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CERN seeks €20B to build a bigger, faster, particle accelerator


Re: Priorities

Sorry but currently we need more weapons, not less weapons.

Return to Office mandates boost company profits? Nope


Re: if you, as a "middle manager"

The management layer above me exist to shield me from crap coming from above.

So basically the whole management pyramid is some sort of umbrella to protect the workers from the shit falling from upper management? Great, just fire the whole pyramid and let workers work.

(I'm a freelance, so I take the shit in my face anyway)

ESA salutes Galileo satellite system meeting aviation standards


Re: you weren't able to transmit / connect / emit on un-authorized frequency bands

Idiotic bureaucracy maybe?

Or they are interested in being able to stop you from using navigation aids on US soil, so they don't want you to be able to receive other signals.

That's how government logic works.

It took Taylor Swift deepfake nudes to focus Uncle Sam, Microsoft on AI safety


There is no undoing the AI

Too late. As for the atomic bomb, there is no way of undoing what has been done. AI image generation is something that people can do at home now. So even if the big players will try (and fail) to block porn, home users will make it. A LOT of it.

There will be laws, rules, the whole lot of useless regulation, and this will not stop deepfakes, in porn and in scam or voters manipulation, fake news, etc. But regulation will surely hinder legitimate users, as it always happens.

Speaking of something much more mundane, for example, some 30 years ago I made model racing cars with two stroke engines. They ran on alcohol, oil and nitro methane. We bought the three components and made our fuel at home for a low cost. Then laws came that made it impossible to buy this "industrial use" alcohol because someone abused it to make alcoholic drinks. The abusers still have a way to get alcohol, and we could not make our fuel at home. We had to buy it already made at 5 times the cost.

ICANN proposes creating .INTERNAL domain to do the same job as 192.168.x.x


.local has been grabbed by someone at Apple (I believe) for their mdns / bonjour service, thus damaging a lot of people that used .local as their internal domain. Nowadays the resolver libraries tend to send out mdns broadcast requests for .local and don't as the dns server at all, making it unsuitable for use.

Intel warns of Q1 nosedive... and its shares follow suit


Microsoft to the rescue

Microsoft will make us dump a lot of good PCs with win10 EOL, so Intel will surely have a better year soon.

Telco giants show it's tough selling 5G kit right now


Maybe 5G is actually not so needed?

I think that 4G is good enough, and since the economy is going down the drain almost everywhere there is no actual need to move to 5G.

Veeam researching support for VMware alternative Proxmox as backup buyers fret about Broadcom


This is a good point: lots of open source (and commercial, too) virt solutions are based on KVM, so Veeam could gain a lot of compatibility with different solutions by supporting KVM. They could help build a KVM backend that supports starting VMs from Veeam repository without restoring the backup, for quick access to a backed up vm, and this could be used on every KVM based system.

On the other hand, Veeam is a commercial / closed software, and it can be quite hard to make it work properly with open solutions, both on a technical standpoint and on a commercial one.

In the end if Vmware fails and disappears then Veeam has only one big product left to support, that is Hyper-V.


Re: XCP-ng/Xen Orchestra has this built in

Actually proxmox has a backup solution in itself and also a more advanced backup server. All for free (unless you want support). So Also in proxmox there is no "need" for a third party backup solution. Maybe Veeam can do better than PBS, but I'm using proxmox with its integrated backup and I don't need to buy a third party product.

The issue with Veeam, in my opinion, is that it's quite expensive, so it's something that has an appeal to users of expensive virtualization solutions. No one using a free or cheap virtualization solution will buy an expensive backup solution. Also, no one using a virtualization solution that has a good internal backup system will need an external one at an extra cost. This is why Veeam has always been the right solution for Vmware, because Vmware does NOT have a backup solution built in at all. If Vmware disappears, it has the power to drag Veeam with them into bankruptcy.

Not even poor Notepad is safe from Microsoft's AI obsession


So now MS can slurp the text we write on notepad, too, to train its AI. and if it's something that contains passwords or other sensitive data, well, they will suck it anyway.

This is why I only use Linux since the times of Windows XP (that did not suck data)

Mandiant's brute-forced X account exposes perils of skimping on 2FA


Brute forced?

So their password was quite simple or very short, because you cannot brute force a 20 chars random password in a decent time, at least in my opinion.

Official: Hewlett Packard Enterprise wants to swallow Juniper Networks in $14B deal


And customers, too.

Need to plug in an EV? BT Group kicks off cabinet update pilot


Re: 7kW

When there will be more EV than pertrol cars, the energy to charge them will be taxed like hell, of course. And all of the benefits will go away, of course. I'll keep my LPG car as long as I can.


Re: From what I can recall ....

I'm not a BT engineer but I expect such cabinets to have no "real" power delivered to them, but instead simply a remote 48V or so from the phone exchange, at low power. I know that some FTTCAB boxes here in Italy have mains supply at usually no more than 1,5KW, because it's a bunch of routers and not an EV, so not much power is needed anyway.

