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Almost everyone read the Verizon v FCC net neutrality verdict WRONG

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". Because consumers have inadequate information or market power, bad things will happen to them"

"In 2001, the Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to George Akerlof, Michael Spence, and Joseph E. Stiglitz for their "analyses of markets with asymmetric"

And if my current provider offered me fiber and their DVR and VOD service in lieu of no Netflix (which has been crippled by Hollywood, I just might take them up on it. Or if they offered a better search engine or less intrusive apps than google in exchange for using their systems at a lower cost, hell, that could be interesting too. So an ISP with no netflix is certainly foreseeable, arguably, so is one w/o google.

New NSA leak reveals invasion of the management consultants

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"Counterpoint the surrealism of the underlying metaphor"

Damnit, I knew that was just far too close to "subvert the dominant paradigm" to be real.

Are you experienced? The Doctor Who assistants that SUFFERED the most

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Not enough, and he forgot to take Amy with him.

Google patent: THROAT TATTOO with lie-detecting mobe microphone built-in

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I know functional watch tattoos have been the subject of science fiction stories since at least 1972:


...years ago, when Ron was flush with money from the sale of the engraved beer bottles, he'd bought an implant-watch. He told time by one red mark and two red lines glowing beneath the skin of his wrist.

From Cloak of Anarchy, by Larry Niven.

Published by Analog in 1972

What's MariaDB? Google stitches MySQL Wire Protocol into its cloud

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My boss Ferdinand Feghoot was drinking from his favorite stein

So my boss Feghoot was yelling at me the other day, how I needed a plan to cheaply, reliably, swiftly back up my Maria DB based app, or else I would be fired. Now I understand how to do it.

A stiche inline saves mine

(For me, that joke was 40 years in the making...)

It's NOT an iPad - but that's FINE: I learned to LOVE Microsoft's Surface 2

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Your article reminds me that what I want is a ChromeOSTablet with usable cover keyboard.

What I possibly want is a Nexus 10 that can become a second screen to a Chromebook, or maybe an iPadBetter that can become a second screen to a MacBook.

And 15 hours of battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 region-locking saga CLEAR AS MUD

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Is there both a SIM LOCK as well as a REGION LOCK?

The behavior described by the people with the activated an so REGION UNLOCKED phones could be explained if the phone was still SIM LOCKED.

In the US, w/TMO, I need to get my phone SIM UNLOCKED before I can use any other non TMO SIM.

Torvalds suggests poison and sabotage for ARM SoC designers

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Never realized the Reg was so butt hurt.

Linus is correct and his criticism mild.

And I can't believe the Reg is suggesting we all hew to the standards of Human Resources.

Top Norks bone up on Hitler

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KIRK: But why Nazi Germany? You studied history. You knew what the Nazis were.

GILL: Most efficient state Earth ever knew.

SPOCK: Quite true, Captain. That tiny country, beaten, bankrupt, defeated, rose in a few years to stand only one step away from global domination.

KIRK: But it was brutal, perverted, had to be destroyed at a terrible cost. Why that example?

SPOCK: Perhaps Gill felt that such a state, run benignly, could accomplish its efficiency without sadism.

KIRK: Why, Gill? Why?

GILL: Worked. At first it worked. Then Melakon began take over. Used the. Gave me the drug.

KIRK: Gill. Gill. Gill, can you hear me? You've got to tell those people what happened! You're the only one who can prevent the slaughter! Gill!

Ferocious fungus imperils future of British gin and tonic

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Look for a secret volcanic lair somewhere off the Scottish coast, because this certainly seems like a scheme concocted by a Goldfinger, Blofeld, or Zorin to conquer the market.

Critical Java SE update due Tuesday fixes 40 flaws

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Double tap. Cardio. Kill client side Java, please.

Larry Ellison, I promise you I will install your damn toolbars if you would just stop shipping them with Java!

Asus FonePad: You may feel a bit of a spanner

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Not sure if 3G means something different in the US and the UK, but it would have been nice to tone down your snark and explain how a 3G signal pulls down 21Mbps.

Is this the same as US TMo's HSPA+? Can I "expect" 21Mpbs on US TMo?

Oracle to lop off Java's least secure bits to save servers

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They should add some more toolbars to Java. Nothing says reliable, trustworthy software like toolbars. So they should add some more of them.

Yahoo! to 'share something special' in New York on Monday

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Had a girlfriend once shared something special with me in New York

Had a girlfriend once shared something special with me in New York....

Your Flying Car? Delayed again, but you WILL get it, says Terrafugia

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The transition was a nightmare, their new terror will never be fielded

How could you like the Transition?

Totally butt ugly, and worse, it was a 200K "road car" that you would be scared to drive on the road due to fears from potholes or rocks, or scared to park in a grocery store parking lot due to fears of fender benders.

And complex way beyond what is needed or safe.

And that continues on with the TF-X with tilt rotors that tilt and collapse and yield to an even different engine in flight.

Are these really MIT engineers?

Climate change set to bumpify transatlantic flights, say researchers

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This result is trivial, obvious, and almost certainly wrong

If we are trapping more energy in the atmosphere and if the atmosphere is not one stable isometric field, then clearly there is going to be more turbulence. Almost by definition, and certainly trivially.

But their claimed intensities of the turbulence? The chart in red meant to scare us and assure us that flight is about to become unbearable?

