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Bin charging back on as Brown gets dizzy


double tax

Might be a good idea if for one minute I thought my existing tax bill would be offset so that I could actually safe so money by reducing my waste.

AllofMP3.com owner faces jail time



Our jobs are being outsourced! Particular in IT and any phone based.

The point would be if a companies employees all work at home then the company doesn't need to pay for an office. So it can either pay the employees more, reduce costs to customers or sit there getting very rich.

This example is based on the whole mp3 verses CDs and overheads.

I am very annoyed at having to pay 79p an mp3. This for twelve tracks is £9.48. An album like this in Asda can be roughly £9.99. So for a 50p saving I have tracks with no bass, DRM and no CD artwork, extras or posters etc. It's a bloody con.

And have they even been found guilty yet? So you can't comment on the legality of the other sites until a result from the trial has been found surely

China's 'elephant man' goes under the knife



before and afters please anyone

Police claim parents support youth database



ah my faith in the police and courts instantly restored.

how about more coppers on the streets????

PC World, Orange, and Pipex sneeze out broadband offers


no thanks

I had an Advent laptop, the top fell off! I'd give them anyway for free without any lock in deal.

Google tells TV execs where they've gone wrong



argh no - it annoys me having the channel logo on the screen..

Sony BMG sues DRM developer


sounds good

Security experts said the MediaMax software created a directory on computers which could allow hackers to hijack a computer.

I'm sueing Microsoft for the same problems.

Water found on extrasolar planet



and the race is on. My money is on McDonalds setting up there first with Starbucks a close second and then Tescos building on the rest of the planet.

Apple emasculates the iPhone



sounds like my iPod shuffle

Oracle sends bloke cardboard laptop


want one

I would of camped for a week outside Oracle on the Thames Valley Business park in Reading to get one of these babies!!

Of course I would of posted it straight on to fleabay in attempt to make millions

Reading: UK's epicentre of va-va-voom



How can you use google trends to decide what a city is like? Wouldn't people who don't have a ferrari be the most likely to be searching on ferrari.

And if you had searched on porsche you would of found Reading at 10th. On thames valley business park I swear there are more porsches than fiestas. Which kinda blows my argument out the water but any hoo it's nice to see my TOWN come top of a city poll especially as it has come last in every other poll.

MEP plans EU build ban on cars faster than 100mph



why not support chip fat or bio diesel? Oh because the government makes to much money out of petrol.

Downing Street dodges 'unlimited' broadband debate


my company

I'm gonna start an ISP called 2Unlimited and there's gonna be no limits... so reach for your mouse, no download limit to high, no transfer rate to low! etc etc

I'll be looking for a manager with a name such as 4Real

Microsoft finds good facts to sell Windows Vista



I got a new desktop with Vista Prem. First thing I did was switch UAC off, just need to edit the registry to stop the annoying pop up balloon moaning about it.

Everything that I did on XP box works fine Vista. Networking was simpler than XP. The windows sidebar is a nice idea, yes it is looking more like a Mac now.

When it goes it sleep mode I press the windows key and it starts straight. Booting is a lot quicker than my xp box but that could probably do with decluttering.

My camera registers fine and have had no problems.

The search function is annoying as it's seems to default to search things that are indexed, which I have switched off because I don't do that much searching.

Flash player likes to crash internet explorer

All the arguments I hear are the same I heard when we went from 98 to xp, and the same old linux/mac/microsoft remarks

EU slaps 'Davros tax' on mobility scooters



they've probably looked at America and realised we soon will have fat people, not just disabled people using them too.

Rivals torture consumers via Microsoft


make your own

just as you can add your own options for the hardware when getting a computer can't the same be done for all the software instead of the one size fits all

UK government tunes out debate on DNA database


who's biting

what's the big problem?

When I read that I thought someone's going fishing.

Killer Wi-Fi panics London's chattering classes


dont know

I think this says more about the power of T.V. to influence than Wi-Fi's

Gov. resists ID card scrutiny



the truth is that it also covers ID cards for alien and we shouldn't know about them in case we panic ( by throwing bricks through windows and grabbing TVs obviously, that's what always happens in mass hysteria)


it blantantly states in there that the ID cards are a waste of time against terrorism and would only serve of use to collect, correction, harvest, information of us.

Anyway it's against my human rights to force me to have this surely :-)

Info Commissioner audits HBOS



I wonder how much a story like this is worth. More than a wage for a starting data inputter or post room worker

"Hi, would you mind putting a couple of statements and a cheque in the waste bin instead of the confidential waste bin. We'll give you £12k."

Of course this isn't what happened


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