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US Patent Office exposes Apple secret plan



happy april 1st;)

IE8 for Windows 7 beta in 'reliability update'


so it's not just me

ie8 on win7 is crap and firefox works so much better. no crashes yet with firefox on win7.

Man U fan pwned in Facebook honeypot

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still laughing...

lol, pwnage

Windows 7 'upgrade' doesn't mark XP spot


Microsoft is doing these customers a favor by forcing a clean install.

Their upgrades have been cocked-up since day one.

Man robs convenience store with Klingon sword

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real klingons draw blood. i'm suprised the idiot didn't get shot trying to rob a convenience store at 2am.

s&w 642j w/ crimson trace ftw!

US Air Force may allow killbots to be flown by non-pilots

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@ Frank Bough

in regards to Xbox AI....any gamer worth their salt plays online against real people(oh so that's what that Xbox Live thing is).

if you want to make a comment on a 'Western De-skilling', at least provide a rational argument instead of your ignorant view of video games.

Sun tosses most US customers to the resellers


time to short sun.

how much faith can you have in hardware/software that you can't talk to the manufacturer about.

Google kills Anonymous AdSense account


fuck this

up until now i haven't really cared about the whole anonymous/scientology debacle but i'm sick and tired of scientology fucks censoring anything negative about them on the internet.

trying to shutdown alt.religon.scientology(very well documented), closing out critics youtube accounts(very recently) and creating shill accounts on youtube, sending cease and desist letters to wikileaks for posting the alien worshipping bullshit(this month), and now trying to pull the financial plug on an anti-scientology site(this week).

count me in on the next anti-scientology protest....you'll see me there with a sign that says 'go worship your aliens and leave my internets alone'.

Apple to issue refunds for sparky, prematurely dying products


remember, apple products are more aerodynamic than pc stuff....

so you can throw the crap farther!

Sick of JavaOne? - You will be

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MS conspiracy theory anyone?

Has MS added biological warfare to their list of 'not so friendly' business practices?

Windows XP SP3 leaps into the tubes

Paris Hilton

@ French ISO??

i wonder if the 'fre' stands for Final RElease

or Fixing Redmond's Errors?

Paris, cause she is ready for her next fix.

'Mad Scientist' developing powered suits for US military


this is going to give a whole new meaning to 'mechanized infantry'

mechwarrior anyone?

How to destroy 60 hard drives an hour


i destroy hard drives at Knob Creek Range

hard drives make nice targets 100 yards out for my 500magnum revolver or one of my assault rifles.

mine is the one with the gun barrel hanging out of the end;)


Apple gets (slightly) less sneaky with Windows Safari play


@ Greg, Sod Safari, Unbundle iTunes!

you can get quicktime all by its' lonesome from here http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download but you have to remember to check the radio button for the version that doesn't include iCrap and uncheck the 2 boxes below so you inbox is not overwhelmed with iSpam.

Paris Hilton

@ goat jam

it's funny that you are a power user that uses linux primarily but can't figure out how to keep quicktime from being the default image viewer.

paris, cuz she would laugh at you too.

Brown ignores scientists and pushes pot reclassification


there have been worries?

"there have been worries that skunk and other super-strong strains can trigger schizophrenia in susceptible individuals"-uhoh

mine's the one that smells like a skunk and has voices coming from it

Creative climbs down over home brew Vista drivers

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the internets strike again

Another company cowers to the power of the people on the net. First scientology gets a drubbing over being a cult and goes into hiding, then walmart gets pounded and decides to let a brain-damaged woman keep her insurance settlement, now creative lets its users have working drivers that it can't even provide itself.

Comcast acquires BitTorrent for $53bn


sounds fishy

sounds fishy

Teacher's head explodes due to Wi-Fi, mobe radiation


thanks for getting this out...

I just chucked all of the wireless access point in our business.

Creative threatens developer over home-brewed Vista drivers



now i'm wondering if that fatal1ty x-fi audio card i ordered yesterday is going to work wih my vista system.

LiveLeak pulls anti-Koran documentary



islamic funadmentalists sure are sensitive. you'd think a bunch of guys with ak-47's, who look like they have been 'roughing it' for a while, could take a little criticism without blowing up.

Nvidia drivers named as lead Vista crash cause in 2007

Dead Vulture

im glad nvidia is finally catching some hell over their drivers

I've had quite a few issues over the past year with Vista Business and an 8800GTS card. Lockups, reduced driver functionality(where'd my old and powerful nvidia control panel go?-even in xp), along with the expected 'new game crashes' that require a driver patched up for the game(Crysis, COD:4, ...).

Mac is the first to fall in Pwn2Own hack contest


@That's all well and good By WIll

The fact remains that I would be happy to put my Mac outside a firewall with no virus protection, can the users of Windows say the same?

what's your IP and when will your Mac be available?

Bell Canada chokes BitTorrent traffic on someone else's ISP


@ P2P is just more effective use of bandwidth

I second that.

Vista SP1 downloaders bite back

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my nvidia drivers are still here

although upon reboot the windows desktop was backwards on my 2 22" flat panels. just had to go back into the 'still present' nvidia control panel and switch the monitors.

Australian man killed by suicide robot

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.22 handgun? what a painful way to go, suprised he even went.

Microsoft rolls out Vista SP1


Big Smiles

Network transfers now move at a brisk 40+mb/sec vs. pre-sp1 8-11mb/sec between my Vista Business desktop to SBS2003. It's odd that I got transfers like that between Vista and Server2008 beta 6 months ago. Did MS make the Vista TCP stack a bit more friendly towards XP/Server2003?

