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John McAfee blogs for help, offers $25K reward for neighbour's killer


If he does get charged with murder, will it be a 30 day trial?

Transport Dept dishes out £1.9m rail database deal to Capita


Knowing Capita, Access.

Plus it will be delivered two years late, go about 2 billion over budget and will only work on Windows XP (SP2 or earlier).

OFT won't block BBC's über set top box


"And now on BBC1 and in HD.. Screwing the licence payer"

But as I understand it, access to the EPG metadata is closed. So manufacturers have to pay a licence/royalty to sell kit that uses it. Which also means the OS community can't develop their own equivalents Please tell me I'm wrong!

The EPG (as Murdoch realised) is where the power (money) lies.

Angels can't fly: Official


Next paper..

I'm guessing will cover elephants and pigs.

Google chief: Only miscreants worry about net privacy


Only for those with something to hide..

"Lucky" Firefox users can always try the TrackMeNot add-in, add-on, extension or whatever Mozilla are calling them this week.

UK2's email still borked


36 Billion?

36 billion files? Not too sure what their setup is (2 x USB external drives?) but if my maths is correct, moving 36 billion files at the rate of 1,000 a second would still take over a year.

Firefox nabs 30 million users in eight weeks


It ain't MS so it must be good. Nooooo!

Firefox 3 is rubbish. And when it's not being rubbish.. it's being slow. My trusty old laptop had no problems with version 2 but 3..

It seems to spend it's entire life constantly updating it's SQLite DB with tens of megs of data, freezing itself in the process. Grinding to a halt when you enter anything in the address bar while it ponders what URLs to suggest. These will bear no relation at all to what you've typed. This apparently is called 'The Awesome Bar'. (type) www.thereg (freeze) you must want http://www.richard-e-grant.com (yea.. awesome). Downloaded files is a separate window, obviously the programmer who did tabs was off that day, which picks a random screen location to appear at everytime you open it. Is it Add-ons or is it Extensions? The menu says 'Add-ons', the button you click to get them says 'Get Add-ons' but wait.. they appear in the 'Extensions' pane. Go to a website with an untrusted cert. Great it warns me. Click 'I Understand The Risks'. I do.. really. View website? Nope, more text and an 'Add Exception' button. Click. View website? Nope, more text and another button. Something about confirming. Don't care by now. Will click anything to get to the porn, errr, IT related website.

OK, maybe I'm being a little harsh. I think Mozilla now cares more about being the most popular browser in the world and not about creating the most popular browser in the world. They're forgetting what made people turn away from IE. Look at the Debian Iceweasel spat, they run themselves more like a corporation than a foundation.

Today, I will mostly not be using Firefox.

Windows 7 lessons - the must know before you buy


XP Upgrade? Not bloomin' likely Ms' Poppins

And yet no in-place upgrade from XP to Win 7. You have to do a 'custom install'. Read delete XP and start again. Hardly the best incentive to move to the greatest OS ever in the whole wide world*

*Some sentences may contain utter bollocks.

Palestine mobile operator struggles for room to breathe


Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Is there no end to his talents? Ruin, er sorry, running a country, world peace and now mobile phone frequency allocations.

He should become an Olympic swimmer. He'd walk it.

Freeview website titsup ahead of big retune


Tits in the title and Channel 5 gets a mention.

Those that don't retune lose access to Channel Five. Even luckier people permanently lose access to ITV3 and ITV4.

Met steps up stop and search with mobile phone scanner


Game For A Laugh?

So Police will now arrest you on suspicion of theft based on information provided by a privately owned and run database (Recipero Ltd).

Here's a jolly jape. Get the IMEI number of your mates phone (dial *#06#). Register for a free account at www.immobilise.com, the public entry point to the database (appears you only need to provide an e-mail address). Register the IMEI and flag as stolen. Now wait for him to get stopped by the Police..


It's sounds stoopid but the Board will approve it.

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Database containing 1.8m UK postcode locations leaks online



Royal Mail licence the DB to companies for inclusion in address completion software, address lookup etc.. I'm guessing that for each licencee they add a fake postcode so if the DB does get leaked they can trace the source.

Bonus fact. According to Wiki, this adding of a false entry to something is also called a Mountweazel or Nihilartikel.

YouTube Lad from Lagos stranded in London


Today the news is sponsored by..

Oh come on El Reg.. this is a viral. Three times you've covered it. Careful, people might start thinking you were being paid to..

Warning: Showers can seriously damage your health


It's sounds stoopid but the Board will approve it.

Nine cities in seven states and Pace and his band of merry swabbers only manage 50 shower heads? This was a piss-up. DNA Bods on Tour 2009. The shower head poking a mere ruse.

And who would of thought that about Norman Pace - years ago one half of the side-splitting duo 'The Management' and now top DNA boffin (which Opera thinks isn't a word).