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Botched Microsoft update knocks Windows 8, 10 PCs offline – regardless of ISP


I probably had the same problem with my in-house Wi-Fi connection.

The new laptop of my wife (Win10) list the connection possibly after the DHCP lease expired and it was not renewed. We found that rebooting the Wi-Fi router solved the problem temporary.

BOFH: Free as in free beer or... Oh. 'Free Upgrade'


Re: Erm...

NO, but it is highly inappropriate for IT people to work ON ladders.

A krayshee sexy Dutch post-pub nosh neckfiller: Stamppot


Re: It is stamppot but..

It is of course "peen en uien" in the language of the region around The Hague

And about the gravy: it is essential and you make it very easy with frying that bacon or whatever it is (I prefer zuurkoolspek, don´t know the English name, which you don´t fry btw).

Add some water (or red wine) to the hot fat in the frying pan after removing the fried bacon. Stir on high fire until it gets brown: ready. Nothing to it.

Tidbit: If you add the rookworst with not too much water in the pan. it generally will burst. Better is to cook it in a separate pan with plenty of water, just below cooking point.

BOFH: Mmm, gotta love me some fresh BYOD dog roll


Re: Vax? VAX!

Only the fan has to be working to get the carpet cleaned. No need for computing anything.

Skype's mega-FAIL: exec cops to cause


cluster controller ?

What is a cluster controller? I suppose you mean the node that holds the locking database?

That was governed bij the system parameter LOCKDIRWT but that was on VMS 5 and higher.

Anyway, I never hit on that flaw in 16 years, must have been solved a long time ago.

Secret ancient code, basis of all modern civilisation, cracked


wrong theory

"assign the 12 notes of the musical scale to them (apparently the ancient Greeks knew about sharps and flats)"

No they did not.

In fact, they did not divide the octave in 12 parts, let alone in equal parts (this is a musical & mathematical problem, only to be resolved by compromise).

Windows 7: Microsoft's three missed opportunities


WNT is not VMS

It is a nice urban story, that WNT is VMS + 1.

AFAIK, David Cutler was hardly involved with VMS during his time at Digital, probably with the design of VMS 1.0 and possibly with 2.0. But by the time NT came about, we were already at VMS 5.5-2 or perhaps 6.1, with huge improvements in the security domain.

There are similarities. Some.

F.ex. in the task scheduler, with the priority levels 0-15. Probably also in the handling of virtual memory and pagefile.

I don´t know much about the internals of NT, and I can´t say if and how there is memory protection and the like. But there is certainly not a role-based security like there is in VMS (whitch was there from te beginning, although perhaps with some bugs and oversights).

And I never heard of buffer overflows, until (also) VMS got crippled (a bit) with third party software that did not adhere to the rigorous parameter passing rules.

VMS was disigned to be a multi-user, multi purpose OS. NT is not, it is a desktop OS, single user but with some network connections taking part. To make it multi-user, they needed Citrix, but that is not native.

Don´t blame Cutler, he only made the kernel. That the rest of Microsoft did not understand what he did (or was aiming at) is not his fault.

Nevertheless, there are design decisions that were absolutely wrong. The registry is one of them.