mr. Love's friends and family could quite possibly visit him every week. This would be tremendously helpful to his well being, since because of his Asperger's, he would have difficulty making friends and might be bullied.

To be clear, it would appear that there is a substantial difference between my position on the Autism Spectrum and Mr. Love's. But I can tell you that the thought of being hauled off to a trial and imprisonment in the U.S. scares the bejeebers out of me.

I don't feel that I have done that good a job of explaining, but it's the best I can do at the moment.



Having been diagnosed last September, at the age of 64, with Asperger's Syndrome, I believe I have some insight into Mr. Love's position.

I had a forced, significant, life changing event several years ago. It was only the continuity of my work, which uses my special interest, and the support of my friends and family that allowed me to transition to my new reality. I can well imagine that a forced move to the U.S. for Mr. Love, could drive him to mental incapacity or suicide. I had such a bad time with a lesser change, and my Asperger's Syndrome is very mild.

Also, remember that the 'justice' system in the U.S. is not the least bit kind. Vindictive would be a better word.

Unfit to plead before a US court? You may face 'indefinite detention'


The Case

The argument against extradition is that Love is mentally unstable now, and will get substantially worse if extradited. If you have doubts about the likelihood of that, I suggest you reference some of the articles at popehat.com for examples of how U.S. prosecutors can frequently be sadistic a**holes. Also look up Aaron Swartz.

Lucky Canada. Google chooses Toronto as site of posthuman urban lab


Some people like cities...

I'm just not one of them. On the other hand, when out in the boonies the mosquitoes come from miles around to feast on me. So I need a compromise.

I wouldn't worry too much about this. Once our local youth get in there, the shine will be off anybody else. It's why we can't have nice things in Toronto.

Banking websites are 'littered with trackers' ogling your credit risk


Re: Are there any legitimate uses for client side scripts on a banking website?

Two that I can think of and have used on websites I've built. (And I would love to find HTML/CSS alternatives to.) First is automatically jumping from field to field when filling in a form. The second is popping up a calendar to select a date. My bank uses this second feature and it truly is convenient for choosing when the bill payment needs to be made.

Autonomous cars are about to do to transport what the internet did to information


It'll Never Happen

Canadian winter.


RAF pilot sent jet into 4,000ft plummet by playing with camera, court martial hears


A very long time ago...

I read an article about how the autopilot functions of airplanes were all designed backwards from a human factors point of view. The right way to do it (according to the article) would be to have the crew fly the plane with the computer monitoring them. This would keep the crew engaged and alert and able to respond more quickly to unusual situations.

I haven't the background to know if the article was correct or not, but I wonder if the different method could possibly have prevented this incident.

It's not our fault we don't hire black people, says Facebook


Re: @Jimmy2Cows

You didn't read that very interesting article linked above.

If you have 97% white applicants, then what is wrong with your hiring practices? Sure, choose the most able applicants. No question about that.

But the problem may be that you are only advertising in newspaper 'A' which has a 97% white readership. If you included newspaper 'B', which has a 97% black readership, then maybe your application figures would be much different. Or not. It is little, inadvertent details like this that are the problem.

Tor board swept under carpet after Appelbaum 'sex misconduct' claims


Balanced Board

Did anyone else notice that the board contains 3 men and 3 women? Nice! TOR made some mistakes, but they seem to be trying to do better.

Lending Club CEO booted out for dodgy deals


Where have I seen this before...

"Increasingly it looks like that the effort to build revenue was achieved by simply flouting laws and regulations put in place to protect consumers."

"...but increasingly it looks as though the drive to boost growth and turn a profit has led to unethical cultures and decisions at poorly regulated startups."

Oh yeah, Uber.

No, HMG, bulk data surveillance is NOT inevitable


Former Ontario Privacy Commissioner...

"People who say they have nothing to hide, nothing to fear about providing their personal information, have no idea how information can be misapplied out of context."

