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A drone of one's own: Reg buyers' guide for UAV fanciers

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"•And though it's been said before elsewhere — read the f*cking manual: Failing to properly synchronise the navigation software, or connect the GPS, can result in your drone setting off into the sunset to seek out a new life, without you"

Thanks El Reg for the morning chuckle :)

Fiat 500S: So pleasingly sporty we didn't want to give it back

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Re: NEVER buy a Fiat

"if you want a great second hand car, buy a brand new fiat"

I think Mr Hammond quoted that a few year ago

Register journo battles Sydney iPHONE queue, FONDLES BIG 'UN

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odd ...

I went to pick mine up this morning ... all the phone shops were opened early, no queues, walked in, picked it up, and gone in 10 minutes. Had there been any queues, I'd have just picked up my veg at the market and come back next week. I'm not sure people in UK are that fanatic about iphones anymore, it's just a phone ... a nice one at that, but that's all it is. Seems like our aussie cousins still have the Apple bug.

Boeing bent over for new probe as 787 batteries vent fluid, start to MELT

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Some stats ...

Remains to see how true these stats are but ...


Doesn't look to me as if Boeing is that unsafe, even the 747 would remain at the top should 2 of them not have collided due to miscommunications. Kudos on the 340 though

'PATHETIC' Galaxy Gear sales skewer smartwatch HYPE-O-GASM bubble

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Re: Got a watch

Couldn't agree more

If somehow my watch could remain exactly the same, but the smart screen pop on the display when I need it ... maybe ... just maybe.. I'd be tempted

A watch is far more than a time/date display in most cultures, it is far more than a device

it is not even a question of money, a lot of people will pay hefty sums for a good and fashionable watch

Let's hope the next smart watch manufacturer has the good idea to work with successful watch makers ...

Here's what YOU WON'T be able to do with your PlayStation 4

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that settles it

I think gaming shall be solely done on PC form now on

PS3 was a fab media center (very little gaming), and that will remain as is

Newell, play your cards right, and my gaming wallet is yours !

It's official: Firm numbers show firm global lead of pricey iPhone 5s

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Re: 5c just doesn't have a home...

"who is in the market for 5C"

people upgrade from an old for, that do not want to pay a deposit and keep their monthly tariff the same, but also have a nice colour on it, that own a mac and apple hardware at home....

And of course they will not go Android, because they are not too tech savvy and are afraid things won't work with all their apple stuff. I think that's the issue with understanding a lot of Apple folks, like it was said earlier, they see apple as they see their washing machine, no need to re-program anything (In their terms, programming is changing some configuration). They are of course wrong, other manufacturers have made things very easy for their users, but the perception remains.

Apple prepares to unleash iPhone 5S, 5C for the GREAT BRAWL OF CHINA

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about time !

My iphone 5 was already starting to play up, battery running out in a couple of hours, power button needs pressing 6 times to be sure , screen scratches if you just look at it ... most excellent .... oh ... its the same thing ? or probably worse than the previous one ... non apple phone... here I come

Android approaches 80% smartphone share as Apple's iPhone grows old

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Re: Instead

What if you worked for El Reg and you REALLY wanted to talk about the OS rather than the hardware ?

Sorry, what was the point ?

High-rollers’ shop pitches wallet-pounding, wall-pummelling MONSTER TV

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35K to spare

... or you could still buy a nice telly for 5K, realise that spending all that money on a screen is insane, and give some cash to a charity that will do something meaningful with it

This world ...

Reg Hardware Awards 2012: The Winners...

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off topic

What's happening to reghardware ? barely one article a week ... have I missed something ?

Taito's Double Dragon

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good memories

Spent so much money trying to finish that game, only worked out the elbowing afterward ^^ ,the tunes were brilliant, there are great music remix made by Vertexguy on youtube.

incidently, saw the remake on PS3 which is quite fun to play.

