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Ghost of Gates' tablet haunts Microsoft's future

Thomas Schulze

Have yourself a nice cup of coffee...

""Almost"? Really? Has Microsoft's CEO heard of the netbook or the iPhone, devices that are actually as portable as a phone and are as powerful as a PC, but don't have to run Windows?"

So netbooks are as portable as a phone, and the iPhone is as powerful as a PC? Have you actually used either? An awful end to an ok article, good sir.

Much as I love the Reg, sometimes this never-happy-brigade of writers makes me wonder...

I would agree with AC above that MSFT's vision ten years ago was right but maybe the timing wasn't. Basically these tablets (or whatever you want to call them) seem to be able to do all that Apple's new device can, and possibly more... will you be able to run Photoshop, Office, etc on the iSlate? Or will it be iBeer and iFart on a larger screen? Guess we'll have to wait and see...

MS store staff in spontaneous electric boogie

Thomas Schulze

I like Win7 but...

... could this be the next 2 girls 1 cup?

NZ woman sacked for SHOUTY EMAILS

Thomas Schulze



Ads watchdog bows to iPhone's might

Thomas Schulze

"figure out your share of the bill for a table of five"

If you're not smart enough to divide by five surely you won't be able to find the power button on your iphone either?

Google polishes Chrome into netbook OS

Thomas Schulze

Phorm OS

Awesome, an advertiser's dream! Anybody wanna bet there will be a whole load of tracking going on?

HTC Touch Diamond 2

Thomas Schulze

HTC Touch HD?

Um... sounds pretty much exactly like the HTC Touch HD. Is there a difference at all apart from the somewhat less rounded look?

I really like my HD a lot by the way, even though I still haven't found all those mythical apps that are apparently available for Windows Mobile. There are only a handful pretty boring ones on the MSFT website.

Kaminsky (finally) reveals gaping hole in internet

Thomas Schulze

trademark blue jeans and black shirt and sneakers

Awesome & wonderfully outlandish! Is he a superhero or something?

I'm today wearing my trademark blue jeans and t-shirt and sneakers. And I'll sue anyone trying to copy my style. So there!

Suprise at spelling snafu sanctions

Thomas Schulze
Thumb Up


And I'm tired of learning foreign languages, so let's get rid of them and make everyone speak loudly and slowly ;)

Oldham murders owl with whalesong

Thomas Schulze

oldham 2.0

Shouldn't there be a "beta" somewhere in the logo?

EU mandates electronic IDs for sheep and goats

Thomas Schulze


And of course there is the brilliant Cake song explaining it all... http://hypem.com/search/cake%20sheep/1/

Gatwick reduced to anarchy by 'computer glitch'

Thomas Schulze

Still not fixed completely...

There were still some instances of that on display this morning, like the time on the transit train. Somebody has got a proper nightmare on their hands there... poor sods ;)

New web accessibility guidelines will be ignored, says critic

Thomas Schulze


Big words... unfortunately I can't agree with either position.

Yes, the W3C guidelines are cumbersome, inflated and pretty much useless unless you're an expert in the field. Nevertheless I think they are useful, even though a worldwide standard would be preferable.

No, unfortunately the cool kids don't know about accessibility. While XHTML and other web standards are becoming more widely used I doubt that anyone who doesn't have first hand experience with accessibility tools (myself totally included) would be able to produce a site that covers all eventualities.

Basically, what we need is a quick and dirty, easy to read guide/checklist for building accessible sites. The W3C is not the body to look at for this but their guidelines should be used as the basis for it... pity the poor bastard who takes on the task ;)

Kung fu monks battle gobby net ninja

Thomas Schulze

As long...

... as they don't mess with Uwe Boll!

Microsoft promises less-annoying Vista OS early next year

Thomas Schulze

I might be alone here...

... but I don't think Vista is all that bad. I'm running it at home and have also just joined the first Vista machine to our network and after a bit of a learning curve it seems to be running pretty smoothly. There are a few glitches running more than one monitor and adding network printers, and of course it's pretty damn slow for the spec of the two laptops I'm using (Sony FZ11S and HP dv2350) but in general I'm fairly happy.

Then again I used to work for MSFT and I'm used to dealing with their betas ;)

MySpace users snowed in by new blizzard of spam

Thomas Schulze

Myspace was never about the technology

It's always been a horribly designed site where a good portion of features weren't working. Myspace got lucky when users were fleeing Friendster and that's what they capitalised on. Right now they need to fix their architecture or people will flee elsewhere... Facebook anyone?

Maybe Murdoch's made enough money now and is ready to let this ship go down?


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