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Open sourcers strike back at Google cease-and-desist



Cyanogen has done a great job of improving the standard rom's, to the point where many people would not use their Magic without his work. A real shame that he is being put through this, when his work has helped out so many people. And lets be clear - he is not in this to make money.

For most who just use the standard ROM and put up with slow responses etc. this won't matter, but to thousands of others who benefit from Cyanogens work, and all the other Android and Windows Mobile chefs, this is a big deal - I really wouldn't be happy with my Diamond/Hero without a custom ROM, I would have got an iPhone - so T-Mobile in particular should be sponsoring their work!

ALK CoPilot Live 8



There is a patch available which seems to stop the freeze after exit, this is delivered over Android market.

Overall this is an excellent system, and a good alternative to TomTom on Windows Mobile. The one issue I have (which is pretty annoying) is that it seems to lose GPS connection quite often on my Hero (G2), not sure if this is a CoPilot or Hero issue. Sometime it recovers and sometimes it requires a restart. While it may be an phone issue, I think CoPilot could handle it better, I have seen other reports of people having this problem.

T-Mobile's G2 denied the update Touch


Extra features?

"losing access to all those features to which T-Mobile likes to provide quick access."

I could understand the delay if there really were additional features added by T-Mobile, however as far as I can see it's just a link to their rubbish internet portal - which is usually the first thing to be removed from the home screen.

Thanks god for Modaco and xda-developers :-)


The update is worth it.

Patrick - I have applied a version of the update from Modaco, and it makes a big difference to the speed, especially scrolling between home screens. Well worth applying.


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