That one needs an explanation relative to the anthropic principle that explains how it is we were in the magical era where flight was possible and yet a 1 - 3 degree warming will make flight intolerable to aircraft and passengers.

Cause it smells like scare mongering bullshit to just publish charts in red.

Japanese firm lifts lid on Android-controlled toilet

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I was able to try this toilet out at Akihabara Expo 2012.

After a long night partying with too much beer, sake and "expo girls", I played a very long game of Angry Turds on this baby.

Falling slinky displays slow-motion causality

jerry 4

I get it. You're posting this video from six months ago because your ipad is attached to a slinky and it took six months for the news to catch up with you.

Microsoft Office 2013 heads for the cloud but fails to soar

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Useful review -- but performance? Will it run on a 2 year old computer?

I am running 2010 on a 2010 computer and IT IS SLOW while 2003 on that 2010 computer is blazing fast.

What will 2013 be like on a 2010 computer?

Brazilian fingers wife in venomous vagina murder plot

jerry 4

After that headline...

How do you top that headline?

Retire now, or face a future of endless frustration of never being able to top this.

Google Chrome extension bars domains from search results

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Not a global ban, but subscription based block lists...

I'd be happy if like AdBlock I could "subscribe" to various domain blocking lists.

Actually, I probably have an odd use case, but I am using it to block any site that javascripts out my ability to select and copy text from the page.

(I haven't found a chrome extension that guarantees my ability to copy text from a page.)

Latest boffinry: Feeding TNT to sheep

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Needs more Chinese Needle Snakes

This plan is brilliant, but it will do nothing for the Chinese Needle Snakes

HP intros 'lay it flat' all-in-one touchscreen PC

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Touchscreen Gorilla Arms are nothing new

Steve Jobs said that?

I learned about Touchscreen Gorilla Arms in the 70s.

Google unloads Nexus S Gingerbread phone

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Wish Best Buy would take my old Nexus One

And either trade it in, or automatically ebay it for me.

Apple files patent for iPad weight loss

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Apple patenting unibody, monocoque construction, plywood?

Seriously, they can patent this?

How long have unibody, monocoque construction techniques been around? What is the innovation here over plywood or typical carbon fiber construction?

How is this not obvious?

Hefty physicist: Global warming is 'pseudoscientific fraud'

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Over at FARK...

This guy was dismissed quite soundly.

One, he's old.

Two, he signed a petition calling global warming a hoax a few years back

Three, not many fark scientists had heard of him.

Four, he's old.

PARC turns 40: mice, money, and the new interwebs

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Dead Vulture

PARC also invented Time Travel

That former PARC employee who went off to form DEC? Apparently PARC (1970) also invented time travel and kept it to themselves, DEC (1957). Great Scott!

/me shakes fist at PARC

Ask.com kills Bloglines

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The title is required, .... Boom shakalaka. The title is required, ...

The service has not been updated for <strike>months</strike> years, and has suffered multiple outages <strike>recently</strike> since 2004.

Postcard App has stamps licked

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Postmark= Picture + Letter + STAMP + POSTMARK

I have the Android app and never use it. It's a very nice idea, but a Postcard needs a local stamp and a local postmark.

A postmark from some other place, and no stamp, renders this useless.

More fun on Android is "Retro camera" + an app like PicSay that lets you easily writes short messages on photos and then send that.

But there is still the problem of roaming data in the absense of wifi.

Android apps: Shifty little bleeders

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Why is there no logging? Why is there no firewall or access logging?

My problem is that it's just very difficult to know. I don't know if I've experienced spyware or not. I don't know why so many apps seem to require too many permissions.

But I know I am constantly appalled at the permissions so many apps claim they require.

This is one reason among many that I think Android needs basic logging of who/what is running now, who/what was running then who/what is taking up the system who/what accessed the phone or my contact list or the dialer.

Steve Wozniak, your time is up

jerry 4

Woz is great.

Is this post of yours a joke? I hope so.

Because if I'm forced to choose, and if anyone has to be bannished Rik, I'd prefer it be you.

Woz is okay.

What have you done? Do you even have any tech on your resume or are you just a journalist wannabe?

See, that's the difference isn't it?

Woz is was and always will be an engineer. Your resume seems to reveal you're most likely some sort of liberal arts / photography student wannabe who trotted around on Woz's coat tails and went from one Mac magazine to another, somehow stumbling your way to the Register.

As such, you'll never be an engineer.

You and what Android? The Google iPhone killer that isn't

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The more "revolutionary" Nexus is the Verizon one that could end up on Sprint

We know that with lack of the right radio, the T-Mobile Nexus One cannot effectively be used on AT&T. And so there only is one carrier for the phone.

But I don't think that's the case for the CDMA phone to be sold for Verizon. I think that same CDMA phone could work just fine and equally effectively on Sprint's network.

So will the CDMA Nexus One be sold unlocked?

Will Sprint activate an unlocked Nexus One phone on their network (and without requiring a contract?)

Monty launches frantic 'save MySQL' web campaign

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The real story is Monty trying to use the EU to switch away from GPL

The real story is Monty's bad behavior in trying to get the EU to help him steal MySQL from Oracle, but having the EU force a license change away from GPL, which he now dislikes.

Monty is a pig and a scoundrel, and to hell with him.


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