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Dell Inspiron 910 mini-laptop to be a hardware hacker's dream?


re: i still dont see the point of these laptops

That's probably why you don't have one then.... Mine fits in the glove tray of my car or in my mini backpack if I'm out and about. Very useful for me indeed.


re: Hackers Dream

To add 1gb of ram to my Advent 4211, I had to remove some screws, and the underside of my machine. Very easy indeed.

The extra 1gb of ram cost exactly £10 delivered from ebay from some dozy bird who had accidentally ordered it for her desktop machine.

I wouldn't touch Dell computer hardware with a very long barge-pole (with the exception of their excellent monitors). This laptot comes with 512mb of memory by standard which apparently can only be upgraded to a massive 1024mb maximum - is the motherboard really that poor?

I have no less/fewer? than 9 individual LEDs on my machine, it's quite useful to know when advanced 21st century features such as Caps Lock have been enabled or the HDD is accessing. I shall naturally be upgrading the hard-drive in due course to store my excessive pr0n collection.

Sorry, doesn't do much for me.

MS products just too cool to comprehend, say MS geeks


Be Green - Recycle!

Why buy a new computer just to run Vista when <<insert Linux distro of choice here>> will run on hardware that is 5 years old? Think of the environmental damage caused by forcing users to buy new hardware just so they can run the latest operating system with see-through (tm) window technology!

This is the angle the Linux supporters need to take to win the public over away from Vista... Being green is *the* big thing to be at the moment and people will do almost anything/pay any tax to get there. I hereby dub this effect as the 'nice warm green feeling'.

You simply wont convince the Microsoft fans that Linux is better just because it is 'faster', 'more stable', 'less expensive', 'more innovative', 'more secure' etc. These reasons are simply not good enough for them to move away from a product they have used for the past 10 years and love.... Remember, these are the same morons who buy a new car every year but still feel they are 'helping the environment' because it produces 0.1% less emissions etc. they also equate the cost of a product with quality, so the more expensive something is the better it is, anything that is free is s**t.

Please find more emotive and less relevant reasons to convince these muppets to switch, they're so used to being fell bulls**t by Microsoft that this is all they can now digest. They are so accustomed to being raped from behind (and paying for it) that they have actually come to enjoy it (see Stockholm syndrome). These folks probably think its quite amusing that 'those cheeky chaps' at Microsoft took the time out from fixing bugs in Microsoft Word to install a hidden pinball game. Who gives a crap about code bloat when massive hard drives are so cheap? If it's full, just buy another one like you would with memory/video card/processor etc.

Anyway, if you can somehow suggest that as well as being 'green' Linux can also stop 'Islamic Terrorism' and 'Increase House Prices' then you are sorted! Microsoft are genius with their marketing and it sucks the fools in every time. We all know that Vista is a steaming pile of crap but Linux supporters need to be just as creative as Microsoft in their 'marketing', having a massively superior product just isn't good enough.

Microsoft kicks Ubuntu update in the hardy herons


Operating System?

Are we assuming the update server runs on Windows? This seems like good uptime for a Microsoft product, perhaps it's running 3.11...

Intel Atom 230 ultra low-power desktop CPU

Dead Vulture

Or just don't use vista....

Seems to me that the problem was with Vista rather than the motherboard itself.... What a total surprise - Vista runs slowly unless you have a dual-core machine, 4gb of memory and an expensive graphics card (shock horror)

I actually have this board and it runs Linux (Ubuntu 8.04) incredibly well indeed. It's perfect for a low cost, low-noise and (reasonably) energy efficient PC. You can even replace the northbridge cooler with a fan-less version for about £5 if that's an issue. There was a problem with the integrated network card but this has been fixed with the latest kernel (2.6.24-19).

To be honest, I don't think many people would buy this is a main system, at £57 delivered it's just not intended for that. After all, for a fully working system you just need a small case with PSU (£25 from ebay), 2gb memory (what £20?) and an old hard disk from a dead machine. So, a fully working system for just over £100... (sans monitor). Even add a DVD-RW (£20) if you so wish.

I'm using mine for a NAS server which is on 24/7 with 7 hard-disks attached (totalling > 2TB) via on-board IDE/SATA and USB (perhaps this is what the extra power was intended for). I connect from work over SSH and x-server. The only upgrade I am planning is to add a cheap gigabit network card (£5).

Anyway some suggested uses: 2nd computer for surfing the web, computer for childs bedroom, kitchen computer for streaming media, NAS Server, Hardware Firewall, DNS Server, in-car PC, thin-client for MythTV, remote X client. Use some imagination!

BTW the oh so very quaint and old-fashioned 'legacy' ports are actually quite useful if you like to play with hardware or want to connect the machine to routers / old printers etc. Some of us do this sort of thing for fun and/or work.

The *only* negative comment I will make is that despite the CPU being very low power, the on-board graphics system sucks up considerably more juice! (I run at just over 40w).

