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Version 256 of systemd boasts '42% less Unix philosophy'


Re: Plan 256, from the depths of heck.

The current user base for Linux appear to be frustrated Windows users, hating Windows, but intent on recreating it.


While the user base might be Windows haters, I know I am, what most people seem to want when they move to Linux is to use an OS that does what they want to do and not as some faceless corporation says you will.

Liam Proven has often argued that there are better ways of interacting with the OS and there are plenty to chose from. What you seem to be mistaking is the fact that for a lot of people the GUI introduced by Windows95 is still the most popular and productive. Just because a lot of distros use such a GUI does not mean that people are hell-bent in recreating Windows, they are just using the tool best suited for their needs.

It may be the MS got something right early on and people took to the desktop. By no means does that make Linux users yearn for the complexities and general cack-handedness of Windows, the Registry being a prime example. The lack of the OS 'phoning home is another reason why many chose to eschew MS's finest, and I don't see any reason why devs, and distro maintainers would shove that down our throats.


Just use su.

Amen to that.

Have one on me.

Some thoughts on PClinuxOS's take on Sudo


Re: How long before systemd ...

...all your applications will run as systemd.

Indeed. It just makes you wonder if systemd was really Poettering's audition to work at MS.

Not being au fait with things systemd (PCLinuxOS user here) does it have a Registry yet?

Musk wants to ban Apple at his companies for cosying up to OpenAI


Concerned about secrecy... or just mad...


Disenchanted Windows user? Pop open a fresh can of Linux Lite


Been here before.

You don't see Chrome in many distros, but while it isn't FOSS, it is pretty much the industry default browser.

Years ago IE6 was the industry standard and look how that played out. Stagnant, forcing websites to conform to the MS way of doing things and so on.

Now I see they same thing happening again. My browser of choice is Palemoon, a perfectly fine modern browser that has a lot in common with Firefox but when I try and go to some sites I am greeted with a banner advising me to change my old, out of date browser and install Chrome. Being bloody minded, when I refuse their kind advice and stick to Palemoon the sites will either refuse to load, I'm looking at you GMX.com, or are so mangled that they are unusable.

I may be old and naive, but wasn't the idea that the internet was open to all, avoiding walled gardens and helping share with others?

One browser to rule them all is the pathway to internet hell and it doesn't have to be this way.

Microsoft Research chief scientist has no issue with Windows Recall


No just no.

...we have important data,...there's an opportunity to start thinking about what it means to be able to capture and use that.

See, she said it out loud.

MS says that they have no interest in the data that Recall is capturing but how long before the temptation gets too great and MS starts siphoning off all your activities and starts selling them to the highest bidder?

Is that data yours or Microsoft's?

Boeing's Starliner makes it into orbit at long last – with human crew aboard

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Let's get that brave duo to the ISS and then home to Earth safely

Amen to that.

All astronauts need to be brave but these two have gone a step beyond that and definitely deserve at least a medal when they return.

They still have The Right Stuff.

Microsoft accused of tracking kids with education software


"...take the matter up with Microsoft and, as customers, should find this easier"

Tell that to the victims customers of Oracle.

Analysts join the call for Microsoft to recall Recall


Who's surprised?

...both to the technology and the decision-making processes that led to Recall being released.

Brought to you by the same company who thought that Windows 8 was a good idea.

Boeing's Starliner finds yet another way to not reach space

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Re: What was the fault?

"All three of these chassis are required to enter the terminal phase of the launch countdown to ensure crew safety."

Carelessness, impatience and an eye solely to the bottom line have no place in manned spaceflight, and to my surprise it seems as if Boeing, NASA and ULA have made the right choice for once.

As my mum used to say "It's better to be five minutes late for an appointment than five minute early for heaven."

Another delay.

They did the right thing.

Google’s in-house docs about search ranking leak online, sparking SEO frenzy


Re: Who would have thought!?1


Lying, cheating bastards.

'Nuff said.

NASA, Boeing opt to fly leaky thruster as-is for first crewed Starliner CST-100 mission


...unscrewed flight.

A Freudian slip?

I'd say the last two were royally screwed one way or another.


Here we go again.

"... the team was happy to launch to spacecraft as is and manage the leak accordingly"

Well they that might say that but then they are not going to be riding the bloody thing into orbit, are they?

