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15K Wikileaks docs 'potentially more explosive,' US frets


War Time??? Yeah right.

In real wars these scum are simply hung or shot. That Wiki-weakling should be the first.

Google, Verizon net pact has 'many problems' says FCC commish


Clowns are always first out in the circus.

This is just what you would expect from clowns. Ignore the larger picture of freedom of information and privacy by debating government control or business control. The market has always worked and we have what we need. We don't need 65 million more dollars in Wisconsin to serve an estimated 20,000 rural customers at tax payers expense. If the market was there the wires would be too.. dumb asses.

Blighty gives Street View the bum's rush


If I see that Google spy car.....

They'll get an eye full ..... I'm so glad any criminal w/ a computer can find your house..... I sleep so much better now.

A decade of techno-sex: Look how far we've come


We don't need monitoring.

If you don't like something don't do it, eat it or look at it. We don't need anyone that thinks they have it all worked out and wants to "help" us. Keep idiots away from technology and monitor what your brats do as it's not my problem to educate your fools.

US judges leave definition of obscenity to Amish, Kansas


Nazi basterds strike again.

Will they apply this to Atheists that publish things strict religious towns think are dirty? What will those that plan to save us from ourselves do next? Can my town sue the publishers of art books showing nude statues from Rome? If you don't want your stupid brats on porn or other "bad" sites then monitor what they do or cut the cord. We don't need anymore Nazi schemes from the courts or from Obummass.

Social networking sites slack on secreting kids' details


Idoits waste more time and money

Teach your brats and kick your school administrations in the ass. Why let your kid on there anyway./?? Oh wait, I forgot. You can't drink alcohol until your 21 but you can vote when your 18... no wonder idiots rule the west. and soon the internet.

Aussie anti-censor attacks strafe gov websites



I guess some of the Nazis escaped down under.

China jails porn-monger


You're surprised?

This is how it starts. Pick an easy target and use it to practice attacking citizens for any reason

the state see's fit. The nazi's in power in the west are just like China. I don't need those that are

saving me from what they don't like. Internet freedom is the same as free speech. You will never

protect children from the real foe to freedom, public schools. You will never stop parents intent on

immorality. Just like the drug war. All they ever accomplish is wasting more tax money and claiming falsely to be saving us from ourselves. Piss off to anyone thinking net monitoring by the

government of your personal mail or habits is a good thing.

Avatar whups Confucius's sorry ass


No miracle.

Even a reshowing of the 60's Godzilla movies would top that lame lesson in revisionism of a pretty smart guy for his day.

Man sets mice on musophobic ex-missus



Damn, why didn't I think of that.??

Dodgy Haiti earthquake-themed domains point to scams



They don't catch these pond scum lickers very often and when they do it's never more than a few months in slam. I say 20 years and in severe cases like Chinese scum hackers and cons a life sentence for e-fraud.. beheading would be the best for some but that can't happen.

Zuckerberg: 'I am a prophet'



Besides the fact that most people understand that it is pretty stupid to put incriminating data on the internet , anywhere., much of facebook contains fictional data. If he was so smart he should be making money.....

Airbus: We'll cancel crap A400M unless we get more £££


That's what you get

Why would anyone expect this to be logical. The socialist agenda is at work here and that's all

it will ever be with the players involved. Jobs for over paid unionists and profits for the friends that

elect government leaders with those profits. This will never end.

UK should design and fly it's own air plane or continue to buy planes from the experts that through

time will always be more cost effective.

China pinches thousands for pron



As is typical most readers miss the implications. No one is for porn, well almost no one, yet what

everyone is applauding is really censorship and government control of what you do on the web.

Preventing such behavior should start with education at home not forced controls by commies

pretending to be saviors.

Bono accuses ISPs of 'reverse Robin Hooding' over piracy


Save us you Nazi basterd

The richest and greediest like Bono, that Metalica fool group and others are saying nothing new, simply proving what many think, money is all they know. I would think it flattering that people would want your art and since the internet has overall increased sales it is moot point.

Not for sissies like above..... greedy sick hogs at the trough.

Secret neo-Nazi documents published


All well and good...

