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Mobes, web filth 'pornifying' our kids, warns top Labour MP


Re: "putting the responsibility on teenage girls"

The alternative is to expect teenage boys to be responsible. Good luck with that.

I'm 35 and I'm barely responsible now.

Greedy Sky admits: We crippled broadband with TOO MANY users


Re: "It must not be used for any commercial or business purpose."

That's fairly broad - wouldn't emailing a CV for a job application be covered by that?

'SHUT THE F**K UP!' The moment Linus Torvalds ruined a dev's year


Re: Err...

If you can't dock someone's pay, withold promotions or fire someone, shouting at them is sometimes the only option. I'm not saying it should be the first response, but I've dealt with people who repeatedly do something simple wrong and only change their ways once I go through the escalation of:

polite request > polite instruction > terse instruction > impolite demand > "For the love of God, suck less!"

UK.gov stalks jobless online to axe work refuseniks' benefits


"We don't see why you wouldn't want to [let advisors track you]," sniffed the DWP spokesman. "It's clearly an advantage. But that aspect of it is not mandatory."

These are people whose career trajectory has landed them at the job centre, what possible help are they going to offer to people? Most of them are there because they're unemployable anywhere else.

BT and Virgin sue over £10m state-funded Birmingham broadband


It would also have set a dangerous precedent.

Imagine the terrible things that would befall us if governments spent money on building infrastructure.

Register SPB hacks mull chopping off feet



Why introduce needless volume measurements?

I'm spending money to travel so the natural units for measuring a car's efficiency should be miles-per-£.

New questions raised over Kim Dotcom snooping


Re: I'm confused...

"That strikes me as overly paranoid for someone who is doing nothing wrong."

Given that he was illegally tapped, is it paranoia or a reasonable assumption.

Ofcom begged to protect minicab, other small-biz's radio spectrum


Re: doesn't include Channel 5

I'd have thought you could charge for that service.

Dr Who shoves BitTorrent in the Tardis


Re: Will it really change anything?

I stopped downloading South Park when I noticed it was on TV a couple of days after it was broadcast in America.

Jury awards Apple $1bn damages in Samsung patent case


Re: posting bullshit as an AC

I suppose "dx" is the name on your passport then, is it?

Police mistake reveals plan for Assange's Embassy capture


@ Adam 52

Before you start on the "oh what a difficult job they do speech" try and remember that he was talking about catching the perpetrators of an assault. That is one of those serious crimes that you think they should be dealing with.

I know a guy who can top ACs story though. He was attacked by a group of 6 guys and only escaped by running through traffic on a dual carriageway. He called the police straight away and told them that he could still see the gang hanging around the place he was attacked. They actually had the nerve to tell him that it "wasn't a priority" and came around to his house 4 days later to get a statement.

Explaining care proceedings to an 8yr old is a social workers job and the motorcyclist isn't getting any deader. Violent street crimes should be their priority - that's what "keeping the streets safe" means.

Apple seeks whopping $2.525bn Samsung patent payout


Re: I propose the 5 second test...

Terrible idea.

It took me a year to get my mum to stop calling every phone with a touch screen an iPhone.

Why British TV drama is crap – and why this matters to tech firms


Bit of an unfair comparison

The article seems to be comparing the output of the BBC to the output of the entire US TV industry.

It shouldn't be surprising that the total number of "good" programs coming out of the US is more than the UK when they've got far more shows to begin with. They also have a hell of a lot crap as well, but we don't normally import that.

Ex-gov man McCluggage on G-Cloud's slow descent


I saw the G-cloud stand at a civil service exhibition recently. It consisted of one screen showing a rolling presentation and a couple of civil servants standing around looking bored. The presentation was just words popping up on screen telling you how great the G-cloud is, but the timing meant you didn't have time to read half of them and on some slides, the words didn't even fit on the screen.

It's no surprise that take-up is slow when the sales pitch looks so amateurish.

iPhone spontaneously combusts on CCTV


Re: Insecure

Because the security guard who let them watch it only knows how to replay a tape and they couldn't plug the phone in.

May 2012 was second warmest on record. The warmest? 2010



"ranks and anomalies may change as more complete data are received and processed."

They really shouldn't have to add that at the end - it's just a given for rational thought.

Britain's military techies honoured with new combat IT awards


"...asked not to be named."

