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Apple fanbois eat static as Beeb, Sky web stream vids go titsup on iOS

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Re: At the risk of being downvoted

Two major external services that went offline simultaneously, and which can both be fixed by the same date-resetting workaround? That sounds like a client fault (i.e. Apple's) rather than a server-side one to me.

Man facing rare refusal-to-unlock-encryption charge: Court date set

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Re: @AC 09:14

{quote} Don't we have some ruling against "cruel & unusual punishment"? {unquote}

What do you think is, one of the colonies? You'll be claiming next we've got a written Constitution!

RISC OS comes to Raspberry Pi

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Re: Wow

Or indeed fire up your Android phone (or preferably tablet), point it at Google Play and download Beebdroid.

London's Oyster card website still down after 12-hour outage

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Re: "now I have to walk an hour to work"

Buy it at the ticket office -- good idea! Unless the punter in question uses his Oyster as payment for a bus journey, say. Or on Croydon Tramlink. Or the DLR. None of which have ticket offices.

That having been said there's always gonna be a newsagents or convenience store somewhere close at hand where the Oyster can be topped up.

Virgin Media snags London Underground Wi-Fi monopoly

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Dwell time for tubes in stations is generally less than 60 seconds. That'll be just enough time for your laptop/tablet/phone to communicate with the router, receive an IP address, say "connection UP" ... before the train goes back into the tunnel and connectivity goes (literally) into a black hole.

Vodafone manages to fight off £3bn tax bill, claws back cash paid

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As with people so it is with companies -- only the little ones pay tax.

Jonathan Ive is knighted in New Year Honours list

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Location, Location, Location

Point of pedantic order -- by the time Ive was born Chingford was no longer in Essex but was in London, having become part of the London Borough of Waltham Forest with the creation of that Borough in 1965.

US spy drone hijacked with GPS spoof hack, report says

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Black Helicopters

Good work!

So basically a case of (electronically) waving hands and telling the drone "these are not the satellites you are looking for".

Go Iran! Clever stuff guys.

Chicken fillets: The affordable alternative to Bulgarian Airbags

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Paris Hilton

As they say on That Interwebnet ...

"Pictures or it didn't happen."

BBC iPlayer boss quits for job with Intel

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Re: costs

@coward: because those two already had the jobs they've got -- they were both Huggers' deputies, in effect. So they're not replacing the man at the top, and leaving two second-in-commands to run the show.

Inside the Ordnance Survey's new HQ for the digital era

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Re: Ratio rationale

500 servers doesn't sound ridiculous. This isn't a typical little office where people just use their computers to send round a few emails, type out a couple of Word docs or browse Facebook. The Ordnance Survey's sole asset is data -- vast amounts of it. And it's all got to live somewhere.

US mum calls 911 over Grand Theft Auto

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Couldn't she have done something a little less drastic, like ... ooh I dunno, pull the plug out of the computer? Confiscate the GTA DVD. Or just exercise some general parental discipline?

Google Squared rounds out features

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How unexpected

One of the images in these results is not quite like all the others: http://www.google.com/squared/search?q=Robots (slightly NSFW).

Man on trial over £600k NatWest phishing scam

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Electronic trail


That's the purpose of the middle-men mules. They're gullible / unscrupulous / desperate (or all 3) individuals who get told "If you let me transfer £6000 into your account electronically, you can keep £250 for yourself, and you give me the balance in cash".

The electronic trail stops with them.

Bank of America demands thumbprint from armless bloke

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Language, Timothy

"We have ensured those policies have been underscored with all our associates across the bank."

When did American corporations stop speaking English? What's wrong with saying "We've reminded all staff not be idiots".


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