Ann Cavoukian

Woman makes app that lets people rate and review you, Yelp-style. Now SHE'S upset people are 'reviewing' her


They Live in Canada

It appears that the founders live in Canada. That means they are subject to libel laws that are somewhere between the 'extremes' of the U.S. and U.K. They are also subject to privacy laws that are somewhere between the 'extremes' of the U.S. and U.K. What this means is that if they go ahead, even if the company operates from the U.S., they are personally open to legal actions in Canada under Canadian law. Ann Cavoukian will coming for them!

"People who say they have nothing to hide, nothing to fear about providing their personal information, have no idea how information can be misapplied out of context,"

Ann Cavoukian

BOFH: I'm not doing this for the benefit of your health, you know

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Thank You Simon

A wonderful end to a work week from hell, partly caused by a fire safety inspector.

ICANN chairman loses mind over his domain-name privacy shakeup


Another Option?

Am I the only one who thinks that ICANN should be disbanded and the US government should try again at creating an organization to run the Internet functions? It wouldn't kill anyone for the US to remain in control for a few more years while a competent company is set up. ICANN just seems too screwed up to fix.



Re: OT: Ceres bright spots iluminate without sun light

Actually, as anyone who has used a camera should know, the bright spots are the reflections from the camera flash. Just like your friends eyes after they have had a few.

US law enforcement rushes to assist bumbling Canuck pirates


I've been on her...

I went for a couple hours cruise on her out of Penetanguishene two years ago. Having been on several tall shops previously, Liana's Ransom is definitely a 'poseur'. Just a party boat with masts and sails stuck on for decoration.

Secret Bezos delivery helicopters operate from mystery Canadian base to evade US regulators


Re: Pope may be Catholic

Canada is bigger than the U.S. 3,855,100 square miles vs 3,678,190 square miles.

Is it humanly possible to watch Gigli and Battlefield Earth back-to-back?


I vote for...

Robocop3 - an absolute stinker.

Windows 10 feedback: 'Microsoft, please do a deal with Google to use its browser'

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Re: My Fave Changes...

Thank you very much DuncanL for this link:


I have switched back to a local account, and I am much happier.


My Fave Changes...

Get rid of Xbox logon to play games like Solitaire. I hate being told every few minutes while playing a game that the Xbox connection has dropped, or the terms of service have changed. I DON'T CARE!!!! I just want to have a little fun when I have a few minutes free.

I second the comment about OneDrive. Don't use it, don't want it, and I certainly don't want anything ending up in the NSA's playground by accident.

And finally, I just want to have a normal, local logon account. No fancy, useless Microsoft Live account or whatever it is.

Emma Watson urges UN to back feminism – trolls threaten to leak her 'nude selfies'


Re: But will it make a difference?

The point is that if no one makes a move, then the retards think everyone agrees with them. Once people start standing up and saying 'this is wrong' then at least some of the retards will have enough sense to either to rethink their position or shut up to stop drawing attention to themselves as being society outcasts.

London slaps down Salesforce's bid to rename Heron Tower


Re: The naming rights of an edifice.........

My understanding from the earlier article was that Salesforce demanded the name change.

IBM boffins stuff 16 million-neuron chips into binary 'frog' brain


I've Been Wondering...

If some of the publicly announced DARPA projects are just decoys to try and get the Chinese and/or Russians to waste shedloads of money on totally useless and impossible projects. Meanwhile, the really important stuff is in secret projects. Just a thought, and this project does not seem to be one of the decoys.

New BOMB detect-o-tech 'could give sniffer dogs competition': TRUE


As for testing...

How about getting someone who handles explosives for a living, and have the machine pick him/her out of a lineup. That is, after all, what they are trying to do isn't it?

Nice to see another Lewis Page article.

Reg reader fires up Pi-powered anti-cat garden sprinkler system


Solutions For Readers in North America




Kim Dotcom: You give me proof of govt corruption in my case, I give you millions


I think a better choice...

for the lead would be Rob Ford. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/rob-ford-s-statement-on-leave-of-absence-1.2627937 He's at least as big a dick as Dotcom.

Swedish teen's sex video fine slashed: Unwilling co-star girlfriend furious


In a related vein...

The linked article discusses the attitudes that create the problem - both with the guy and with the court.


Microsoft: Surface is DEAD. Long live the Surface 2!