Bad review or bad product? Depends on your point of view I suppose.

Watson suspended by research lab after race row


If you don't like the truth then supress it...

Just like the Catholic church did when Galileo proved that the earth was not at the center of the universe back in 1610.

Perhaps we should burn this bloke as a witch, a nobel-prize winning witch that is...

400 years on and what progress have we *really* made?

Microsoft shouts 'Long Live XP'



Looks like a shot to the foot.

MIT student walks into airport wearing circuit board and wires


@Voice of reason

Don't believe everything you read in your liberalist papers either....

Both of the facts I quoted can be verified by a little research on the Internet. Look at some of the official crime figures for London...

Also read this article http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article810556.ece for more information. The figure quoted here is that 70% of muggings are carried out by black youths which would *still* be vastly disproportional even if the population was 50% black. Police Commissioner Paul Condon even famously quoted that ‘80% of muggers are black’. Can you really dispute this?

Operation Trident for example was set up to deal specifically with BLACK gun crime in London. There is no equivalent initiative to deal with white gun crime. This is because it's not so much of a problem....

Most recent terror attacks have been carried out by Muslim males. That's an undisputable fact.

It's not racism, it's just the way it is. Stop playing the race card…

Big Love,



Stop playing the race card...

Please stop playing the race card. This story has nothing to do with race whatsoever...

If you are foolish enough to walk into an airport with something that looks like a bomb strapped to you then you deserve to be shot. Black, white, brown, yellow, green, red it’s not a race issue.

If you are foolish enough to run from armed police (several clearly in police uniform) then you deserve to be shot. Especially when there are electrical wires protruding from your trousers (Something people seem to have missed) shortly after a major terorist attack.

I'm sorry that the police might be using their ‘intelligence’ (pun fully intended) to consider Asian-looking people more of a threat than those of a Caucasian extraction. But perhaps if you consider the very high proportion of terrorists that are actually Asian then this is just common sense. But I guess that this is the same reason that the police get stick for stopping and searching black folk in London even though we know there is a huge black (sorry teenage) gang problem and that a vastly disproportional amount of muggings are carried out by young black males…. Perhaps they should stop and search office workers and families instead just to equal things out.

As for the fact that it didn’t ‘look like a bomb’, what sort of f***tards are you? If I were to build a bomb a breadboard is *precisely* what I’d be using. Etching an intricate PCB seems like a huge waste of time I could instead spend saying goodbye to loved ones before I blow myself to hell. I must admit that the 72 virgins are quite a sweetener. Just a shame I’m not a muslim…

Anyway, stop playing the race-card, it just angers the liberal simpletons.

Remember folks, if you do happen to be black, living in a predominantly white country under constant threat from radical muslim terrorists please think twice before you walk into an airport with something resembling a bomb strapped to your chest….

Produce-licking YouTubers attacked by 147-year-old American grocer


Next Beastie Boys?

White, middle-class.. Are they jewish too?

Plods to get helmet cams


re: Data Protection Act

Sadly the police are exempt from the DPA.

Big brother is watching.

Chinese user sues Symantec over dodgy updates


Why would people pay for this software?

Why would people pay for this software? Well, perhaps it has something to do with that being all that PC World sells.... It always seems to be on 'promotion' and is very prominent in their stores. I hasten to add, I only visit PC World to chuckle at how expensive things are.

Indeed, the paranoid might question if PC World actually have some sort of exclusivity deal with Symantec/Norton.... Heaven forbid that I would make such a libellous comment myself!

I trained as a software engineer and in my person opinion these 'virus checkers' are often badly written and hog system resources due to the fact that they are fairly graphics heavy (quite unnecessary) and also launch numerous processes/services when Windows starts. Your average PC user (dumb by our standards) is perhaps even comforted by the noticeable degradation in performance once the virus checker has been installed. That's my theory anyway.

My choice of virus-checker is the (in my opinion) excellent NOD32 which is arguably the best virus checker available for the Windows platform. Will you see this being sold in PC World? Not likely.


AVG not free from same issues?

OK, so AVG isn't free from these issues, but it is free*.....

So which would I rather have? A free virus checker that produces false-positives on files from the 90's I haven't used for 5 years or a paid product that deletes important Windows system files. Hmmm, let me think about that one.

* The free edition only

Liverpool police get mini-Black Helicopter


How many points?

How many points does one score for shooting one of these out of the sky?

No end in sight for Vista's Long Goodbye


re: files associsation (file associations?)

So, using Linux is bad for 'regular joes' but messing with regedit to fix a broken operating system is OK?

Hmmm, sounds like Linux bashing to me. Tried Ubuntu 7.04 yet?

I don't think there is any conspiracy theory here, just shoddy programming. If you have any sense wait for SP1 before switching to Vista. Does anyone else get the feeling that Microsoft release their software too early? Remember Windows ME? Ho ho.

PS. Does M$ Office have a spell-checker?