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Accenture announces 'Accenture Song' – not a tune, but a rebrand



How many millions was the design firm paid to add a multi-coloured "Song" to the end of the logo?

'Can you identify your assailants?' Yes, they were pixelated! I'd know them anywhere!


Not the Mozartkugeln!!

I have fond memories of that during my time in Salzburg. I need a drink.

Will the real IRC please stand up? Freenode’s forest fire leaves ashes – and fresh growth


Re: I miss IRC...

Holy crap that takes me back, I'd forgotten about madasafish and switching between dial-ups!

IBM says it's built the world's first 2nm semiconductor chips


Re: Sounds like it is time for a new standard

What is the average diameter of a flea's anus?

[Checks meeting agenda...] Where does it say 'Talk cr*p and waste everyone's time'?



Dabbsy gets extra points this week for the Skindred video. Newport's finest!

What's a Linotron though grandad? And tell us about the punched cards again! ;)

Not just its VCS console that's MIA, Atari is a no-show in court, too: Reborn biz ignores hardware architect's lawsuit over unpaid wages


Have they shipped any yet?

Mirror mirror on the wall, why will my mouse not work at all?



Many years ago, my uncle explained his friend was having some issues with his brand new Atari ST and could we go around and take a look.

I got there and my uncle's friend was very proud to show off his new purchase, but explained that whatever he did, the mouse pointer just did not move... I flipped over the mouse, removed the piece of packing tape over the ball, and all was fine.

NUC NUC. Who's there? It's Intel, with a pint-sized 8-core Xeon workstation


Pretty beefy CPU for such a small case, upto 64GB memory, a couple of NVMe slots, this could be a great little home server for me.... sees price. THEY WANT HOW MUCH?!

Looks like it's back to looking at HPE Microservers.

Google's OpenSK lets you BYOSK – burn your own security key



Oh that sounds like an interesting project, and cheap compared to the equivalent from Yubico.

"you will also need the following extra hardware:

a Segger J-Link JTAG probe.

a TC2050 Tag-Connect programming cable.

a Tag-Connect TC2050 ARM2010 adaptor

optionally a Tag-Connect TC2050 retainer clip to keep the spring loaded connector pressed to the PCB.

Although OpenOCD should be supported we encountered some issues while trying to flash a firmware with it. Therefore we suggest at the moment to use a Segger J-Link probe instead. This guide does not cover how to setup the JTAG probe on your system."

yyyyeah... ok not so cheap. I'll buy another Yubikey instead.

Ding-dong. Who's there? Any marketing outfit willing to pay: Not content with giving cops access to doorbell cams, Ring also touts personal info


Re: Overblown?

True, I would prefer a time based one time password option for my 2-factor auth. Plenty of open source OTP implementations.



Are people naive enough to think Ring are the only connected camera maker (or any other app maker for that matter) using analytics? Is this any more concerning than accepting cookies on a web page? Solution - Something like Pi-Hole?

The "Police accessing cameras" was nothing more than looking at videos in the neighbourhood app that people have publicly shared. Solution - Don't share what you're not happy for everyone to see.

The hackers accessing cameras seems to have been down to people using the same weak passwords for everything and other site user databases getting compromised. Solution - Enable 2 factor auth and don't use the same password on everything.

Ring aren't entirely blameless in any of this of course, but everyone else seems to be sitting happily in the shadows at the moment while Ring takes all the fire.

123-Reg is at it again: Registrar charges chap for domains he didn’t order – and didn't want


Re: Credit card

I have some stuff hosted with Mythic Beasts and have had no issue with them. All my domains are registered with LCN and have been for over 15 years.

El Reg needs you – to help build an automated beer-transporting robot


Big Trak

Sorry El Reg, but I already did this back in the 80's.


Rejoice, Penguinistas, Linux 4.4 is upon us



I feel your pain on the Jessie upgrade and the resulting systemd mess. On the other hand, biting the bullet and reinstalling the OS from scratch has been fine... I still don't like systemd though, it's a pain troubleshooting things when there's an issue.

Mozilla: Five... Four... Three... Two... One... Thunderbirds are – gone


Nylas N1

Looks like an interesting open-source alternative.


What the world needs now is Pi, sweet $5 Raspberry Pi Zero


Re: Overpriced

You're all missing the point that you need a house, to provide the power socket, to plug the power supply into, thus raising the cost significantly.

That said, at least it's much cheaper for those of us in the North.