Please tell me the guy who didn't want to be named isn't the one standing on the right of the photo.

Cameron hardens stance on UK web filth block


Re: Don't knock Mary Whitehouse

"As many commentators on the Reg seem to miss: If there is no contrary opinion, there can be no debate."

And as you seem to have missed: If there's no contrary opinion then everyone is in agreement and there's no need for a debate. Having politicians and media commentators "debate" an issue is not a good in and of itself.

Ofcom: The Office of Screwing Over Murdoch?


Re: Keyser Sose

Is that really the best analogy?

I seem to remember that Kevin Spacey's character turned out to be the evil psychotic gangster and he used the myth of Keyser Sose to hide his actual crimes.


Re: Brandon defies belief

Plenty of people here seem to be outraged about the mere fact of nosing around in a dead girls voicemail.

We - members of the public - are telling you that our outrage wasn't just because voicemails were allegedly deleted. What makes you so sure that we're lying?

Compulsory coding in schools: The new Nerd Tourism


Close the schools

"We don’t need a lot of people who know a bit about coding, but a few people who are extremely good at actually doing coding well."

You can say the same about every subject taught in school. We don't teach maths & science because we need a lot of people who know a bit about math & science (although that would be nice). The important thing that we need kids to take from those lessons is how to think rationally and in that sense, coding could be a very valuable subject.

"So the day at the ad agency no more qualifies Rory to speak about computer programming than painting a fence qualifies you to be an architect or a civil engineer."

And you have spent how long working in education? What's that you say, you've never taught a class in your life? Then I guess you're not qualified to speak about what we should be teaching in schools.

Mayor Boris' Chinese vote master stroke backfires on twit clone


It could be worse...

Trying to just cut&paste from Twitter may be a bit naive, but at least he isn't trying to put hashtags in Disquss comments and sms messages.

And yes, I've seen people do both of those.

ISPs should get 'up to' full fee for 'up to' broadband


Sue the Dept. for Transport

I was driving on a 60mph road the other day and I could only go 50mph because they let too many other cars on the road.

We should just make them tell us the average speed for an area alongside the "up to" speed.

So what's the worst movie NEVER made?


Top Gun 2: Wings of Fury

'Nuff said.

'Don't break the internet': How an idiot's slogan stole your privacy...


Not entirely equivalent...

The problem with privacy vs. copyright is that your privacy rights only really last as long as you do whereas copyrights keep being extended.

The fact that they both rely on property rights, doesn't make it irrational to want to strengthen one and weaken the other. Or more importantly, strengthen and weaken the respective penalties for breaching those rights.

Arizona bill makes it illegal to 'annoy or offend' online


Where does Orlowski live?

I hope it's not anywhere in the jurisdiction of this Arizona law or he could be in trouble.

Use the holy word of God to stay secure online, says bishop



If the word "password" doesn't appear in the bible no-one will be using it.

So I can just change my password to "password" and no-one will guess it, right?

Quitting your job? Here's how not to do it


"...money is the best revenge."

Yes, but there's still the choice between gaining more money for yourself and depriving them of money.

Take your revenge well and you could cost them far more than you could ever gain for yourself.

Giant kangaroos wiped out by humans, not climate change


Re: Re: Not a new theory...

The environment was dickish to us first.

Just look around Oz, everything wants to kill you, so why not kill it first with fire.

Big Media drags 142,000 through UK's courts in a year


Re: Re: I don't care what they do...

There's a world of difference between advertising upcoming shows and advertising other people's products.

Thumb Down

So what if it's high-brow?

The purpose of the BBC is to "inform, educate and entertain".

It's not supposed to just produce mass-market commercial shows.

WTF... should I pay to download BBC shows?


How about a mixed model...

We charge foreigners and use the money to fund it being free for us.

Writers' alliance throws the book at Apple 'piracy'


Re: in China

Many would say the same about Apple. I guess the Jobsian reality distortion field didn't shut down when he did.

Rogue IPO bureaucrats feel MPs' red-hot probe


Their respective fortunes...

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the differing incomes of Google and Apple may be a result of a little more than just their respective attitudes to IP.

High Court confirms 'cheap DVD' tax loophole will close


Re: Discriminatory?

Given that Jersey and Guernsey's entire existence is based on tax-dodging, anything that closes a tax loophole is clearly discriminating against them.

