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No surprise: Britain ditches central database model for virus contact-tracing apps in favour of Apple-Google API

Ivor Kintol D'uso

Re: Had to happen

Mostly nonsense - especially the bit about Cummins!

NHSX , headed by George Osborne's mate Matthew Gould is precisely the sort of organisation that Cummins has historically campaigned against.

c.f. Guido Fawkes page the other day:-

"The decision to build the software rather than buy it in – especially as it was already close to existing at the time – was Gould’s decision. It was a decision made for his and NHSX’s glory more than the public interest. Dominic Cummings when he was outside government would rail in blogs about the culture of the Civil Service, where Oxbridge bluffers with no clue would fail and face no consequences. Gould, who read philosophy and divinity at Cambridge, is a classic example"

Tories promise medals not money for science and R&D

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re Manufacturing /= engineering

Absolutely agree! Engineers don't necessarily have dirty fingernails ( well at least not from their work, perhaps from their hobbies?)

We desperately need to raise the profile of science/engineering in UK - boy have I had some arguments with my daughter (English Lit final year degree student) over this - it makes my blood biol that every schoolkid is taught about twats like Keats & Shelley, yet none of them know about people like Maudsley & Whitworth who actually contributed to what we are today!

Lost Nazi nuke-project uranium found in Dutch scrapyard

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@poor Coco

The "dumbass" was surely Hirohito for not surrendering after the Hiroshima bomb, despite the clear warnings given.

Lots of POWs & Chinese are still sorry the Allies only had two bombs available...

US sorority girls in booze-fuelled orgy of violence

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"family studies and human services" #

Professor of "family studies and human services" .

Isn't that just mam? It was in my house anyway AND she was the only one to smack me - Dad never did.

OpenOffice 3.2 - now with less Microsoft envy

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@Chris Thomas Alpha

Chris! Chris! Mummy says your tea's ready.

Leave that computer & make sure you wash your hands before you sit down.

French poised to seize Port of Dover

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re Mart2

<I have nothing against the French>

For goodness sake wash your mouth out!

Carly Fiorina unleashes 'demon sheep'

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Have Thatcher back

Yes please - as soon as possible, ideally before May 6th!

Iran launches rat, two turtles, some worms into space

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Rats in space

My terriers have been launching rats into space for over 40 years now

Council saves quarter mil' from mobile bill

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re And this is news why?

Precisely! - the question that should be asked is "If they can SAVE £250K, WTF have they been doing up to now?".

Everyone could show large savings if they'd sat on retail rates for a decade.

Quarter of France Telecom staff 'psychologically vulnerable'

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re Normalization

<So the question is not what is special about France Telecom, but what is particularly depressing about France?>

Easy! The French

Unused phone lines to be taxed for rural broadband

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Let them pay for their own broadband

OK cretin - We'll do you a deal: we'll pay more for our broadband if we can stop paying for your food (not a lot of that grown in cities), power (guess where all the power stations are?) water (many reservoirs in Kensington?) & paying for your trains, police, pavements, public lighting & a host of other services too tedious to mention which aren't available in the country.

All of OpenReach should be seized back into government control & fibre layed to 95-7% of homes with wireless provision for the last 3% at the same price. Would cost less than Northern Rock & improve the country, which after 12 years of Labour surely NEEDS it.

Kidnap fears kybosh charity car rally

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Cheap cars: expensive boots

<I paid more than that for my walking boots!>

My son conned me into buying him a pair of Meindl boots for £194 which, as I pointed out to him, was twice what the truck we use for hunting/shooting/fishing was worth (1996 Lada Niva)!! Every time I fill the tank the car doubles in value...

Combat walker machines: $3m for new studies

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When in a hole...

Lord Carlile: Police are taking the proverbial on terror

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< The entire UK police force is increasingly right-wing, politicised and out of OUR control. In fact, bought and paid for - but not by us.

Welcome to Banana Republic UK Plc (prop F.Brethren)>

I agree about the banana republic, but "Right wing???" Surely this bears all the hallmarks of LEFT wing socialist state control of everything/body? Which is just about where we're at today.

Labour have left us in such a mess the wishy washy Tories will never be able to sort it out - they'd need to annul just about all the legislation over the last 15 years - they'd never do that( some of it was their own), only a revolution might do it. Personally I think unless the army step in, this country is down the pan.

Conservatives promise 'lights on, lights off' IT policy

Ivor Kintol D'uso
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Ivor Kintold-Uso

When the Tories get elected... #

By Graham Bartlett Posted Wednesday 4th November 2009 17:14 GMT

... will the last person in Britain please turn off the lights?

By the time the Tories get elected, we'll all be lucky if there are any lights left to turn off. There certainly won't be enough electricity to actually run them, thanks to the technologically illiterate, mendacious, hypocritical, corrupt & criminally incompetent bunch of Stalinist troughers we've had to endure since the Bliar blitz on Britain began.

Germans satisfy latex desire with GM dandelions

Ivor Kintol D'uso

re "any fule kno" AC 12:05

Google "Molesworth" d1ckhead


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