Fans' loyalty questioned as iPhone popularity plummets

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Re: Harry Potter hardbacks

"people who buy these things"

"part of the gang"

thanks for that in depth analysis, which truly adds to the discussion

there's me thinking that when you have nothing constructive to say, you should save your keyboard from use

clearly not ... arrrg should have saved my keyboard

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Re: iphone 5 ... too many problems

yes, the phono lead ... thanks ... really works browsing the playlist having to look at a phone screen instead of the screen I have behind the wheel

may I suggest you spare money by not living in a house and paying a mortgage and living in a tent ?

no don't thank me, like you I like to dish out useful advice

IN-TE-GRA-TION is the problem, not the lack of music

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iphone 5 ... too many problems

I recently moved from an iphone 4 to iphone 5

despite the lack of improvements, which am not too fussed about ... a good phone

yeh it works like an iphone

what does not work is everything around it, all the sound equipment that apple consumers have bought in the past ... useless ... new connector

hey ... buy an adaptor ... Apple you tight gits ! after people have been buying your products you don't even have the courtesy to provide the adaptor for free, instead ... you sell it for 25 quid , whilst non-branded adaptors are not even out.

then here goes Command in the merc ... not charging, and of course, merc hasn't got cables for the new iPhone.

this really give me the hump

The map integration .... oh well, not as good as the gmap integration

so where does that leave the consumer ? somewhere in the middle of ladyboy pageant with trousers round the ankles

worse of that with my iphone 4

<rant over>

PS: please no cretinous reply " you should have bought this blah blah blah "

Apple forecast to sell 8m iPhone 5s next weekend

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Re: What irks me...

Sorry, added another downvote to help your argument there ... not a fanboi, but couldn't help myself ^^

companies wanting to make profit is truly out of order indeed !

Smartphone sales to new users 'have peaked'

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re:If I ruled the world every day would be the first day of spring and.

Well, Vive to that and an eclair for both of us !

in 2016, I predict that console sales will also stagnate, and new consoles will not sell as well as in 1990 proportionally to the number of people that played console games, or heard about them whilst playing badmington. This is based on a stringent analysis methodology named "wild stab in the dark", which is incidently what some of these analysts are going to get one day if they don't start being more helpful.

Sorry plagariarism there, but I am only able to re-use existing data, not to create anew.

Absinthe 2 lifts iOS 5.1.1 gadgets over garden wall

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Another useful app

I haven't jailbroken my iphone in a long time now

but I recall mxTube, which appeared on normal app store for a week or so, allowed to record utube vids and save them in library, was very useful when travelling.

And the good old MAME, but most games were unplayable on a small screen

Ten... Kitchen Gadget Treats

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instant coffee is disgusting, stick to tea ... saying that, tassimo is not that good, where is Nespresso ??? far superior coffee, and no plastic (the Nespresso tubs recycle far better)

BT Vision to stream UKTV channels

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tvcatchup app ... browse to that and put on your TV (i use an iphone video out cable)

Portal 2 prevails at Bafta game awards

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Re: This was a triumph....


New iPads to hit Apple stores on Friday

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I will think of these poor victims, queuing for a consumer product, throughout the night

I will probably go and serve some free soup and bread, to help them in their torment, parting with all their hard earned cash, and too addicted to wait a few weeks.

poor devils...

Audi shows off OLED-illuminated concept R8

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Re: naff

That's the spirit, if you don't like something, just damage it, how do people dare have different taste than yours, I hope the owner likes your face if he catches you doing it.

You must have the empathy of a spanner.

As for the OLED on cars, well, it will come, and we'll get used to it, some troll will have nothing more interesting to do than criticise it (when I don't like someone's car, I tend to think it's their choice, since I don't have to drive it, it's does not bother me).

Samsung warms up smartphone operated oven

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better app

I have a similar app that books a restaurant, which has an oven, staff and food at the ready. much more powerful :D

Ten... Valentine's Day gifts for her

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really surprised

Absolutely no white goods in your review !!

I know how my girl struggles with her old washing machine and dish washer, how she curses when not having all the cooking utensils she requires !

how she moans when it is time to find a bag for the hoover, and how she wishes she had a proper vacuum cleaner

Come on el Reg ! get back to reality

Some of us men, are sensible and loving you know ?


New patent will give iPhone screen interactive 3D

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without tracking the eyes ...

make your own :D


Apple Beijing store egged in botched iPhone 4S launch

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When people act like cattle you mean

Sorry, I just could never understand people queuing for a phone or game etc...

so if you become cattle, don't be surprise to be treated alike.

Grow some personality, forget the toys, and go for a walk, muse over the fact that the society you live in is becoming dumber by the minute, and that we are manufacturing even dumber kids ...

downvote at will ^^

Lumia sales fail to set world alight

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had iphone, 3g, and 4, never replaced a single one ... nor have had heard anyone with any issues

I am no fanboy, but flamin heck, you don't half stick the boot in fo a produc, I and all the others I know must have been dead lucky.

