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Think your CV is crap? Your interview skills are worse

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Much better written article

I've just sat through interviews (and managed to get myself a new job along the way), and sticking to this kind of advice got me through. The technical questions myself and a number of people I know sailed through - it was the examples, honesty (about my limits) and being able to chat to the managers got me the second interview, and eventually the job.

And what surprised me most? I got this through a recruiter who took time to talk me through the role, gave me hints, a lot of prep (sheets of potential questions to try) and useful feedback after the first interview. And even agreed to go back and negotiate more money than I'd originally asked for when applying when they offered the role. Unsurprisingly, I'll happily use him again if I need to look for a new role.

Ofcom: T-Mobile probe? Er, not really


Thanks Gordon861

Have just called - was told that in my contract there is a part which allows them to modify the allowance, price and pretty much anything as long as they give me 30 days notice. Will be looking later as just got my phone and have left vodafgne just to get the 1gb!

Gordon861 - will be using that info.

RM says schools still buying its boxes



Actually, they're not badly priced. Look at the RM Mobile One laptops - they're built solidly along the same lines as a panasonic toughbook (though not to same spec to save on the price) and as a school laptop they're great (armoured screen, waterproof, etc). RM One PCs are a great all in one desktop for school use.

Take into account a full 5 year warranty, and the prices are about what I used to get quoted from Dell.

CC3 to CC4: CC4 is a major upgrade. Having talked to a number of technicians who've used CC3, CC4 offers a lot of the functions that were not in 3.

I'm not saying that CC4 is better than plain AD or visa versa, just there are a lot of pros and cons for each side. CC3 and old pricing structures gave RM a (deservingly?) bad name, but the company worked seriously hard to improve both and have come a long way - but have obviously still got the reputation in some parts...



CC4: First edition was bad. SR1 was pretty good and ironed out most of the difficulties from SR0, and SR2 is reportedly pretty good.

Having worked on both sides in schools, I know which I prefer, and which I feel gives better service.

BOFH: Robot wars

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Good form this week!

iPhone users get more sex than Android fans


Not quite true...

More partners != more sex.

If El Reg is going to rip apart others for repeating dodgy statistics, then maybe start here too.

Maybe I'm just sensitive because I've got an android....

If internet had existed before we were born would we be here now?



The internet *was* around when I was born. And I'm 26!

Boffin calculates pi to 2.7 trillion digits

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Useful? Yes, actually...

The impressive thing isn't that he has calculated such a massive number, just that he has written an algorithm that can do it on a high end desktop rather than a supercomputer, which is nothing to be sneezed at.

Commen-tarding on the article though, it contains less info than the beeb article and not even a cursory examination of what kind of algorithm expertise it would need - I expected better from El Reg.

Nation's moral guardians snap over 'shag bands'

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They were around when I was at school 10 years ago, but despite snapping as many as possible nothing happened...

'Do You Want To See My C*ck?' asks budding author

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Surely this has to be one from the Timewaster Letter series?

Paris? Well....


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