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Firefox 122 gets even more competitive with Chrome on translation

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Re: Since the translation DB can't be held locally ...

Firefox translation all happen locally. Mozilla's support article says: "Unlike other browsers that rely on cloud services, Firefox keeps your data safe on your device. There's no privacy risk of sending text to third parties for analysis because translation happens on your device, not externally."


Mozilla tells extension developers to get ready to finally go mobile

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Re: Finally!

Mozilla's Firefox Android version already supports uBlock Origin (and a limited list about 20 other extensions), so you don't need to install F-Droid's Fennec to install uBlock Origin. This Mozilla announcement is about allowing users to install extensions that aren't on that list.

Linux gets jiggy with more filesystems in 2.6.34 kernel release

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Black link text is a bad idea.

This article includes hypertext links with black text within a paragraph of black text. Poor usability.

Apple open sources Snow Leopard's multicore code helper

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Apple and Linux = Best Frenemies Forever

Apple open-sources technology that will help Linux community kill Windows on the server (not Apple's biggest market), rest assured that Linux will never (?) be a threat to Mac OSX on the desktop.

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