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Stroppy Belgian students in Ryanair mutiny


Belgian Resistance

Ah, that old chestnut ! The poor Flemings sent to the war by the evil french speakers of Belgium. There should be a flemish version of the Godwin law, really. Whenever Belgium is mentioned in a story on an english-speaking news site, there will be a comment about our language problems - especially when it's completely irrelevant to the original subject - and that so-called origin.

...When actually, in the 19th and early 20th century, the high ranks of the belgian army were rather upper class, and in those days, the upper class spoke French, whether it hailed from Antwerp, Liège or Ghent. No wonder there were communication problems between the toffs and the rest of the battlefield.

Street View stalks Swiss data protection bureau



The canton of Basel Land itself allows anyone to know the identity of the owner of any vehicle registered there, thanks to this handy webpage :


So much for privacy...