CAIDA publishes latest 'net topology kit


RIPE Atlas Project

94 probes in 36 countries? They're a long way off the RIPE Atlas Project then.

Atlas is currently showing 9007 probes connected across 176 countries. You can get your own probe to host for free. https://atlas.ripe.net/

The world .sucks at a minute past midnight on Sunday



I'm waiting for the .OhForFsckSake domains to go on sale.

Atomic keyring's eerie blue glow lights SPB lab


Other colours

Also available in green, orange, and pink.


For some reason Cash 'n carrion is blocked as a gambling site at work, so I'm not sure how postage compares.

X-rated Android antics: Motorola's Moto X puts boot in chunky brother


Hello Moto

Had mine for a week and pleased I bought one.

It was this or the Nexus 5 for me. Sure the Nexus is much faster than the Moto X, but the Touchless controls, Active display, and better battery life swung it for me. Plus I was coming from a Nexus 4 and fancied a change.

The touchless controls make voice commands actually useful for the first time ever IMO. I've never seen the point of voice commands when you've got to unlock the phone and have it there in your hand anyway. Being able to set a reminder for myself for the following morning when I suddenly remember something when I'm in bed and the phone is the other side of the room being a great example!

One thing I miss is the photosphere from the Nexus. I suspect you may be able to sideload the Nexus camera app, but then I'd lose the extra features I like from the Moto's own camera app I expect.

Toshiba 14in USB LCD Mobile Monitor


I have a 7" Mimo touch screen jobbie, works great. Gets used mainly for messenger chat windows and media player.

Telly makers aim to put OLED in your lounge in 2012



I remember when SED TV's were going to be the future.

DIY virtual machines: Rigging up at home



Interesting article as I was just speccing up a budget system to use for this too. I can get a new 8-core AMD FX, ASUS mATX motherboard, and 2x8GB Kingston value RAM for around £400-£450. The other bits we can cannibalise from existing kit. Should make for a nice VM host!

Lenovo primed with keyboard-connectable tablet


Hopefully it'll be significantly cheaper than the Asus, I doubt it though.

HTC Sensation XE



"The XE runs Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, as up to date as it gets while Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, now available on the Nexus, is being prepared for other phones."

Technically not true, latest gingerbread version is 2.3.7

Android glitch allows hackers to bug phone calls



Presumably in order to install this rogue app you have to enable "allow installation of non-market sources"? Upon doing so you get a suitable warning regarding this, so is this really such a big deal?

MS and Samsung tout interactive table


Too expensive

No thanks. I'd rather get an EXOdesk. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dlUi3DnrzA

$1300 next year apparently.

When geeks turn Green: Performance tune your energy bills



There are companies such as A Shade Greener who will fit solar panels free of charge (if your house is in a suitable location etc. etc.), the caveat being they pocket the money from any surplus electricity generation.

I did see something on a television program a while ago (one of those Grand Design type ones) where a couple were building a green home. IIRC they said the solar panels were actually pretty poor, and that fitting a small wind turbine made a huge difference. Of course not many people would be able to erect one in their gardens I expect due to planning permissions?

Yorks PC maker goes titsup owing £1m+


PC Builders

I was given a Cube PC a few years ago, it was pretty good to be honest. I'd always built my own systems for years but these days it's just not as cheap as it used to be buying all the bits yourself, and also, I just can't be arsed.

I have no affiliation with them but I just bought my new PC from http://www.ukgamingcomputers.co.uk/ Unlike most manufacturers who'd use cheap motherboards/PSU's etc, the i7 PC I specced from UK Gaming Computers used all the parts I would have picked myself anyway.

BT earmarks 66 more exchanges for fibre-to-the-cabinet upgrade



Annoyingly, the four exchanges surrounding our exchange are all already "FTTC enabled". Ours still isn't on the list to be upgraded :(

LulzSec hacks US Senate



"it also leaked potential sensitive data about video gaming outfit Bethesda Softworks, the firm behind Quake and Doom"

Erm, Bethesda will be behind the yet to be released Doom 4, but not Quake or the previous Doom games.

Twitter bags internet advertising outfit



Rather apt posting that today I thought...

Courtesy of ThinkGeek, "Today in Geek History: Heinlein coins "grok" when Stranger in a Strange Land is published in 1961. If you don't grok "grok," ask a Martian."

PS3s overheat after firmware update



Sounds like coincidence to me, the old model machines are getting on a bit now and failing. My launch model failed in exactly the same way a long time ago.