Come on Boeing, put your money where your mouth is and book a seat for the CEO on the next iteration of the "Calamity Capsule".

Seems like the mantra still is: Never mind the quality get it out of the door, soonest!

Oh, and yes, I too haven't forgotten about the O ring decision, NASA.

Where do Terraform and OpenTofu go from here?


We shall see.

Everyone will be better for it.

Yes, I suppose they might, but those best off will be the people who cashed in on the Terraform sale.

We will have to see, but IBM?

I'm not sure that I would describe them as a safe pair of hands.

Look at what they have done with CentOS.

Boeing's Calamity Capsule launch date slides into the future


A good thing?

It is just as well that Boeing are being supervised by NASA rather than the FAA.

It looks like Boeing will not be able to pull the wool over NASA with problems of the Starliner as they appear to have done with both the 737Max and all the other quality control failures that lead to the door plug incident.

I just wonder what it would take for the US authorities to decide that pumping money into such a slip-shod company like Boeing is just throwing good money after bad.

Though I do note that the Starliner contract was not the usual cost plus one normally used and that Boeing are making huge losses on the Starliner contract. Maybe that would explain all the missteps with this project.

CIO who dropped VMware 18 months ago now feeling thoroughly chuffed


Re: non-native here

...some he deals with behave like used-car salesmen with their eagerness to secure any sort of sale.

He wouldn't be talking about Oracle by any chance, would he?

It's nice to see that giants like Wells Fargo are agile and dedicated enough to get out from under when their current supplier starts treating them as a cash-cow.

Microsoft offers China-based engineers an option to relocate


Two worries.

There are two things that worry me about Microsoft's offer.

One, the fact that the CCP is almost certain to have sleepers installed in Microsoft's Chinese workforce, and will be delighted to have them spread across the globe to widen their potential for espionage.

Two, the fact that from the article it looks like MS is unilaterally offering its Chinese based employees jobs in other countries. What if said countries don't want these people to emigrate? I know that there are rumblings of discontent in Ireland about the numbers moving there from abroad and I'm not sure a potential Trump administration or the Australians would be too keen either.

Yes, I may be getting paranoid in my old age, but with China's more assertive stance these days it might be prudent to be cautious.

Boeing might be criminally prosecuted for 737 MAX crashes after all, says DoJ


Re: Corporations = people?

Corporations are not "people" they are classed as a "legal person".

That means that they can sign contracts, enter into other agreements and be sued. What you cannot do with a "legal person" is send them to prison or execute them. That is something that only a "natural person" can be subjected to.

I agree with posters above, those executives controlling the company when it breaks the law should be prosecuted and either fined or if necessary imprisoned. I prefer prison time as these characters will just get the company to pay any fine and then leave via a golden parachute.

With Asmi 24.04, Ubuntu's never looked so snappy (without the Snaps)

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Nice one.

Looks good, I'm not sure that I am ready to desert my current distro but it might find a place running under Virtualbox.

The one feature that did attract my attention was: "...which notably have slightly thicker, easier-to-hit window borders than plain Xfce" A particular bugbear of mine with certain programs as my eyesight isn't what it was and trying to hit the magic spot to resize a window is something that can start to get irritating.

Raspberry Pi prepares to boot up a London listing


What's wrong with keeping it private?

A big payoff for those fortunate to be involved. You know Capitalism.

I still think it's a shame though as I can see it swiftly being bought and taken to Wall Street.

Another British stalwart sold to the highest bidder.

Nix forked, but over politics instead of progress



Well, that makes at least three people that can see the trend in projects like systemd and Nix

If you edit the phrase to read:

systemd enthusiasts point out that this delivers lots of benefits, but to achieve these, you have to just… trust that your init will work and stuff will just auto-magically be found somehow.

It fits like a glove and shows the the lure of the incomprehensible is as strong as ever

Texan construction workers put a rocket up Team SpaceX over 'unpaid bills'


Re: This opinion will not be liked.

$19,214, $67,289, $99,591, $129,592. That's back of the sofa money for Musk, so why does he do it?

It's either because he can, "I have a bigger bank balance than you, so sue me." Or he has got so many irons in the fire that such trivial sums just get treated as a rounding error.

Either way it appears that if you do business with Musk you had better have your lawyers on standby.