Racism is an easy target. Woopie-dingle. All this hoopla does is cloud our vision and thus we

miss the Nazi political "leaders" within current world government. These are the real sleeper cells. Calling themselves socialists abroad or democrats in the US. Those that will save us

from ourselves are always leaving out one disease, themselves.

Start reading about the great war... WWI and after, till about 1946. Then from there follow the

success to the 1990's. Are we better off?

Opera on Google Chrome OS: what me worry?


Nazi take over

I've been warning all for years... Google is the new Nazi party online... everything they design is made to collect and control your information and your personal choice to browse what ever you want when you want.

Get Google Chrum and get controlled..... well lame ass leftists are clueless anyway.


atleast someone gets it....

Google is evil...

Copenhagen talks stalled by green puppeteers


Clowns run it anyway...

Ofcourse the lame asses in retard countries want free money.... duh. Global warming is a myth and carbon emissions are redherrings. I should get tax credits for the trees in my yard then right?

Fools in Copenfagen can come here where the temperatures are below average all this year then

go to Antarctica where there is more ice now than there was...

We must stop idiots from ruining the economies that feed us.....

LHC knocked out by ANOTHER power failure


Who is responsible...

I am surprised that the obvious escapes so many... Dr.Who is surely saving earth and fooling with

power couplings is the safest way.. not wanting to injure any humans you know...

Al Gore entertains the supercomputer troops


Go away Gore

Super computer makers should do what? Gore is a self interested capitalist and nothing more.

He owns interests in several companies poised to take advantage of the "global warming" propaganda machine. Clowns like this we can do without.

Perhaps recovering politician in his case means that he wont admit his Nazi party membership.

FCC approves radio mast 'shot clock' rule


No more towers

Mini nodes are the answer. Not more 500 foot iron trees that will soon look like the telegraph pole from the 1890's New York..


NJ teen jailed over Scientology DDoS


Poor Guy

Sums it up.


Downfall writer praises Hitler rant net meme



The one where he goes off because the Vikings hired Farve is especially funny.

Palin claims webmail hack disrupted GOP campaign


More propaganda...

It's clear that most writers for these news "RAGS" are pretty much clueless to what actually makes the world go 'round. That somehow people (word used lightly) that have never run anything but

their mouths should use the same propagandist techniques of Hitler and Stalin would claim to

write unbiased articles is beyond comprehension. Your poster boy will soon be cast out like Carter.

My guess is you liberals are afraid and will do anything to discredit any threat to the bozo that less than half of Americans actually voted for. People need to consider the source.

US, China play footsie with joint space mission


Why not...

Sure why not. Most of the technology they have was pilfered from the west... mostly US.. spys and patent theft. May as well just give it all to them... Osama Obumma is a clown and a fool.

Facebook battles attack by child protection chief


Ofcourse miss the point.

Kids shouldn't be on these sites anyway. You don't let them in taverns alone but somehow your

Nazi button is like having your mum and dad w/ you ? Non-sense and political hype combined to

keep narrow minded idiots in government jobs free from the voting public's ability to dump their

sorry asses.

Hacktivists ransack Hitler defender's email


Who is the terrorist here?

If a message has no validity than there are no followers. If you don't like the channel, change it.

We don't need web police... no matter how silly or corrupt the message it's not the task of self proclaimed web messiahs to save us. These are nothing more than terrorists.

'F-22 Raptor stealth coatings are crap' case goes to court



Just an attempt to make public what these materials are and also to make a malcontent seem like a hero. Probably win the nobel prize in physics... if he opens the right box of cracker jacks.

US Navy 'PANDA' tech to sniff out 'deviant' sailors



It would be cheaper to nuke Somalia and get it over with. What they really need is some of those fake merchant ships like in WW2, looked like a freighter and then when u-boats appeared they dropped panels and gave them some good ole shelling to take home.... to Davey Jones' locker.

Urinating Spaniard soaks Street View's Canaries



If there was any doubt that some stalker could find you thanks to these ass holes it's never been easier... who cares about a guy pissen, I just wish there were more people flippen the camera car off .

US unemployment rate breaks ten per cent


You have it made???