Netgear XAV5001 500Mb/s powerline Ethernet adaptor



I seem to recall reading about the 200Mbps ones that they're actually "100Mbps Full Duplex", so the manufacturers reckon they can get away with advertising them as 200Mbps, if it's full duplex it must be double right?

Very misleading.

Microsoft reveals WinPhone 7 'Mango' details



So you might be able to set your own ringtone sometime next year when people start getting these updates to their phones then?

Red Dwarf to blast off on new adventure



Bring back Rob Grant.

Santander blames Firefox 4 for website fail


Remote XUL?

Possibly due to Remote XUL support being removed (by default)?


I have a similar issue with accessing webmail from my hosting provider. Their response was that their webmail component they use is written by a third party and there are no plans to change/upgrade it.

Windows Phone 7 gets cut'n'paste, other tweaks in update


Custom ringtones?

So they've added cut and paste, but does this add support for you to use your own ring tones yet?

Electric cars not as 'green' as advertised


Carbon costs for manufacture?

What about the environmental impact in manufacturing these electric cars in the first place, mining lithium in Canada, shipping to japan to build...

Online sync'n'store services



Another vote for dropbox here. The previous version file restore really saved my bacon last week, and I also use it on two windows PC's, a Linux PC, my Android phone, and iPad!

You can also get more than 2GB free by referring more people to use the service.

*cough* http://db.tt/IZqgbbZ

Linux life savers for paranoid penguins



I use Dropbox on a few different PC's, one Linux, and two Windows, as well as my Android phone. Works flawlessly for me... but I could always do with some more space. Queue shameless referral link plug.





How do I switch between running applications on the desktop using the keyboard now?

I note that the video blurs and jumps when supposedly alt-tabbing between the different modes, be nice to see what actually happens (i.e. if this actually works).

'Larry and Sergey's HTML5 balls drained my resources'



Simple plain greyscale logo this morning. An up yours from Google to all the complainers?

Cowon iAudio J3 personal media player



I'm surprised that it doesn't have gapless support, the S9 didn't initially but was added in a later update, so it seems odd that the J3 wouldn't have it (sure it's not just buried in the options somewhere?).

Still happy with my S9, watching videos on it on regular long train journeys is fantastic. I've had a few Cowon's and the sound quality is always amazing. Their user interface design isn't up to much, but the J3 looks like an improvement on that front.

Dell Streak Android tablet phone



myPlayer http://www.skynetsoftware.com/myPlayer/index.aspx?platform=android is working well for me on Android (I'm also stuck on 1.6 so it will work for the Streak).

Hopefully the android version will also get Channel 4 and 5's on-demand offerings in the future too.

Samsung's Galaxy stuck in history



If Samsung won't release an official update others will... Android 2.0 now on Samsung Galaxy! http://android.modaco.com/content/samsung-i7500-i7500-modaco-com/299144/samsung-i7500-mustymod-rom-android-2-0/

Samsung to offer open Android alternative


Samsung have poor Android support already...

...guess that's only going to get worse if they're trying to develop a competitor OS. :(

Samsung Galaxy i7500



I've had one for a while now, and after being a lifelong Nokia user I'm loving it.

To answer a couple of questions, it's Android 1.5. Latest rumours suggest that Samsung will be skipping 1.6 and releasing 2.0 in Q1 2010 (I believe this is the same for the HTC Hero, although there are unofficial 1.6 firmwares available for that so I've heard).

The "sync notification" alert tone mentioned in the article can be turned off in the settings menu, the headphones one I don't know, I've not tried.

Yes the Samsung NPS software is crap and doesn't really work apart from to update the phone, but as someone has already pointed out, contacts and calendar etc. is synced with your google account anyway. So there's no need for the app's sync features. You can of course still access the SD card on your computer as a removable disk too.

Camera crap? Well, yes. But that's the same for all the current crop of Android phones, but I think it's OK, certainly in daylight.

Poor battery life? Not for me, I've had over 100 hours between charging and the phone was still at 30%. If you've got background data syncing, wifi, gps, loads of twittering facespace widgets updating every 10 minutes then yes, it's not going to last long.

One possible cause for the big battery drain is apparently if you're using the frankly terrible case that samsung provide with the phone. It keeps the camera button pressed down and prevents the phone from going to sleep.

Do I regret getting it? Not so far, so long as Samsung continue to provide updates to last my 18 month contract period I'll be happy. The HTC offerings do seem to have better support though.

With more and more manufacturers releasing Android phones I think things can only get better.