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Toshiba AC100 Android smartbook

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Is there a version of Meego available that would run on it? I've that on my old Acer Aspire One and, for something that's not finished yet, it's not bad.

PARIS in 89,000 ft climax

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mmmm Guinness

Top Ten Retro PC Games

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can't believe...

nobody mentioned Populous :-(

Populous, Lemmings, X-Wing... they were the games I wasted weeks of my life playing.

Boffins mount campaign against France's official kilogramme

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Or should that be paper-mass?

Local Spanish press embrace PARIS

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Does it go well with pork scratchings though?

Apple Ping unfriends meanie Facebook

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I thought Ping would be a useless piece of crap but now I know it won't interface with Facebook I reckon it deserves a second look.

Time for some social networking down in O'Neill's yet?

Apathy kills Google's new-age Wave

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just IMHO

I thought wave's biggest problem was that is required moving the whole communication into the googleverse. With gmail I can communicate with people that don't have gmail accounts even, occasionally, hotmail users.

It's non-stop fun in Zero Carbon Britain, 2030

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Paris Hilton

Just wondering

What are the greenhouse gas emissions of 60 million people on a mostly vegetarian diet?

Mmmmmm beans :-)

More iPhone 4 angst: fanbois howl over head sensor

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"Usually techie sites are full of sensible pro-choice, 'Free my Device', 'Its My Computer', 'Jail-breaker' kind of people"

You mean another bunch of small-minded arseholes who don't understand that the choice they should be exercising is not to buy the fucking thing in the first place?

I don't currently own an iPhone/smart-phone and life seems to have gone merrily on with barely a care in the world beyond still having more beer-tokens than I might otherwise have had. Must do something about that...


Watch bandit IDed by own mobe snap

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Guessing he's not a stranger to doing time

Opportunity rover breaks Mars longevity record

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Can't believe they're still working. They clearly didn't have enough features.

Microsoft's Cambridge boffins to up sticks in 2012

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Who gives a fig

Cambridge beer festival at the end of the month... I shall be flying in specially. Who cares where the Microsoft office is?

Oops: Chief Climategate investigator failed to declare eco directorship

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forgot or didn't have to register?

I'm biased because I've generally only heard good things about Lord Oxburgh but reading this 'story' I did have to wonder about a couple of things. GLOBE has in it's listing 'Nature of Business (SIC(03)): 9132 - Political organisations' - I wonder if peers have to declare in the register of interests every political affiliation they have? I don't know the rules... I'm just asking.

Also the thing about him being one of 23 key legislators just means he's (a) a legislator and (b) people find him worth listening to.

Anyway, like I say, I'm biased but this doesn't strike me as a huge deal.

(for the record, while I hate the term, I'd fall on the 'climate sceptic' side of the debate and I rarely hug trees).

Apple bets on Mac-only photo land grab with Aperture 3

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Re: sigh

As I've been saying for years:

a) Computers are a bit shit really

b) So are people

There are exceptions to point (b).

Alternatively: Computers are just dumb tools. So are most of the people using them.

hehe... twatblanketry :-)

iPad Mini/Nano beta-tester: Of course it's real

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Re: Comments on comments

Comments on comments are the norm... not sure about comments on comments on articles on comments on articles

Nation's parents prepare to be vetted

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So that's what they mean

Nanny State?

ARM wrestles Intel for netbook crown

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Re: I just want a cheap netbook

Not the cheap option but iPod touch and iPhone are ARM based aren't they... and there's rumours of a jumbo iPod touch, iTablet thingumy. A device that just works? Even games available from iTunes...