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Apple gives Palm the boot - again


@ Adam T = Exactly what I was going to post lol

It's still always amusing how many posts articles like this get though.

So many Apple/iTunes haters and non-pre owners whinging about you not being able to sync a pre with iTunes. odd.

I honestly can't see Apple back down over this, they (rightly or wrongly) usually get their way, and I back them on this occasion.

Palm really need to just get their own app out there, maybe even with a music store of their own. Might not be financially viable for them yet, but if their phones are any good. Cash flow shouldn't be an issue for long.

Would also like to see a post from someone who does own a Pre and actually wants to sync it with iTunes to get their thoughts on the issue (or even if it IS an issue for them)

Motorola makes first Android phone


Gotta agree with Danny 14 here...

If there's little to no integrated memory it could be an issue (unless you're able to install apps to mem cards now, been a while since I had an android phone)

Moto have had a fair few nice looking phones in the past (if a little obscure) the only real thing letting them down for me was their sluggish OS. I quite like Android (not enough to stop me going back to the iPhone though) so have my fingers crossed for them this one takes off.

Looks pretty decent - Maybe they can replicate Palms success at coming back from the brink

Todger-chop woman's sentence depends on hard evidence

Dead Vulture

Spam Javelin?

Is there any need?

New iPod nano torn to pieces


"So Skinny it's sick"

I assumed they were referring to it being annorexic as oppesed to "it's sick" meaning "so skinny, it's awesome"...

Philips waves farewell to point-and-press remote controls


LOL @ LuMan

It is a stupid idea though...

250GB PS3 Slim rumoured


Why is everyone saying upgrade it yourself?

Can you even do that with the slim model?

Either way, will anyone even need that much space?

I upgraded mine (320GB drive in my PS3 Phat) - I download games and demo's from the PSN store, record stuff through Play TV and haven't used hardly any of it. Not even 50Gig

Just don't see the point :S


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