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Apple supremo Tim Cook rules out OS X fondleslab, iOS merger


Re: OSX is just too far behind Windows

Which is why Apple is so profitable and MS only just. Were it not for the fact that, like the world got its arm twisted into buying the vastly inferior VHS instead of Beta-max, the corporate world latched on to Windows et al. Originally it was almost certainly a great product and ahead of its time, now it has too many Trojans, bloat, the list is endless and I won't repeat it. That is the only part of MS that turns enough revenue to keep the rest afloat.

Apple products, with the exception of the iPad make humongous amounts of money. Actually, iPad do too, just not as much. How much profit does MS make in excess of Apple' profits ? Oh, that's right, they don't. Apple have their faults, who doesn't. Making what customers want is not one of them.

What the Investigatory Powers Bill will mean for your internet use


I use DuckDuckGo. Who apparently don't keep records.

'Govt will not pass laws to ban encryption' – Baroness Shields


Re: Fantastic

Fairly sure Mr Cameron et al cannot force Tim Cook to do a damn thing. If Apple say 'No back door' and 'we do not have records of our customers encryption keys', I'm inclined to believe them. The backlash would be horrific for trust in the Apple ecosphere.

Scrapping the Human Rights Act: What about privacy and freedom of expression?


Re: Slightly amazed

Very, very well said sir. Couldn't have put it better myself.


This is so complicated, The court may be able to stop her from treating all of us as potential terrorists, or criminals. But they prevent us from removing individuals who wish us harm. They cause no end of problems with their arrest warrants. Nothing is simple here, but I suspect I would rather fight politicians here on things I disagree with than officials in Brussels or wherever.

US Attorney Gen latest to roast Apple, Google mobe encryption


"When a child is in danger, law enforcement needs to be able to take every legally available step to quickly find and protect the child and to stop those that abuse children." I don't have a problem with law enforcement agencies using legal means to achieve their aims. I do have a problem with them treating me as guilty unless I can prove myself innocent. I have a problem when they feel they have a right to go fishing. I have a problem with big agencies entrusting the data they mined about me to big IT schemes, because of their track record on keeping it secure.I have a problem because my right to argue against any case they bring about me is nullified by them refusing to let me or my solicitor see their evidence. The top dogs seem to feel that they are above such laws and that they should only apply to the unwashed masses.

Apple nurses HealthKit apps back to life, discharges iOS 8.0.2



I had no problem with 8, upgraded to 8.02 and found I couldn't call or text. a reboot resolved it and all is well now.

FBI boss: Apple's iPhone, iPad encryption puts people 'ABOVE THE LAW'


Re: Mr Comey

You might want to use your time, energy and other resources tracking criminals and terrorists instead of just treating the world + dog as one. This concentration should improve your expertise instead of letting you take the easy way out.


MR Comey

You might want to use your time, energy and other resources tracking criminals and terrorists instead of just treating the world + dog as one. This concentration should improve your expertise instead of letting you take the easy way out.



I despair

Don't carry your mobe in a pocket where bending may occur, it cost £600 for Pete's sake. As for making the plus more expensive, they should have charged less ? really ?

MOST iPhone strokers SPURN iOS 8: iOS 7 'un-updatening' in 5...4...


Re: 46% of how many users?

Add me to your list.

Apple's warrant canary riddle: Cock-up, conspiracy, or anti-Google point-scoring


Re: How to win friends...

Not quite, Apple want/need their fans to continue loving them. We pay a bit over the odds for our computing/mobiles and Apple can't afford to offend us, getting found out to have been letting us down would be catastrophic. I quite like Tim Cook, he comes across as a fairly genuine person. Granted he's not Steve Jobs, but he's doing ok, by me, so far.

Out of interest, what would it cost Apple to post a bulletin somewhere saying "Sorry, the feds got got to us" ? Then taking the notice down after being told to.

iPhone 6: The final straw for Android makers eaten alive by the data parasite?


I just despair

If you want an Apple device buy one, if you want someone else's, buy it. Why flame the one you don't want ? Utterly pointless. The arguments surrounding iOS and android are well known and worn out.

Oi, Tim Cook. Apple Watch. I DARE you to tell me, IN PERSON, that it's secure



Tim Cooke is now german and a hitlerite to boot ? Why the the denigrating term führer ?

Boffins say they've got Lithium batteries the wrong way around


Re: Green Prince of Darkness

Particularly if aircraft stop catching fire.

Even better than the iThing: Apple's Cook is strictly pro Bono


I really hope

that there is no iWatch, and instead, we get a total surprise. I miss the surprises, too many leaks.

Greater dev access to iOS 8 will put us AT RISK from HACKERS


The design Apple have implemented is very very secure .....

Thanks for your pearls of wisdom. That 'expert's stuff was way too complicated for my simple mind to deal with, so at least I know now that I don't need to worry unduly.

5.5in iPhone 6, iWatch hypegasm: What will Apple reveal - BE the rumour


Re: "What will Apple reveal tomorrow"


You're making the false assumption that price is all that matters. How about software update ability, resale value, and for some: style ?