Apple broke the law with anti-union tactics in NYC, labor watchdog barks


Who is surprised that a company infamous for its "control freak" mentality wants to have a firm grip on what its workers are allowed to do?

I agree with John Brown (no body) that it is a strange situation where each store or location has to form a seperate union.

That just gives all the power to Apple and has been shown in the article they are not slow in taking advantage.

It is a pity that the NLRB seems to be so toothless but there again, this is the US we are talking about and it seems that big corporations are the masters there.

Amazon and Epson accuse a bunch of traders of selling knockoff print ink


"...business and shipping addresses, public corporate records, removal addresses, financial accounts, and/or phone numbers."

Yes, a real undercover operation there, no wonder they were caught so easily!

It make me wonder if the companies concerned were so up-front about it, were they unconcerned about possible consequences or did they think that they had done nothing wrong?

Ubuntu 24.04, Fedora 40, EndeavourOS, and TrueNAS 24.04 all arrive at once


Re: Come on!

Yes, I know.

It was a tongue in cheek thought that popped into my head and it's not the first time that the British spelling of Endeavour has been used.

The last shuttle brought into service, Endeavour, was named after after Captain Cook's ship which took him on his first voyage of discovery.


Come on!

"Ubuntu 24.04, Fedora 40, EndeavourOS, and TrueNAS 24.04 all arrive at once."

It looks like the "International English" filter has missed something.

Surely under the new El Reg style code it should be EndeavorOS

Throwflame launches fire-spitting robo-dog from Hell


Flamethrowers are not popular.

In the Second World War there were a number of tanks fitted as flamethrowers, one being the Churchill Crocodile.

If one of these nasty machines was knocked out the crew bolted for their lives, as it was known that anyone connected to the weapon was likely to be summarily shot. The same thing also happened if a soldier carry a man-portable flame weapon was seen, he could be the subject of massed incoming fire.

The same should be the fate of this monstrosity, get the largest slab of concrete or stone and squash the damned thing flat.

Another Boeing whistleblower comes forward – with receipts


"...or maybe the mods just don't like you."

Yes, that seems to be the likely answer :(


...speed over quality to the detriment of passengers, airlines, and the company's reputation.

It maybe the the alleged shortcomings at Boeing would be to the detriment of airlines and the company. It would be a bit more serious for passengers if Boeing's product keep falling out of the sky, losing parts mid-air and so on.

Passengers could end up dead and that would be more than detrimental to them.

Note to self:

Check next time I fly to see if it's a Boeing or Airbus.

Off topic; but has anyone else noticed that their little coloured badge thingie has disappeared?

Management company settles for $18.4M after nuclear weapons plant staff fudged their timesheets


"Taxpayers should never be on the hook for the cost of work that was not performed,"

Agreed, perhaps they should forward that the the US House of Representatives where the MAGA nutters seem to have pulled the same stunt.

Oh, apart from impeaching Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas without any proof of him committing any high crimes or misdemeanours.

Novelty flip phone strips out almost every feature possible to be as boring as possible


Re: Bummer

Yes, it's a real shame that this 'phone won't be for sale.

I'm currently looking for a replacement for my el cheapo LG dumb phone. I don't want one of those all singing all dancing efforts that cost and arm and a leg. I just want a 'phone so I can make calls, send texts and nothing else.

Even so that 'phone has a camera? Looks a bit to specced up to me.

Open source versus Microsoft: The new rebellion begins



Microsoft's focus on moving people to Office 365 and upping hardware specs for Windows 11 for no good reason...

I disagree.

There is a very good reason for all of MS's shenanigans. It's called the bottom line.

If MS can squeeze more revenue out of its customers even if the changes mean inconvenience, cost and disruption to the customer; if it increases profits then as far as MS is concerned it's job done.

Feds probe alleged classified US govt data theft and leak


Enquiring minds want to know.

Uncle Sam is investigating claims that a criminal stole and leaked classified information from the Pentagon and other national security agencies.

Would his name be Trump by any chance?

Microsoft thinks bundles are great and customers love them



How does Microsoft upsell to generate more revenue per user? "Security ...

It is to laugh.

Amazon fined in Europe for screwing shoppers with underhand dark patterns

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Got it.

"Amazon's PR flacks..."

