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Feds apply for DNSChanger safety net extension

Jon Lawrence

Just switch the fucking things off.

They've had plenty of time to sort their machines. Just switch the damn DNSchanger servers off.

BT Home Hub 3 ADSL Wi-Fi router

Jon Lawrence

standard ?

When did 'N' become a standard ?

SWaP Signature watchphone

Jon Lawrence
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too big

Give me a small watch which can make and receive calls and I'll be interested. The rest of the sutff I can do on my n97, pda or laptop - I don't need to be able to view photo's/videos or listen to music on a watch.

Ford says new Taurus 'is fitted with stealth fighter radar'

Jon Lawrence

Why ??

Any car of the future is going to have to be able to 'see' what is going on in order to make decisions - htf else is it going to see.

3G forever, cries Carter

Jon Lawrence


Run this one by me again.

If the industry can't get a set of agreements in place by April 2009 then the powers that be may choose to impose one.

After the amounts some companies paid in those auctions I can't see them being happy with negotiating anykind of trade.

Judge OKs webcast in RIAA music file-sharing case

Jon Lawrence

coming unstuck ?

The RIAA is going to come serious unstuck at some point and I don't think that point is going to be too far away.

At somepoint they are going to go after the wrong person (or person) and that person/s will take them to the cleaners.

AT&T Idolises promotional texting

Jon Lawrence


I expect to get sms from my operator informing me of 'their' new products or changes to my service.

I wouldn't expect to receive ANY unsolicited sms's if I we had the ludicrous situation here where we had to pay to receive texts.

If I wanted to receive texts about crap on tv I'd ask for them. For AT&T to say it's not spam is ridiculous.

Symbian: Linux unfit for mobile phones

Jon Lawrence


As pointed out in the original report & in various comments, Linux is the Kernel.

Your problems with xorg have nothing to do with Linux

Clarkson's 'steal my ID' stunt backfires

Jon Lawrence

DPA - bollox.

Funny it might be but this is a criminal act. Should the bank wish to investigate further by involving the police then the DPA is irrelevant.

Clarkson is right, it should not be possible to remove money from his account without his permission. But from personal experience I could have told him that's simply not true. The bank may well refund a DD (eventually) but they'll still send the money to anyone with a DD setup whether they are supposed to collect that money or not and regardless of whether you have already told the bank that this is the case.

At least Clarkson checked his bank statements, I can think of numerous people I know that likely wouldn't have even noticed this had happened until the hole in the wall refused to give them money they thought they had.

Axe hangs over UK town's analogue TV signal

Jon Lawrence

so you pay out more.

Regardless of which option you go for you will have to pay out something in order to view the channels.

I've already paid a f'in license fee so why should I have to pay out more. Charging a license fee for something I can't get would be illegal surely.

Free-market think tank urges EU to unbundle Windows

Jon Lawrence

No go.

Nice idea but not feasible.

I've been running Linux for over 12 year now - so yes I know how to install an OS.

The average PC owner struggles to even get the preinstalled Windows images to work correctly - how they get that wrong is beyond me but they do.

Install your OS of choice from a DVD image - yeah, dream on.

For the box shifters the margins are too low to force them to carry more cost so it ain't going to happen.

Spyware mum foils pervert

Jon Lawrence

privacy - not in my house.

I'm a parent and I can tell you that if I want to monitor exactly what is done on computers in my house then I will.

Computers aren't allowed in bedrooms - end of story.

I pay for the computers and I pay for the internet connection, that gives me a legal responsibility to ensure they are used legally. If that means that I need to 'spy' on what they are used for then so be it.

The safety of my kids comes before everything else - even their right to privacy. Though I won't go as far as putting cameras in the bedrooms, there are camera's covering the network points within the house.

Virgin downloaders hit by AllofMP3.com fault

Jon Lawrence

working fine.

I can access allofmp3 without problems via VM.

The top up problems are nothing to do with VM and affect users from all ISP