I predict...

sales of 100,000 units. (Wikipedia says Microsoft has 97,000 emplyees.)

Torched £30 server switch costs phone firm millions in lost sales


My introduction to configuration management was an e-mail from someone I had never heard of, with a meeting invitation that consisted almost exclusively of acronyms that I had not encountered before. Naturally, I assumed that this was a misdirected e-mail meant for someone else in the company with the same surname.

BOFH: Go on, beancounter, type DROP TABLE asset;


Re: Did Simon forget

@Peter Gathercole

Not too far off one of our off-site storage providers; the tapes were stored in a barn!

Star Trek: The original computer game


Just Played a Quick Game ...

On an IBM mainframe under VM/CMS using a version created in 1975. I have 4 slightly different versions on this (obviously work) machine. I believe these are written in IBM/370 assembler. Downloadable (with other VM/CMS games) from http://zvm.sru.edu/~DOWNLOAD/GAMES.VMARC.

Sony turned off by CEA's 'Ultra HD' TV label


How about FATV (Frickin Awesome TV) for 4K and GDFATV (God Damned Frickin Awesome TV) for 8K.

5 Tokyo devs cuffed over 'The Movie' Android app scam


Online Dating Agency

An online dating agency named MobyDick? Ooookkkkkaaaayyyy.

Microsoft to announce new Office version on Monday


"I think this is the most transformational release I've worked on!"

Oh my God, they've created something even worse than the ribbon!

BOFH: The back-up backdown smackdown


Re: Age is no guarantee of reliability

Fatman - We had one like that arrive in 1995. We lost a great many good people, and we almost got screwed for year 2000 (nothing done, he told management everything was okay.) His boss told me that the only thing he regretted about the manager leaving, was that he quit before he could be fired.

So, what IS the worst film ever made?


My Vote...

is for 'Call Me Mrs. Miracle'. I really like Jewel Staite, but it seems like they sent the writer to cliche school, then overdosed her on every sweetener in existence before letting her loose on the script. 'Plan 9 from Outer Space' I could at least sit through, not 'Call Me Mrs. Miracle'.

Serial hacker admits breaching Federal Reserve computers


Let me state the obvious....

I guess Poo is in deep s..t now!

US Marine hover-jeep to get robotic hands-off controls

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Lewis Page

What would we ever do without Lewis Page and his inventive way with words?

"it is not so much crazy like a fox, as crazy like a fox whose body has been replaced by a powerful and heavily be-weaponed robotic combat walker unit which the fox's disembodied brain controls from within a bubbling nutrients tank in an armoured housing."

Co-op cashier's breasts overcharged for fruit and veg


And from the dusty depths of the archive...

The apple of every man's eye, is the peach with the biggest pear.

'Pervy' private chat case springs back into life


New Logic

The conversation wasn't published originally, but when it was introduced as evidence in the first court action, it was published as part of that. Having now been published, the prosecution can proceed.

Ranting Ohio Republican scares interwebs

Gates Halo


I think more Steve Ballmer in tone than Bill Murray, but in voice, yeah.

Barclays computer says d'oh!

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Re: Exactly

Reminds me of the time during a disaster recovery test when the guy running the test told me the PTB wanted me to document every possible problem we could encounter, and the resolution.

Well, that would be job security for the next 10 years or so...

Penalty for silent calling goes sky high


A Possible Solution...

There is a device called the Telezapper http://www.telezapper.com/, that works very well here in Canada to reduce (although it doesn't eliminate) sales calls. I don't know whether it would work in the U.K. When the telephone goes off-hook (answering, an answering machine taking a call, or when placing a call) the Telezapper generates a tone that here in North America tells autodialling equipment that the telephone line is disconnected. A few months of that and your number gets dropped from their databases and no more calls (expect hand dialled ones from smaller companies).

Sony seeks 'universal console controller' patent


They will sell it ...

But once it becomes even remotely popular, they will be sued for patent infringement by a patent troll using a patent originally concerned with wine making, and have the controller banned from the U.S. by the FTC.

You think this is joke? You haven't been paying attention to what's been happening in "The land of the free".