Feeling sorry for Nokia at the moment I must say,their products aren't that bad at all, but I think they can't be disruptive enough or add something new to the market to differenciate themselves properly.

Vodafone customers fume over iPhone 4S delays

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Amongst the retarded anti-fanboi comment (which are as bad as being a fanboi really, but I'll let your brain compute that one alone, never could understand the "them and us" based on a brand ... very very sad).

Surely the saddest thing is to get upset over a mobile phone, whatever the brand, I don't feel sorry for people being sad about their delivery, more pitty really.

What the hell have we become.Go out for a walk, for a pint, for a laugh, and forget about the sodding phone !

Starbucks extends gratis Wi-Fi to UK

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re:Less with the logon thing, just make it work

I want security, and a bit of pain for it thanks. But if getting your data nicked and identity stolen etc is fun for you, go ahead.

iPhone 5: Apple 4S, pundits 0

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re: Remember MSX

it was a success in its targeted markets, the UK wasn't really it

it worked in other european countries, to the surprise of the japanese cosortium that created the standard for the asian market.

I for one, thought that we were finally going to be able to use the iphone for teleportation :(

the journalists said so ! (well someone did, am sure !)

Five... great iPhone racers

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re:Meanwhile on Android....err...nada.

Can I add a pointless comment to that pointless comment ?

y.. yes ?

You sir are a cretin.

Renault Wind Gordini roadster

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quelle horreur !

This thing is rather ugly, looks like a big sleeper, and has the power of a small asmatic ant.

for 16K ... you can get a second hand M3,boxter, s2000, z4, hell even an SLK or a TT, if hairdrying is your kind of thing

Swindon to get first UK 4G mobile network

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This is a council that built the most ludicrous roundabout in the world (bar dacourum of course)

4G should be a piece of cake for them ... of course it won't work as it should but everyone will have to suffer it :D

Doom guy: tablets, phones to be gaming platforms of the future

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gadzooks !

Leave the Carmack alone !

you biggoted evil monkeys !

and pay respect to the man that raised the bar so your ungrateful little bottoms could sit and enjoy some of the best shooters of this world !

the master does not need to prove himself, especially to any sinister vulgum pecus

Bug-Byte Manic Miner

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oooh these loading screens

thanks for the memory el reg !

that game really tested my patience when I was a kid

How to detect heart disease with a smartphone

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does he look ...

..like he needs heart monitoring ?

put the device on a fat flabby scouser loaded with piercing and tatoos, it will make more sense :D

Sony’s sorry saga snowballs

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"I'm a lawyer and I'll file for my own 2.5 billion class action suit tomorrow"

yes, make a lot of money for not a lot of work, that's the spirit, jump on it, none of your doing, no skills required, but you'll make a lot of money.

You are exactly what is wrong with our world.

Smartphones eat games handhelds and cameras for lunch

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re: Maxton

I agree with Maxton percentages alone do not provide a clear picture, growth of the market should be added there. Stats like that can lie easily, 30% of road accidents are causde by drunk drivers, meaning that 70% are caused by other normal drivers, drunks are therefor much safer behind the wheel ....

Fujitsu promises rural UK 1Gbit/s - if it gets 'fair deal' from BT

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free internet everywhere

if only they made the iPhone, then we could have all the moaners in one single set of comments.

BT is regulated by ofcom, giving access to ducts and poles, require a lot of careful consideration, and the undertaking that BT has with ofcom ensures that it is done properly. Some might think it is an easy task, if you do, you really haven't got a clue.

it has taken years for them to separate their entire infrastructure to give fairness for the competition.

hell they even give you 999 for free, give the service to virgin and wait for the request for a credit card before getting police or ambulance.

Back to the subject in hand, I think Fujitsu could be onto something here, perhaps provide a fresh approach to networking rural areas.

but I think it financially does not stack up

And please people make your mind up, you don't want that ex-national telecom operator, but you want top speed in the middle of nowhere ? which is it ? because one makes hardly any business sense, unless funded by the government, so you can have the cake and eat it.

