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Terry Pratchett computer sniper-scope deal inked


re: How?

Interesting. So wouldn't heat also cause density changes in the air?

e.g. what if the target is the opposite side of a burning tank or oil well?



> "Better still, it will use a laser beam to measure the wind's direction and strength not just at the sniper team's location but all the way downrange towards the target."

How does that work then?? Surely wind doesn't deflect a laser? Does it?

Great tech, but a shame we don't seem to make similar investments in tech designed to make lives better, rather than shorten them.

Nutter repairmen scale 1,768ft TV mast

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Re: A much more elegant solution...

Sounds good, till you realise the bulb has blown and you've actually been standing in the RF field for the past hour!

Apple releases iOS 4.1 into the wild

Jobs Horns

All sound advice but...

No luck. Tried deleting the update to force iTunes to download it again and also tried performing the update on a different PC with a fresh copy of iTunes. Same issue (Error 1013).

Appointment at the Apple Smug Bar booked for Saturday, till then I am phone-less.


Bricked my 3GS

Well that's nice! It got to the end of the update and then said it failed. My phone is left on the "Connect to iTunes" logo.

I've made several attempts to Restore and I've tried deleting the update and forcing iTunes to download it again, but no luck.

Looks like it'll be a trip to the Apple Store for me.


3G downgrade? Your wish answered.

Well Lifehacker.com have instructions on how to downgrade a 3G to iOS 3.1 if that is your wish, though you might want to try this upgrade first as it is supposed to help with the performance issues on the 3G.


James Martin apologises for cyclist outrage


@Neil 23 again

"You two on the other hand seem to take everything you read on the internet as gospel, which really can't do much for your blood pressure..."

No not really. I just happen to think that while people should be free to express opinions, when they start advocating violence against another group in a national newspaper and openly claim to have committed such violence themselves, then they should be taken to task.

Likewise the various mob of idiots backing him and basically saying "Yeah, that minority group upset me for some reason, so they should be physically attacked" is unacceptable.

Later claiming that it was all a joke is utterly spineless and a pretty poor defence IMO.



> "Cyclists are one of the major causes of congestion on the road"

What are you on about? That is simply not true.

In town, you will notice that it is the cyclists that are still moving when the other traffic is stopped.

And out of town, I guarantee that you being stationary on the M25 has absolutely nothing to do with cyclists.

Still if you feel strongly about it then I suggest you write to your MP and demand more funding for dedicated cycle paths.

> "Why do they wear lycra? It may shave off a millisecond of time... but it looks ugly and SERVES NO PURPOSE."

For cycling commuters it is less to do with aerodynamic drag and far more to do with it not flapping about, not chafing and drying quickly if it rains. Most normal cyclists are aware it can look rubbish, but it is very practical. Simples.


@another untitled Anonymous Coward

"Anyway, for H&S reasons, cyclists should be limited to racing at their local cycle stadium, not putting themselves in danger where vehicles are trying to get from A to B."

Who said they were "racing"? I suspect they were just out for a ride with their friends.

But I completely agree. The roads are no place for leisure journeys. There are important people trying to get somewhere and we should give them absolute priority.

All road journeys, even those through the quiet country lanes where Mr Martin lives, should only be conducted when there is clear business requirement to do so; backed by the supporting documentation of course.

Anyone found to be irresponsibly using the road simply for entirely spurious leisure reasons like getting some fresh air and exercise, going for a little drive in the country, visiting grandma, shopping, picking the kids up etc, should expect to be run off the road by irate reps like the wasteful scoundrels they are.

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@Neil 23

"Driving cyclists off the road for one's own amusement is not to be encouraged as it is indeed unlawful - but I bet it was bloody funny to watch..."

Yeah, hilarious. Especially if one of them goes over the bars and is paralysed or killed.


IT Angle

What a numpty

He made a rather ill-judged attempt at a Clarkson-esque diatribe and left himself looking like a pompous arse who drives a overtly flash car and thinks that running people off the road with it is funny and will compensate for his poor sexual performance.

As for the Anonymous Coward at 9:03: get a clue mate. Roads and road safety measures are paid for by council tax, not VED or MOT fees. Bikes pay the correct amount of VED: zero, because they have zero CO2 output. Or do you think electric cars should also be banned?

Labour calls for free Wi-Fi on trains


Not really that impractical...

...given that we already get free wi-fi on many of the bus and train services up here.