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So, what IS the worst film ever made?


Kevin Costner - The Postman

Thats 2hrs of my life I will never get back.

Post-apocalyptic films seem to follow the same pattern. During the apocalypse, the ability to write a coherent storyline , act , or provide "action" in an action movie are all lost to the nuclear blast.

Beeb unveils new Doctor Who logo


Well it could be worse

Actually .... no , it couldnt , if it was designed by a 4yr old with crayons.

As for the scriptwriting , its been weird seeing Doctor Who storylines rapidly runnning out of steam , and "Dead" characters reborn so quickly when they run out of ideas. Used to be the scriptwriting was ace and the sets were wooden. Now it seems the opposite.

Judge tosses out patent infringement verdict against Microsoft


Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon , unfortunately , will be going down quicker than Virgin Broadband in a thunderstorm. Theres no chance on this earth of him getting a fair trial, or avoiding a conviction if extradited.

Just to check, was the original verdict rendered in the Eastern District of Texas by any chance?

Nation's moral guardians snap over 'shag bands'


No , wait , dragging up a 5 year old story

So , either the Sun doesnt read anything across the pond , where the "Moral Majority" had a little media frenzy of their own about this back when wearing livestrong bands became popular, or this was a really , really slow news day, and the reporter tried to make something interesting out of a niece of nephew coming to visit and telling him how things were going at school.

The ultimate non-story. Queue outrage ,and a Daily Mail campaign.

eBay fights for right to sell luxury stuff in EU



The basic fact though is that for the majority of users who used to clear out their DVD cupboard on 99p auctions , that item will cost around £2 to post within the UK. Ebay chose the course of action that required the least cost to themselves, improved their margins the most, and was the most onerous to the seller.

The larger they become, the more unpleasant practices they seem to force upon their users. I personally pay through Paypal with my credit card purely because it provide me with some protection on purchases, despite Ebay constantly trying to persuade me not to (I suspect because it limits/removes their liability should the goods not be delivered), and was genuinely pleased to see their attempts to force Australian users to pay through only Paypal were shot down in flames. Its only a matter of time before the same tactics are adopted in other countries, and succeed


Anything which causes Ebay grief ...

Is absoloutely fine by me. Logged on yesterday thinking "I will sell some old DVD's I have had here for a while" to discover they have decided that users are obviously charging too much for postage, so they have removed the option to charge for postage on a low value item. A cute business move that removes low listing prices , forces up the initial listing price and thus generates a higher amount in the final sale price , increasing profits since theyve recently raised their final percentage.

I wonder how much of this online petition was existing customers, since sellers seem to be increasingly frustrated with the size of the pie that Ebay is taking from them nowadays.


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