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Blu-ray capacity to increase by a third

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Naturally, they assume that the average user will never bother too much about the tangental offset jitter rate with multi-layer media. Surely it's a trivial exercise to cross-correlate the *Radial* Expander offset with the Focus offset to determine the media error rate from the i-MLSE index? Personally, I'd use the F’tang-F’tang Ole Biscuit Barrel effect.

TfL deploys privacy-busting voyeurcam

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I trust someone is going to get the boot for perving when they should be watching out for bus loads of Terrorists. Nice living in a goldfish bowl, innit?

Google 'in talks' over Googlenetbook

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I'd have a couple...

...to leave kicking around the house for a bit of gash surfing; same as I do on the iPhone now. Quick boot is the key and as the big G seem to be really keen to nail that, sounds that they're thinking of it in the same way.

Use as my main PC though? No thanks.

Facebook acquires 300 millionth user

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FB Lite?

What I would love is this FB lite that they're touting for low bandwidth users. Never used an App in my life and have no intention of doing so, so it'd be nice to use Facey for what it was originally intended for and keep up with my friends rather than respond to people sending me Hugs, swift shoeings and the other tat that I have no interest in. TBH, I use the app on the iPhone more now as that's much cleaner...