MYSTERY programming language found in Duqu


Re: It's probably C++

If it's parsed right to left, does that make it C-- or ++C?

Child abuse files stolen from council worker in PUB - £100k fine


No, but I do carry sensitive data...

I have personal data on my laptop relating to the students I support and I regularly make trips of that kind of distance.

My bag gets placed on the seat next to me, preferably between me and the wall. When that isn't possible, it gets placed between my legs - often with my foot hooked through one of the straps. No-one can get to my bag without seriously invading my personal space in a very noticeable way.

There is simply no excuse for having your bag stolen in a pub.

Secondhand MP3 shop can keep trading during EMI trial


Not just the radio...

A friend who used to work at PRS told me that they made a landlord buy a licence because he put the football on in the pub and the adverts/theme/music in the stadium could be heard by the customers.

They'll also get money from Sky and football clubs for the same thing so they're charging multiple times for the same licence.

Apple launches three-pronged education assault


Actually, actually....

Whilst they might not be sending people blind, the high contrast does reduce your eyes' ability to edge detect and increases the brain's processing requirements for grapheme-phoneme conversion. Our eyes evolved to be efficient in full colour under natural lighting so there's no good reason for us to be efficient on a bright backlit screen.

However, if the program allows you set the background to your own RGB settings, it could be an improvement on paper books. You can already do this with Windows but OSX doesn't have a single setting that affects all programs - there are a few 3rd party utilities that will put a tint across the screen.

Simply changing to white text on a black background would be a big improvement.

'Mainstream media' mute in SOPA piracy debate


Left leaning

I doubt their "left leaning" bias allows them to alter the Lexis Nexis database. Besides, I thought the mainstream media was already supposed to have a "liberal bias" anyway.

Strange as it may sound, not everything people do is motivated by some left/right political battle.

Homeland Sec., RIAA Torrent lists published


I went to the site when I was on the train on the way home and it says that I'm in Sweden and listed a load of things I haven't downloaded (Snow Patrol? get fucked). I then plugged my phone in to the laptop and used that to go to the site. It said I was in the City of London and listed more things that I hadn't downloaded, but at least it got the right country. When I got home I went to the site using a computer that has definitely been used to download torrents and it came back with nothing

How digital audio ate itself ... and the music biz


Tubes don't distort - they overdrive.

That's why they sound better.

Terry Pratchett computer sniper-scope: Spec-ops mini version


Re:RE: How long before...


How about a pistol with heat-seeking rounds that can identify individuals by their thermal signature.

Anti-smut boss: 'We won't be net police'


"anti-child sex abuse organisation"

Depending on where you put the emphasis in that phrase, the IWF could become a very different beast.

Did Bahraini activists closet anti-gay bus baron?


Search Engine De-Optimisation

This could open up a whole new industry.

Instead of paying someone to push your site to the top of Google's search results, you could pay them to push your competitiors down by duplicating their websites.

Windows 8 ribbon entangles Microsoft



"What happened in practice, however, was that the ribbon caused confusion and damaged productivity as people were forced to re-learn their way around Office."

Anyone who was seriously confused by the ribbon is unlikely to be doing anything productive anyway.

UK could have flooded world with iPods - Sir Humphrey


Re: Except that...

As the director, he probably has PA to read it for him.

US and Russia to give uranium to ANYONE


"why do they really want to do their own enrichment?"

So that they can't be blackmailed by Russia who have a record of cutting off fuel supplies.

Besides, I'd say Iran have a damn good reason to get nuclear weapons. Of the other two countries on the axis of evil, the non-nuclear one got invaded, the nuclear one got invited to a sit-down.

With US troops just over the border and Israel itching for an excuse to shoot stuff, I'd want a few nukes to hand a well.

New Apple move against Galaxy Tab on Euro front


It says more than you think

Basically, that link just shows the evolution of tablet designs.

The older technology was heavy so they tended to have handles but that disappeared as things got lighter. The rounded corners that Apple claim are a feature Samsung copied can clearly be seen in pre-iPad designs.

All of the earlier designs also have a screen surrounded by a bezel. Those earlier tablets are running XP and so also show a grid of icons on the desktop when you turn it on.

Of the post-iPad designs, half of them have been rotated 90 degrees to make them look more like the iPad than they actually are and disguise the fact that they all use a widescreen format.

Of course, you'd know all that already if you'd bothered to read the comments under the picture.