Yes! The right word in the right place.

Flacks are people (sort of). Flak is a menace to aircraft.

Ahead of IPO, Reddit blends advertising into user posts


Re: Blending

(most efficacious in every case).

Have one on me for the "Lily the Pink" quotation.

UK minister tells telcos to share telegraph poles if they can't lay cable underground


They do.

UK minister tells telcos to share telegraph poles...

Where I live they already are.

Our local telco has wired me up using the existing BT pole as it was not possible to run a cable underground due to the congested sewers, gas mains and electricity cables that run under the small area where the houses are. In other places they have put the cables underground, causing a considerable amount of disruption on the roads. For example, why would anyone in their right mind start digging up the road in one of our most popular holiday towns in the middle of the season?

Having said that the local telco is about five years ahead of Openreach round here and will be finished long before BT gets round to doing anything other than making promises.

Oracle AI buzz means Larry Ellison's worth $15B more today


Don't think so.

...hadn't yet made a difference to someone special

It hasn't.

Ellison's not special, just rich.

Boeing paper trail goes cold over door plug blowout


Re: Ranking

I too am irritated with the unnecessary switch to "International English" when as far as I can see it's only the United States who uses it as their first language.

However, taking umbrage at the title of Ted Cruz as "ranking member" is uncalled for.

The US Congresses' use of the title "ranking member" is correct.

It's like saying a junior MP is a "Private Parliamentary Secretary" which is used in the House of Commons.

It's just the way things are done.

It's that most wonderful time of the year when tech cannot handle the date


Re: Oh, come on - this is elementary

"Just one of those things" if the software isn't calibrated for the event, which to us is highly suggestive of human error.


The Antikythera Mechanism, had, as far as we can tell, built in features to deal with the variability of the temporal cycle. It's all way above my head but scholars have shown that the variability of the Moon's phases, intercalary adjustments and so on have been factored into the design of the mechanism and was, at our best guess, designed circa 200 BCE. See here

That's 2200 years ago so why hasn't the world learned to take things like leap years into account yet?

Trident missile test a damp squib after rocket goes 'plop,' fails to ignite


What the hell?

HMS Vanguard leaving HMNB Devonport last year after a seven-and-a-half year refit.

After seven and a half years and God knows how much money you would think that they could have at least given it a lick of paint!

My old N reg Corsa looks better that that heap of rust.

Google flushes cached search results forever


What they really mean.

...but not something we'd do if we didn't have an agreement...

Or, in other words. "Not if we have to pay much if anything, for this service."

You know Google remind me of ticks. Fat, blood sucking parasites who contribute nothing and are very hard to get rid of.

Post Office threatened to sue Fujitsu over missing audit data


Maybe not.

...bugs, errors and defects in the system had been known about by all parties

No, the poor bloody sub-postmasters and sub-postmistresses didn't and yet they were forced to pay up, lost their businesses, homes,their liberty and lives.

Others got CBEs, bonuses and promotions.

Google Groups ditches links to Usenet, the OG social network



" Try DDGing "

Plus 1 for saying that instead of "Google"

Like Microsoft, Google can't stop its cloud from pouring AI all over your heads


Fear not!

"Like Microsoft, Google can't stop its cloud from pouring AI all over your heads."

Don't worry about it. Given Google's track record this stuff will disappear in a year or so.

Musk tells advertisers to 'go f**k' themselves as $44B X gamble spirals into chaos


Re: Delusional narcissist

...a Yorkshire man's backside?

aka an arse, which Trump most definitely is.

AI offers some novel crystal materials that could form future chips, batteries, more

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Quite right.

"The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's GNoMe-powered robo-boffin in action ."

You can tell it's a boffin as it has a white coat (of paint) on!

X/Twitter booted out of Australia's disinformation-fighting club


Hmm, looks like someone has forgotten to take their dried frog pills again.

Watchdog bites back against blockage of $9M fine on US selfie-scraper Clearview AI



Watchdog bites back against blockage of $9M fine on US selfie-scraper Clearview AI

Look, it's one thing to switch to using "International English" a.k.a. American English. It's another to start to force a British courts decision into using a foreign currency. The fine was £7.5 million and the headline should reflect that.

O.K. qualify it in USD if you have to, but please treat a British court's decision with the respect that it deserves.