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Mac OS X Mavericks 'upgrade' ruins iWorks

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This is brilliant

I absolutely love the new age of Apple Getting Stuff Wrong. How long before we start talking in terms of JE and AJ (Jobsian Era and After Jobs)?

And yes, I did think of suggesting "Before Jobs", but come on...

Antarctic ice formed at CO2 levels much higher than today's

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Let's just have a cup of tea and calm the fuck down.

Two sugars please.

Climategate 2.0: Fresh trove of embarrassing emails

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Open letter

Dear all,

I don't know if Climate Change is anthropomorphic or not. I know that the climate is changing, because frankly if it always stayed the same then I think that that, taking in to account the myriad of influences on our environment, would be pretty bloody weird.

The reason I don't know if Climate Change is anthropomorphic or not is because I don't have an understanding of the evidence; I am not a scientist. However, I have in the past made attempts to find out what the evidence is, and asked questions about it, and every single time I hit the same wall: people want to debate my scepticism, rather than help me to understand.

I was brought up to be sceptical of everything; to believe the evidence of the world around me, and to use the words of my peers only as an indicator for further study (at least, when the matter in question is of a serious nature).

I realise that there has to come a point where a decision has to be made, and I try and cram in as much understanding as I can before I make it. But please, do not preach to me. Do not expect me to take your word for granted, any more than I would expect you to take mine. Climate Change may be anthropomorphic, and it may be that only through collaboration we can maintain the balance of this rock we live on. That collaboration has to start now, with those who may know more about this subject than myself or my peers - we who live lives in different fields, with different understanding - choosing not to belittle us for our scepticism, or scoff at our ignorance, but to point us towards the real, physical evidence. Evidence born of measurement, of observation of the physical world, and evidence not just that the climate is changing, but that I, and others like me, are responsible. If I ask questions, it is through a desire for greater understanding, not to challenge your beliefs. If you cannot answer those questions, then perhaps we need to look more closely at the evidence, together.

What I may or may not believe is happening in the world around me does not change what actually does happen. That goes for you too. That, in this instance, is the only fact we can all be certain of.


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Steve Jobs named most influential game guy – ever

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By that logic Bill Gates should be above Steve Jobs on the list, or even Fusajiro Yamauchi, who founded Nintendo in 1889.

Griffin PowerDock Dual

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There is a more appropriate name for this thing.


That is all.

Unprecedented domain seizure shutters 84,000 sites

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@AC - Yeah... damage?

That's a well thought out line of reasoning. I have only one question:

Where's the line?

US robot ornithopter spy-hummingbird in flight test triumph

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When the Taliban cotton on...

...the avian population of Afghanistan is going to drop like a stone.

Steve Jobs unveils 30% subs model for ... everything

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Adobe Flash: 20m phones flip Steve Jobs the bird

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Fact and figures

-- "The iOS store is NOT about profit. It BARELY profits at all (music video and apps total). it is a SERVICE to help drive device sales. Apple can give two craps about making money from apps, they care about device stability, battery life, quality app content, and user security"

That all sounds great, but please forgive me if I don't take your word for it. Where can I find this information from an independent or peer reviewed source?


P.S: "Lose" has one "o" in it.

Mysterious crypto-book dated to 15th century

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For anyone who really does want to have a crack...

...some useful bits and bobs.


English Defence League site pulled offline after defacement

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they are, by the nature of their policies, ultra concervative in common political terms. Not a criticism in itself; just a fact.

Mumsnet backtracks support for net filter

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What the fuck are we all doing?

Here we are, on a forum of technically minded people basically agreeing on the correct way of approaching a political issue. Whose voice is actually being heard? Those who, with all due respect, don't know what they're talking about.

People: www.theyworkforyou.com

Facebook causes eating disorders in teenage girls

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100% correct

This is exactly the same sort of "science" that gave us the MMR scare.

Steve Woz: From wooden Apples to iPhone love

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Woz bio

Rotten.com have an excellent bio of Woz.


Sony expands legal offensive to more PS3 hackers

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I love the PS3 in my house

I'm really glad Sony let me pay them all that money so I could borrow it from them.

This makes Jobs and Ballmer look positively customer focussed.

Indian courts 'rule astrology is a science'

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Beautiful piece of trolling there

Well done.

For the record:

Belief in God = Socially conditioned craziness

Belief in Astrology = Socially conditioned craziness

Belief in Aliens = Either craziness or reasonable scientific deduction based on the maths, depending on whether or not you think they've been to visit you.

It's mostly craziness, then, but it's not really your fault.

Motorola Super Bowl ad rips Apple drones

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That's the freedom to buy whatever's for sale, right?

Apple's app store policies: What will they provoke?

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--"First off, the "doing nothing" bollocks; credit card processing, advertising, hosting and distribution is not "doing nothing""

True. And it proves such a burdensome task for Apple that they're now the worlds second largest company in terms of market value.