Re: meh...

Oh no, that bad ? I've already given up on the new Dr. He just lacks whatever it was the last 2 had.

Everyone taking part in Patch Tuesday step forward. NOT SO FAST, Adobe!


Does anyone else think Adobe, or at least a worthwhile software writing firm, should rewrite their entire range ? Horrible buggy crapware.

Thieves steal more iPhones than any other handset, warns UK government


Re: Just shows...

This is true, I'm old, own an iPhone because it just works, and am housebound. I've never had a mobile phone stolen.


Re: Just shows...

You can also prove that policemen are very, very dangerous drivers because they're involved in many more accidents than other groups.

Don't bother with Apple's 9 Sept hype-day: Someone's GONE AND BLABBED IT ALL


I just wish

there weren't leaks. I much preferred it when the new phone was a surprise.

Microsoft's SELFIE-TASTIC Nokia 830, 730: Complete with DOG SMILE WHITENER


So ........

A camera, that's good but not as good as a camera, with a built in phone. Hmm.

Apple Fanbois (and girls) already lining up for NEW iPHONE


Re: "Rabid Fans"?

Samsung could start making phones worth buying ?

Instead of just supplying tacky plastic things to apple haters.

Bring on the red arrows, lemmings, see how much I care.



Due to a family financial emergency, my replacement is going to have to wait.

Scared of brute force password attacks? Just 'GIVE UP' says Microsoft


For me

The safest protection is still by increasing time delay on repeated attempts.

Hot Celebrity? Stash of SELFIES where you're wearing sweet FA? Get 2FA. Now


Re: unlimited login attempts/client certificates

They can have my nudie pics any time. Just need to ask.


Re: Two-factor auth for Find My iPhone?

and if you don't have a "real phone" ?

Apple tells devs: NO slurping users' HEALTH for sale to Dark Powers



Sadly, governments will get their hands on that data. And then, they'll sell it.

Kaspersky backpedals on 'done nothing wrong, nothing to fear' blather


Give me ......

And one of my favourite quotes. Particularly when running into the "you have nothing to fear" advocates.


Re: Balanced sound bite

You lost me by para 2 :(



Tony Bliar is a wart on the asshole of humanity.

Top beak: UK privacy law may be reconsidered because of social media


Re: Privacy

D notices don't work like that, they're only a request to newspapers/media not to publish.

BBC goes titsup: iPlayer to News websites down – Auntie working to fix it


BBC goes titsup: iPlayer to News websites down

Once they start charging me money to watch it, will I be owed a refund for these events ?

The police are WRONG: Watching YouTube videos is NOT illegal


Should not the Metropolitan Police now be declared a terrorist organization?

As should Mrs May, for exactly the same behaviour. I was proud of her for managing to expel certain odious people from this country. She does however display a poor example of trying to control the populace by making them guilty till proved innocent.


Re: Obscene publications

Hmm, I suspect using a knife to behead someone, as was reported, would be far more of a butcher's job, than those you suggest.


Re: The police are WRONG

As will your relatives, neighbours and their relatives.


A variation on old news

Seems like this is the same plod who insisted taking pictures of his colleagues was illegal, only to have a judge correct him a while later.

MPs to sue UK.gov over 'ridiculous' emergency data snooping law


Re: Erroneous Cowherd Erroneous Cowherd Contempt

Politicians pass bills in the house of commons, not readers of the Daily Mail.

Microsoft refuses to nip 'Windows 9' unzip lip slip


Re: Underwhelmed

The battery lasts at least 3 years which strangely is about the same length of time before I'd quite like a new one.


Re: WIndows 8, SP2?

An o/s you have to work at to make work ? No thanks, I thought it was supposed to be the other way round.

Memory troubling you, Android? Surprise! Another data slurp vuln uncovered


Re: Cult of crapple comes to rescue

There's always a hater. Keep on buying your plastic thingie that has to be replaced every time there's an o/s update.

Apple's iWatch? They cannae do it ... they don't have the POWER



I really, really don't care. My MBP I love, my iPhone I love. Just don't have a need for an iWatch.

Is it an iPad? Is it a MacBook Air? No, it's a Surface Pro 3


Re: Commentards Running Amok Without a Clue.

MS will love you. Keep pushing for them. Someone, somewhere will believe you.

Hello, police, El Reg here. Are we a bunch of terrorists now?


This reminds me

of the plod who decided we couldn't take photographs of them (plods).

Think crypto hides you from spooks on Facebook? THINK AGAIN


Thinking again

Or just stay off social networking sites ?

Don't think you're SAFE from Windows zombies just 'cos you have an iPhone - research


iTunes is pretty much malware under Windows anyway.

LMAO, so because of a weak PC o/s causing the problem, Apple is the culprit ?

Spin doctors crack 'impossible' asteroid hurtling towards Earth


I expect it's also doing more than 30mph.

Stick enough speeding tickets on it and they'll change it's path from a collision course with ease.

Keep your iPhone calls private, whispers Signal



Don't forget to say "Hi" to the spooks while you're chatting to your terrorist friends.



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