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Banking websites are 'littered with trackers' ogling your credit risk

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Re: Are there any legitimate uses for client side scripts on a banking website?

Am I being daft, but surely if you just set the input type as number in the html form, problem solved?

Holy litigation, Batman! Custom Batmobile cars nixed by copyright

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Not quite true

The patents for any WWII era inventions are long expired (20 years from filing). You are perfectly free to make replica Spitfires, and several companies do. The issue may be using the name Spitfire or Supermarine (the IPO trademark search service isn't working at the minute so I can't check), as I imagine that it is still current with BAe Systems.

UK.gov wants a cloud wizard at £1,000 a DAY. That's more than the prime minister's salary

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Where is the ad?

Link please (rubs hands together with antici............pation)

AT&T grabs dictionary, turns to 'unlimited', scribbles it out, writes: '22GB a month'

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Re: unlimited plans a 22GB soft cap

If you limit the size of the pipe, you are limiting the amount of data that can be downloaded. Whilst it **may** be deemed acceptable to imply that unlimited is within the physical bounds of the infrastructure, applying an artificial throttle to that infrastructure most certainly cannot be defined unlimited

Dumping gear in the public cloud: It's about ease of use, stupid

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That might be the case in some business models, but in a truly agile environment delivering customer facing systems, test environments must reflect the live setup, and not just be dumped on retired tin. Having your customer facing systems (i.e. transactional website) on a cloud environment allows for seasonal scaling (managed by a team to avoid the holiday issue mentioned!), and temporary provision of "like-live environments" for performance and volume testing (which should be carried of on a very regular basis).

Whilst Trevor's thoughts may be applicable for many backend systems (finance, etc.) which do just plod along, many industries require burstable systems. This bursting can easily be scripted and triggered using monitoring tools. Whilst I agree, this is not a panacea, it isn't the purely political solution implied either.

The right tool for the right job!

Brute-force bot busts shonky PoS passwords

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Given the amount of POS systems installed across the world, 60 compromised units is not a lot. That's less than the number of POS units in 2 reasonable sized supermarkets! Most POS vendors and Retail sysadmins treat their systems with respect and a bucket load of caution. There are always going to be a few blessed innocents out there who don't quite understand the implications of security (how many people do you know with a banking app on their mobile, without setting a logon on their lock screen!). No need to tar the whole industry!

EE 4G LTE review

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Useful missing bit from the review

One bit of useful info missing from the review, is that for an extra £5 per month you can add unlimited international voice calls and texts and carry it on international roaming to alot of very useful places (Europe, US, China, India, Australia, etc). If you travel a lot, this is well worth a look. Shame it doesn't include the data in the roaming.

UK will obey Euro unisex-insurance rules from 2013

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About bloody time!

I have just got my insurance on my new car. I have not had an accident or claim in the last 12 years, yet adding 2 female named drivers onto my policy (1 with 3 points on her licence and the other with 2 accidents in the last 3 years at over £5000 claimed!) reduced the quote by over £250. Someone tell me how that works????

HTC's UK repair centre suffering long delays, confusion

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My R520...Ahhhh

I had almost forgotten my R520. It was the first phone I purchased myself, after being made redundant (always had a company phone before). Not only was it the first UK Bluetooth phone, it was also the first GPRS one. I remember wowing my fellow geeks with monochrome WAP pages loading in seconds from the BBC news site.

Ahhh those were the days....

Many thanks for the happy reminiscing

Perseid meteors 'thrill star-gazers'

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Looked good in South West London

We ended up with fantastic (un-forecast) clear skies. I stuck my head out of the window about midnight and saw 3 cracking ones in the space of 5 mins.

Sorry to bring a bummer with some positive news on this. {;¬)

Big D

Latest Navy carrier madness: 'Sell 'em to India'

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Lewis, inaccurate as ever

The RAF had several confirmed kills during the Israeli war of independence in 1948, in Spitfires, all launched from land bases. There was also the incident in 1982 when an RAF Phantom in Germany took out an RAF Jaguar, but we don't really like to talk about that one!

MoD pays quadruple in money + blood for Afghan helicopters

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Black Helicopters

A better way

As has been mentioned, the S-70 series is not really a direct comparison to the SA-330. However, maybe a more sensible option would be AS532 Cougars from Eurocopter which come in at the same(ish) cost and have better performance capabilities than borh. The fact that they are operated in Nepal and Saudi Arabia give the impression that the heat and altitude of Afghanistan should be little problem.

Most expensive RAF aircraft ever takes to the skies

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All Nimrods do is hunt subs????????

The Nimrod MR2 is the most capable Long range SAR platform on the planet. It can be on scene in half the time of a P-3/Atlantique based solution and loiter for a hell of a long time in search patterns. If I was stuck on a rubber ring in the middle of the Atlantic, It's the thing I would be praying for. I do enjoy most of the reg articles, but am getting a bit fed up with the pseudo political ranting about defence issues, of which the writers clearly don't fully grasp.

Get some decent defence reporters (or at least a copy of the Observers Book of Aircraft) or stick to the amusing defence articles!