Maybe some of these installations are connected to high amperage mains wiring and it's maybe possible to get 15KW out of them with little modifications, but probably a lot of these are actually not able to ramp up their power a lot. And 15KW is still slow for an EV charger.

In the end I suspect that this whole idea is quite useless. I mean, you could deploy chargers in more suitable positions (parking lots?) or where there is a high power mains line already installed.

What do these boxes have as an advantage? Maybe just the fact that their physical space has already been allocated to a cabinet and so not so much has to be done in terms of regulations and permits?

Gaia-X project doesn't have a future, claims Nextcloud boss


This quote summarizes it up perfectly:

Quote: It's basically a paper monster that will exist but will not have any impact in the market, unfortunately.

Quite every European effort is just that: a useless paper monster.

Windows keyboards to get a Copilot key – but how quickly will users jump?


Another idiotic key to avoid

Nice, another idiotic key to avoid. Useless and also probably hitting it by mistake will screw you while gaming, for example.

UK government lays out plan to divert people's broken gizmos from landfill


Tell it to Microsoft and windows 11

MS wants all our PCs replaced. The government should tell them to fuck themselves.

Crypto-crook Sam Bankman-Fried spared a second trial


Me too. It's incredibly convenient for the bribed politicians, don't you think?

Amazon already has a colossal ads business and will extend it to Prime Video in January


you don't own anything

You don't own anything. Only pirates own their contents.

Microsoft puts the 'why?' in Wi-Fi with latest Windows patch


Re: Linux too

put your hand down at the back there, Pöttering


Microsoft prescribes command-line surgery for HP Smart app malady


Re: "Fix"?

I'm quite sure that running the "fix" will break my label printer AGAIN.

FBI develops decryptor for BlackCat ransomware, seizes gang's website


Like some fast lead one? I'm totally in for the fast lead one.

Doom is 30, and so is Windows NT. How far we haven't come


About Teams..

I have never used it. A friend of mine has added me to their org Teams. I'm running Linux, so I have accessed it via web. I downloaded more than 80 MB of "stuff" just for it to be able to show me a message that read "test". This is our much valued "progress".


Computer did get faster, software did get bloated.

Computers did actually get faster and cheaper but the whole ecosystem grinded to a bloated halt. Software is poorly written, incredibly bloated, full of useless functions, made to help software and hardware sellers make more money and NOT made to help users do their jobs. Everything is a poorly written spyware full of DRM. Malfunctioning, slow, defective, made to be obsolete tomorrow morning. We are not going to experience another real revolution until the AI actually takes over and wipes us.

Zuckerberg hunkers down in Hawaii to wait out apocalypse


Re: In case of a reset.....

Interesting comments, both of these.

I suppose that in case of something that is not a real extinction level event, but something less, the collapse of modern society will kill everyone who is not already "primitive". Populations that are already primitive (people living in self sufficient small communities without modern technology and medicine and whatever) will most probably survive quite unscathed (unless the bomb hits them directly). Even in a fallout scenario they are best suited to actually suffer from it (cancer, etc) but not be wiped by it. In the end they will survive because they still have something to eat and drink, even if it's somehow contaminated. They will live 30 years instead of 80, but they will live on as a species, if not as individuals, just like the wildlife has done around Chernobyl even in the worst radioactive places.

India's long-awaited telecoms bill drops language that would have regulated social media


Re: Indian Bureaucracy

The want full control on their subjects. It's a totalitarian regime. That's all.

Microsoft issues deadline for end of Windows 10 support – it's pay to play for security


Re: Disgusting

You are an ecologist that actually uses his (or her) brain. Usually the "green" are just incompetent people that shout slogans or snobs that show everyone how rich they are with their Teslas, or businessmen happening to be selling those Teslas and other not so green but profit making items or ideas or whatever.

Anyway, the issue with Windows 11 is that while it's possible to install 11 on unsupported hardware, or it's possible to run Linux (as I do), it's not a good idea in a work environment. Linux is sadly not good for the common office worker (guess what? it lacks MS Office), and hacking around win11 is not a good idea because we all know that any update can break it. Imagine what will happen if one day a patch disables all of your organization desktop pcs at the same time. So to the landfill they will go, all of them.



MS are disgusting. The whole win11 "unsupported hardware" is just a way to make us buy new PCs. FUCKING MILLIONS OF NEW PCS. And no "ecologist" does actually care, because of course "ecologists" are only offended by gas cars, not by e-waste.

NASA engineers scratch heads as Voyager 1 starts spouting cosmic gibberish


Re: Science History

This would be the coolest thing in the world. We somehow invent FTL spaceflight and in a 2 day mission we go to recover the old probes and take them home.


It does indeed. At that time software was much better made than today. This is why it still works. Or maybe "worked until now"


Re: Excelent design - aliens must be proud

Hope they don't even use the pile of shit that the modern linux has become, since systemd and cloud init and network manager and such.

VMware channel partner rates new product bundles and subs-only licenses 'very attractive'


The innkeeper says that his wine is the best in the world.

I would have not expected that people who make a living out of selling Vmware products would have said "the new pricing sucks".