There are no readily available statistics on how many people work for the government, the US's

largest employer, however, in Wisconsin it was just shown that it takes 10,000 employees to keep

22,000 inmates in prison and this fact slipped out as fools whined about prisoners getting flu shots before welfare rats. We need our own version of Guy Fawkes... anyway the fool in the white house tried to tell us he created jobs whereas the truth is simply that not so many were lost.

What a place.

US gov warns banks on money mules



there are more scum on the bottom then ever...

Esther '1st lady of internet' Dyson appointed NASA advisor


What else is new...

Another obvious conflict of interest, but the sheep never care and the herders only have to offer them grass to eat and anything odd is forgotten. Why would a share owner in space hardware even be considered for such a posting is beyond ethical consideration I presume. That's the

US.. our new leftists are staging a coupe'.

'Internet Age' means egalitarian 'hunter-gatherer' society


Nazis strike again...

Ofcourse you are better off being a lazy ass lame unionist where the world owes you a living..

Anyone with get up and go, for anything beyond a fast food burger that is, must be the cause of

all the inequality in the world. Never mind that the pack leaders in "hunter/gather" communes

have all the power and guns.

Why is this even an issue? Because of welfare rats. Simple logic.

China accuses Google of 'malicious' censorship


comedy routines... still kicken..

Ha... the Nazi's and Commies are still at it..... keystone cops.

Chronically ill people 'happier if they abandon hope', say docs


More good news

Perfect. Now when the Government Health Care fiasco comes to be law, we'll all be happier when they say you can't have this or that operation so plan to die like the socialists in other countries do.

Why worry... be happy.

Ares I-X blasts off at second attempt



It's always funny how you can tell all about an author's agenda when they cherry pick the comments made by others to justify their own petty concept of the world in general and

of space in particular. Piss on Buzz.

Farmer fined for ignoring cow's 'psychological needs'


Wow.. I thought US was bad

More enviro-nazis. Broad class of fools costing tax payers billions each year world wide...

Ex-GCHQ chief compares Iraq whistleblower to Soviet spy


Traitor... no ifs ands or buts....

Jail is too easy.... the US should have it's own Siberia for scum like her.

China bans foreign investment in online video games



I say cut the whole country off...... slam the networks closed on them. We don't need China.

Boffins demo 'through-walls' people tracker



Oh joy.. Ham radio operators have been doing this for years already......

Did the FCC bribe US carriers on net neutrality?



Whatever OFcrum and FCC plan will not be anymore than what is dictated by those with the most money decide is best. I think there will be a dropping off of the need for spectrum as citizens start to realize that this whole computer in a phone business is nothing more than a child's toy and the habits of young people need to be addressed toward the goal of limiting the need for this.

Just another toy to make us dependent on "big brother" and the utility blocks. Keep your computer at home unless your job requires it.

AT&T brands Google a net neutocrite


Tried to tell you....

Google is the most Nazi like company on earth and fools keep rushing in.

Inmate hacker locks down jail computers



If you can reset passwords you can access any file you want.... dah...

Mozilla sides with Microsoft against Google IE


Forget the warning and the past..

Google crap is Nazi designed with your personal information and browsing habits collected for use and sale by Google. How many semi computer savy users have got a Google this or that and can't get rid of it? Now they want to make it worse... install and die. That should be the motto.

Cameron escapes Twitter twat rap


twitter is for fools

for fools by fools... read as you like..

Duff DAB, megamogs and ass-assassins: Your thoughts



You should be in the states where the clowns forced Digital TV on us and if you don't have cable you don't have TV. (unless you like looking at snow or black screen).

Google hits Android dev with cease-and-desist letter



While Google and others like it, you all know them, offer important resources to net users, there is a very sharp double edged sword here.

The reverse side of which is the potential for evil doing. We don't need anyone tracking our internet use, what sites we visit, who we mail or VoiP wth. I cringed every time I heard some

country made a deal with Google to supply it's "services". or some new application created by

them for a phone or whatever. 1984 was only off by 20 years... be warned.

Euro project to arrest us for what they think we will do


What else is new?

And they told us the escaped Nazis all went to Brazil.