UK PC sales plunged in Q1

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bored with "things"

Keep wanting to get that tablet, and everytime I am about to buy it, I think that I could spend that money on more gliding lessons ... or a mountain trek in the alps

Not that I can't afford it ... I just am tired of pieces of equipment I plug everywhere

I have PCs , laptops, smartphones, consoles, flat TVs , and some day, wish I had none of it, but climbed K2 instead.

maturing market indeed, in all senses of the word...

the next tech I buy will have to be a time machine, or a teleporter

Sony wins subpoena for PS3 hacker's PayPal records

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mmmh goobye sony and @brian6

That does it for me

no more Sony products .... ever !!

I can't stand this victimisation of a single individual against a whole corporate, and the disproportionate sentences that will follow ...

as for Brian 6, you have the brain of an uneducated and short sighted amoeba, life has not been kind to you as I can see.

Your analogies make no sense, you own your brain, and you are still allowed to come up with mob-like low level thought process, no doubt you can even vote !!!

You own your computer and yet, you are still allowed to inflict poor analogies on the rest of us.

BT fibre-to-the-premises trial takes 7 hours per install

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RE:I am on the Fibre Trial

GIT !!!!


Apple 'outstrips' all brands at box office

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re: Wow, a little out of touch....are you?

Kettle ... pot ....

the MSoftie working in IT hate apple ...

pure bllx , actually, any good techie, even MSoftie, is tech agnostic, and the good ones, tend to like apple, I see many MS or J2EE or Other developers these days with Macs. I think you are talking about yourself there, probably a technologist, that will swear by one tech with very little knowledge of the others, and would rather use what you know rather than benefit the business.

Apple names iPad 2 reveal date

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am gonna need to get one now

I am wondering why iPad generates so much hate, especially form the people that do not own one ...

I don't own a race boat, but I don't hate them, they are expensive, overpriced etc ... I just don't care

what makes some non iPad owners react so badly to it, do they wish they had one, or the money to waste ? or do they wish they could control what it is, or is not ?

who should give a flying crap, unless you are to buy one, or had one and were disapointed ?

seriously weird behaviours there ...

Anyroad ... I love the look and feel of this thing, but can't justify the spend, against the functionality (and for the plank above comparing it to a kindle ... I mean .. really?!).

I sure would like to see the new one in action.

Huawei to gift underground coverage to London

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"Funny old lot the French... "

you mean ALL the people in Paris are rude ? or is the whole of france same as paris ?

or are you a WHOLE bigot yourself ?

this article is about mobile phone access in tube during the olympics, go back to your daily mail pal.

Now onto the topic, if the chinese are putting these in, it is because they WILL pump advertising down our phones, the network will probably be subscription based, then reselling thy'lle ad channel to advertising companies during the olympics.

And if I wanted to make revenue out of it ... well I would do exactly that.

as for whoever spoke about "remote detonation" ... not sure whether to be worried or not, but it makes a scary point. Having said that, 7/7 was using remote devices called fanatics.

Verizon iPhone 4 jailbroken – already

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Camoron trolley

"Jailbreaking an iPhone just makes you a git who likes to pay to to promote Apple's products and practices, but then decides to pretend to be clever"

maaan, you got me there, to think I thought I was being clever, and now I find out I am just a git

thank god for enlighten people, I just learn so much ...

Now for a real comment,a rather than a cretinous one,


One of the interesting things about jailbreaking, is to gain full ssh access, this allows for quite a plyful use of the phone. One of the best ones being using apps like pdaNet from cydia or rock (app repositories) , to plug your iphone on your laptop , use it as a router, and vpn through it.

Another thing I quite like to use ssh for , is to run VLC for iphone, from my laptop at work, I can remote control the phone, using IM clients on it, allowing me to use my own IM at work (usually bloked), via 3G connection, but typing with a real keyboard, rather than a phone one.

an many more ...

Mr git.

Newest PS3 firmware hacked in less than 24 hours

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I am guessing Youness...

is a fan of Toriyama's DragonBall :D

Icecrypt T2400 Freeview HD DVR

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RE: Sorry, not a good review

Yeah !

what he said !

and does it have the littel device that goes "ping!"

mmmh ? huuuh ? there !

Prisoners cannibalise mice for mobile power

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PS3 !!

they are prisoners !!! if ever they were given a game console surely it should be something cheaper for prisoners, a sub standard system, something they deserve !!

an xbox360 !!!!


let the flaaaaame begin !!