--"So your 'radical' solution is to bypass the app store by selling your apps online; how do you propose the apps are installed then you boob!"

I remember a system like that. Back then Apps were called "software", and you could write it and sell it to work with various operating platform without paying the vendor for such platforms a single damn penny.

How times have moved on.

Britain takes delivery of first Nissan e-cars

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This will be fun to watch

Icon says it all.

HTC Mozart WinPho 7 smartphone

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Yeah, that's all great. But my point was that AC was suggesting that Android is a disjointed mess, when actually that's not true. My Galaxy S plays all the media I want it to, in a variety of different ways and from any source up to and including direct from the web. WinPho7 can probably do all that too, but let's not try and put Android down on false pretenses.

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Disjointed hassle?

I'm glad you cleared that up for me. Here I was thinking it was listening to and watching media from wherever I damn well please.

How could I be so wrong?

'You don't even know what change management is'

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Come on guys, surely El Reg has had some better vitriol than this during the week?

Be more contraversial.

Google to Microsoft: You're stealing our search results!

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Stop it.

They're all just phones. It's down to personal choice: iPhone users like the interface on their phone, I like the fact that I can watch iPlayer and DiVX's on my Galaxy S and my friend likes his Nokia because it's tough as hell, cost £10 and has a torch on top.

As for "And makes the iPhone more special again- after all not everybody is driving Mercedes.", that statement says way more about you than it does the iPhone.

Now, can we leave the phone talk please?

Official: PhD in 'Essential Oils' or 'Natural Toiletries' = 'a Scientist'

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Why not?

It's not as if we've hunted them down to persecute them is it? They've ADVERTISED these people, and as such cannot expect the public not to form an opinion. THEY have provided all the information we've got to go on.

Maybe they should invite El Reg to do a "day-in-the-life" piece of one of these people. Then we could decide if it's science or quakery.

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I really hope you're trolling, but in case you're not:

-"Maybe the lady with a phd in essential oils might know a little about their chemical composition?"

You would bloody hope so, wouldn't you? I mean, it would be a completely bollocks PhD if she didn't, although she can't have learnt too much about their chemical make up because that would then be a PhD in "Chemistry", and who'd want one of those?

-"Can he not imagine that someone with a phd in natural preservatives might be running a laboratory in any one of the worlds huge toiletries industry?"

No. Fucking hell no. That would require someone with a higher degree in biomedical science at least, preferably with some management experience and a good understanding of the law when it comes to bringing cosmetic and health products to market. Unless of course the lab in question is the same kind of 'lab' I had when I was five, which mainly involved mixing random things with other random things.

-"Or does the company name "Neil's Yard" simply turn off his intelligence?"

Not entirely sure how that's relevant but now that you mention it it does sound more like a dogging spot than a company.

-"Is the author completely ignorant about the extent to which modern, western medicine bases it cures on herbs and natural substances, even if they are now synthesised?"

How else is science likely to approach the subject? Of COURSE it's based on natural substances. The important bit is HOW it's based on those substances.

For what it's worth, I personally feel sorry for the four women pictured; they probably just wanted jobs in an expanding field that pays well thanks to the gullibility of desperate people. Is that so bad?

Utah to honour Browning M1911 semi-automatic

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Guns don't kill people

Rappers do. I saw it on a documentary on BBC 2.

Beeb say sorry for Stephen Fry A-bomb quip

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I agree

"A stupid person's idea of a clever person"

An arrogant person's idea of a pithy remark.

Google 'Do Not Track' extension preempts feds, Mozilla

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SRWare Iron

That is all.

Clive Sinclair unveils 'X-1' battery pedalo bubble-bike

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To quote Blackadder...

...mad as a bicycle.

No... hang on...

Wikileaks publishes encrypted 'insurance' file

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Sorry? 1.4 GIGABYTES?

Am I the only one who finds the sheer size of this file weird? The entire "Afghan War Diary" only runs to 75MB. What the hell could they have that would take up this much space?

More importantly, what would they actually be insuring against? I mean really?

Want cheap international calls? Pay foocall for the privilege

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RE:RE: iPhone vs mobile

FAIL for choosing pedantry over topical comedy (even if it wasn't THAT funny)

Apple app police anoint un-Flash code translation

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Forgive me for not paying attention...

...but could someone explain to me in simple terms why Apple don't want Flash on the iPhone?


Autopsy on wacky Jacqui's ID astroturfing

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I really wish we could prosecute Smith and friends for this. At least her hubby's porn claim was amusing. This, on the other hand, is frankly sick.

Lancet: Hordes of patio-heater babies will doom planet

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MMR Scare

The Lancet didn't start the MMR scare. The Lancet published a case report, which it does all the time. The media then used that to create the MMR scare.