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IBM chip boffins mix phase-change-flash cocktail: Voila! SUPER fast memory card

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UK.gov data sell-off row: HMRC denies claims it'll flog YOUR private info

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"There is no question of HMRC selling data."

Of course. Just like the Road Fund license funds roads, the Dartford toll crossing toll stopped when the crossing was paid for, National Insurance paid for pensions and the NHS. And if you go back a bit further, Income tax was a temporary measure!

Clap Google, Amazon in irons to end tax shenanigans - MPs

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Big Brother

Tax law bites MPs on bum

Why not prosecute MPs for passing the badly defined laws that Google, Amazon et al are following.

Don't obey the law, obey our current soundbites.

This is the result of knee jerk legislation, and an over-complex taxation system.

Lexus CT200h hybrid

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Did he really drive the car?

There is obviously something wrong with the car tested. One of the nice things about the Prius is leaving boy racers standing at the traffic lights in their Golf GTI. Far from losing on the low-speed acceleration, it will outperform most cars there.

Volkswagen unveils Yorkshire-friendly e-car

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Optimistic range?

The current Toyota prius has the same size electric motor and the same size battery. On electric power only, it has a range of nearly two miles.

OK. this is a small car which the Prius isn't, but 80 miles seems just a tad optimistic. Or is the VW test track downhill all the way round?


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