Damn, even the Pope thinks AI and autonomous weapons need reining in



How to deorbit the Chromebook... and repurpose it for innovators


Re: If you're talking about buying new........

Which are probably fine from an hardware point of view, but what about windows? I mean, windows will surely need a new hardware every 5 years (they have to suck your money, after all) and unless you are fine using Linux (as I am) then you will not get 10 years of "official" support.


Re: Re-purposing Already Happening

Well, I suppose it stil happens that some girls come with the whole "girl=dolls, boy=guns" idea preinstalled by the family. How to show them something different? A "technical dollhouse" may be a good idea.

Spanish media sues Meta for ignoring GDPR and harvesting data


Spanish media does not care abut privacy, actually

They just care for their money. GDPR is just a tool they are using to stop Meta taking away their money.

Microsoft confirms Smart App issue renaming everyone's printers to HP


Re: Not a renaming problem

I can confirm. It happened at a customer of mine and I had to remove and reinstall a (non HP) label printer that stopped working because it thought it was some HP shit.

MS is becoming worse every day.

BlackCat ransomware crims threaten to directly extort victim's customers


It's time to start fighting back for real

It's time to take infosec to the real world with hot lead. I can't imagine why such big spending corporations have not yet tried some real world attacks (my means of thugs and assassination) to ransomware gangs.

EU lawmakers finalize cyber security rules that panicked open source devs


Re: Seems the CRA could benefit open source maintainers. (no, actually no)

So this law will make commercial software more secure (we hope) and far more expensive (to cover for the cost of abiding to this law). And maybe it will not change anything for open source software (unless it will hit it badly anyway because of a lot of grey areas and dubious meanings).

Then someone will just say "see, commercial software has to meet higher standards, while open source is rubbish, security-wise" and the next "best practices" (or even the next law) will REQUIRE businesses to use only commercial software because of its higher security standards. So if you are to be compliant with newer rules for software USERS, and not for software authors, you'll HAVE TO USE COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE.

At this point open source will become irrelevant and commercial software will double its cost, since you will not be able to avoid using it for anything that's business related.

The whole issue here is that Europe is good at making laws that require easily reachable subjects to bear the burden of infosec, while hardly reachable subjects (the cyber crooks) will NEVER BE PUNISHED. Basically we are punishing the victims.

UEFI flaws allow bootkits to pwn potentially hundreds of devices using images


Simple answer is "stop bloating your firmware". Stop bloating everything, actually. But we all know that marketing is pushing for useless "features" all the time.

Logitech's Wave Keys tries to bend ergonomics without breaking tradition


Horrible layout

Not a standard (I mean, IBM model M like) layout, so absolutely NO for me. Also, not clicky.

HP printer software turns up uninvited on Windows systems


Microsoft is shittier every day

Updates should be ONLY FOR SECURITY.

OpenELA flips Red Hat the bird with public release of Enterprise Linux source


Nice, but... just use Debian?

It's really nice, but I have already found a different solution (I found it 25 years ago, actually). Use Debian-based distros instead of RH-based ones.

Microsoft's 11-year itch: The uncelebrated anniversary of Windows 8


I had already jumped ship at the time

After having worked with MS poor excuses for operating systems for a long time (win 95, win98, winME, Win Vista) I jumped ship to a linux desktop after XP was deprecated.

And anyway it just fits MS one decent / one trash scheme for desktop OS (I have omitted winNT, Win2000 here):

win2 - trash

win3 - decent

win95 - trash

win98 - decent

winME - extra trash

winXP- decent

win Vista - extra trash

Win7 - decent

win8 - trash

win10 - decent

win11 -trash

Unity apologizes, tweaks runtime install fees after gaming world outrage


So they said "you'll never pay per install", then said "you'll pay per install", and now "you'll pay only a little per install".

And this will make people happy because "ehi, they listened to our complaints".


95% of NFTs now totally worthless, say researchers


Just a nice site to browse...

Have a look at this nice site: https://web3isgoinggreat.com/

I'm not affiliated with it in any way, it's just a site I like to browse when I'm bored and I'm the mood of reading about idiots losing money.

Having read the room, Unity goes back to drawing board on runtime fee policy


Re: Too little, too late

I'm not a game dev, but it's clear to me that any commercial product can change the rules and screw you. Only open source is at least partially safe. Partially because it can become close, but a fork is still possible.

Linux 6.6's in-kernel SMB networking server graduates


Re: Bootnote

Wow, an easy setup (sarcasm alert!). Never seen so many quirks and workarounds.

Microsoft to kill off third-party printer drivers in Windows


Still printers will hang and drivers will be bloated

What we know for sure is that even in 50 years printers will crash and malfunction, and "drivers" will be gargantuan bloatwares that include every sort of useless functions, spyware, and adware.

If you like to play along with the illusion of privacy, smart devices are a dumb idea


Resistance is futile

While I do my best to avoid any of these useless connected devices, I clearly see that resistance is futile.

New cars ARE CONNECTED and you cannot use them otherwise. New TVs too, and so on. We will not be able to buy anything that's not connected in the near future.