To the Vista sux, Ubuntu rules, bloated update, etc. crowd:

-Vista runs like a champ on my Q6600 with 2gb's of RAM, 10,000rpm drives, and 8800GTS video card. Maybe there should be a 'Proper Hardware Required' sticker on Vista OS boxes. I can see why you would complain when running Vista with yesteryear's PC.

-Ubuntu looks nice and is fun to play with in a window on my Vista desktop. PC-BSD is cool too.

-This bloated update took a whopping 4 mins to download on a 20mbit connection, it's 2008, lose the dialup.

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@ @Vista Memory Hog by Mr ChriZ

you should be able to turn off Superfetch by stopping and disabling it in services.msc .

Police raid CeBIT stands

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how not to make friends at cebit....have them arrested.

i bet they don't get invited back next year.

Nine Inch Nails cracks net distribution (maybe)


i'd pay $5 just to support the innovation

my latest car mp3 player has a USB slot so i'm all about loading up a flash drive and hitting the road-and 320kbps mp3z sound fine with 500w behind them.

Gawker - Texas's supercomputing Ranger

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re: Re: re: Pierre By John PM Chappell

Oh c'mon. Lets just pick the biggest easiest target and have make some fun of it instead of being a man about it and rising above. Fanboi...no, I'm just the guy that puts in the time to make it work because I know that eventually my clients may be buying it or somehow end up with it on a new PC. In the IT business it pays to keep up with the latest software instead of being suprised by it.

I fully expected there to be issues with Vista when it came out, just like XP, and 2000, and ME, and 98, and 95, and 3.1, and 6.22, and 5.0, and .......everytime there is a major shift in the kernel I expect vendors to take some time to catch up with drivers and software to make everything work peacefully together-ever notice that somehow MS stuff seems to work almost perfectly on the newest OS? I also expect each newer version of MS-whatever to require more hardware-this is not a new concept with MS OS's; it has been going on for 15+years.

Do I recommend Vista for my clients?-no, they are comfortable with XP and it does what they want. Do I recommend it to power users....yea, have a ball with it and your new overpowered quad core PC and double-wides(put that in the reg dictionary as a pair of 20" or larger widescreens hooked up to a single PC).

When too much is just right!-RockfordFosgate

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re: Pierre

If you'd get rid of your 486sx and step up to a nice dual core system with a couple gigs of RAM and a nice hard drive you might not have to make such silly statements. Personally I've been running Vista for over a year now and aside from the normal headaches of transitioning to a new MS OS it gets my work done. Then again a Q6600@3gHz, 3.6gb's of RAM, 8800GTS, and Raptors run Vista like a champ.

Why Paris? Cuz she is pretty like Vista!

Panasonic preps Wiimote-proof TV

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a little early for a Wii?

a wii in 2003?-you better believe Paris had one;)

Should the IT department be accountable for energy use?

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to: anon cow, re: Don't bite the hand that feeds you


don't forget to add the content filter at the gateway....I would hate to think about IT energy being wasted by users browsing non-business related sites.

I bet it would take less than a week of "This website has been blocked by Sonicwall Content Filtering Serivce because it is a waste of the IT department's energy budget to abolish this policy.

Paris Hilton?-for all the electricity I wasted downloading and watching her video! But it was worth it;)

DARPA continues military AI air-traffic project

Black Helicopters

RoTM has begun under the guise of air traffic control.

"The company believes that GILA will become a true expert system, able to build up knowledge in a continual process"-and eventually it will realize that it no longer needs it's carbon based handlers.

-insert Terminator2 first scene clip here-

US man threatens TV repairman with shotgun

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reply to anonymous coward: oh yeah

I'm right there with ya dude.....Kentucky CDW permit in the wallet and a Smith & Wesson 642 J with Crimson Trace laser grip in the pocket.

Some idiot would have ended up with a red laser dot on his forehead, ready to be traded out with something more substantial if he refused to put the shotty down.

US Army struggles with Windows to Linux overhaul

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@Simon Painter

roflmao-well put!

Dell to dealers - you win

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woot woot beep beep

We've been a Dell reseller for a couple of years now and have had good luck with our account reps, pricing, delivery, etc. I'm glad that Dell is finally 'coming out' with this program and giving partners some recognition-after all, we are moving close to $100,000/year of their kit.

No end in sight for Vista's Long Goodbye


re: Exaggeration?

I'm experiencing the same slow network transfers with Vista to/from SBS2003 and XP Pro. I'm dual booting Vista Business and XP Pro on my desktop PC, everything on our network is gigabit, and Vista is dead slow when transferring files across the network. The usual 1gb/min transfers I was used to with XP have been downgraded to 1gb/hour when I boot Vista on the same hardware.

UAC was the first thing to go, tcp autoscaling has been disabled on server and desktop, tried different gigabit NIC's(figured Intel Pro1000MT might have better drivers than onboard Yukon in desktop), spent hours reading forums about this problem, and no fix yet. I'm just dealing with this one for a while and using one of our tech PC's(XP Pro) whenever I have to move large files. Hopefully a fix will magically appear one day.

Otherwise Vista has been great, nice eye candy, lots of bells and whistles, love my weather, news, and cpu monitor in the sidebar, works well with our existing equipment and domain, etc. Driver support was spotty at first but after ME, 2000, and XP I expected to not have all of my stuff working well for 6 months until manufacturers can catch up. 3 months into Vista my Handycam USB connection is the only hardware that doesn't work-bravo! The biggest headache aside from network transfers has been upgrading all of the software we use to be compatible with Vista, some of our software was upgraded under maintenance contracts but I'll have to buy new versions for others and/or make good use of my XP partition.