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If you're appy and you know it: The Huawei P40 Pro conclusively proves that top-notch specs aren't everything

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Re: reviewer uses Google extensively

Have you checked out the reissued/updated Nokia 3310?

'We're changing shift, and no one can log on!' It was at this moment our hero knew server-lugging chap had screwed up

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Re: Labels people, and read them!

Sounds like there was at least one redundancy ;)

NASA reveals the new wavy Martian wheels it thinks can crush the red planet

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I had that same Sand Scorcher, and it was brilliant! Wanted to get another for my own kids, but they are pretty expensive; there was a remake of it in 2010 apparently.

We used to have to build practically the whole thing, and that was a big part of the fun, what I don't like nowadays is that it seems to be almost totally ready built - I'm sure somebody could correct me though?

Microsoft staff giggle beneath the weight of a 52,000-person Reply-All email storm

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This yor folt


Brit Parliament online orifice overwhelmed by Brexit bashers

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Random thoughts on this sad situation

The whole thing has just been complete bollocks from start to...was going to say finish, but that is still nowhere in sight. There should have been only a change of this magnitude if there had been a vast majority in favour, e.g. two-thirds...

I, and many, many ex-pats were not even entitled to vote due to being abroad too long, yet are still impacted by all this total crap. I wonder how many folks for example working happily in European institutions for many years, will lose their job, simply because they don't belong to an EU country anymore? How many with holiday homes abroad or retired somewhere warm, will be impacted, possibly due to laws concerning non-EU ownership, or even simply the GBP-EUR exchange rate?

I definitely think there should be a second referendum with a choice between "No Brexit", and a "Deal" spelled out in full, even "No Deal" just for the kamikaze assholes that appear to exist. Mandatory voting might even be necessary to get the real scale of each position.

We have to elect these morons every few years or so, if we applied the "no second referendum" logic, then there would never be a change of government.

The only good thing from all this is that I hope the Tories and at this rate Labour will implode; only interested in their own gains, and to hell with the rest of the country.

A few reasons why cops didn't immediately shoot down London Gatwick airport drone menace

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The obvious solution

I'm surprised that nobody has already proposed the obvious solution - mounted cowboys with lassos - if the drones are too high, simply use flying horses.

Linux kernel's Torvalds: 'I am truly sorry' for my 'unprofessional' rants, I need a break to get help

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Re: Aspergers

He's not got Aspergers, he's just Finnish

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Re: I blame the source code management...

I reckon he chose the word "git" since it is one character quicker to type than "twat" :D

Google Flutter hits beta: Another go at cross-platform mobile dev

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Re: Optional

Hmmm, just rechecked this, and seems I was misinformed - which sucks somewhat.

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Compiles to JavaScript :-S

I don't see the point of this really, ReactNative targets both iOS and Android, has a couple of years head start, and, well, you know - actually compiles to Native code instead of crappy JS - hence the name.

Classic case of "not invented here so let's reinvent the wheel"...

Erase 2017 from your brain. Face ID never happened. The Notch is an illusion

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I have the Pixel XL (original, not the 2), and before that the Nexus 5X, and agree with what you said, perfect positioning of the fingerprint sensor. You lose no screen real estate by placing the sensor on the back, and it is a very natural place to put it, if you do it correctly.

I would much rather keep this than go to face-id or fingerprint on the front of the device.

So Google and other sanely minded manufacturers, please keep doing it this way!

Meet the woman with a supernatural affinity for stiff lovers

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Nick Cave's Dead Man in my Bed, or perhaps even Stone Temple Pilot's Dead and Bloated :-)

There must be so many songs for this!

No, BMW, petrol-engined cars don't 'give back to the environment'

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Re: The only way to make cars give back to the environment

"...and it will just work. It is an era of 'wishful thinking' but we are dangerously banking our futures on it. Let's hope we make it through to the other side."

Sorry I thought you were talking about Brexit all of a sudden :D

Former Nokia boss Stephen Elop scores gig as chief innovator for Australia's top telco

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Makes sense

After all, it is where criminals and lunatics were traditionally sent in the past.

I cannae dae it, cap'n! Why I had to quit the madness of frontline IT

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Re: I also agree, but...

10 for that, you must be mad!

Apple to tailor Swift into fully open-source language – for Linux, too

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Android please!

I'd love to see this running on Android, so much less porting work would need to be done.

REVEALED: Titsup flight plan mainframe borks UK air traffic control

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Re: Tech specs

Ah, that was probably the radar-processing side of things (making sense of the radar inputs, churning out combined data to the LAN). Those would not run the "modern" stuff like Ada or C++, but were based on established proprietary products. The RS-6000s ran AIX, a flavour of Unix.

Wow, I have to check out the National Museum of Computing, maybe something I worked on actually had historic value (rather than being thrown away without ever being released, like most things...)

So you reckon Nokia-wielding Microsoft can't beat off Apple?

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Re: Strange analysis

> Nokia at the end of 2010 had a large market share based on old technology, and they had no answer to the new and fast growing contender.

They had Meego, a Linux based OS, which Elop also cast onto the fire, but did spawn the N9 in 2011. So I don't agree that they had "no answer", but WP became the smartphone platform instead of Meego.

I can only assume the other Directors on Nokia's board were threatened with the firing squad if they disagreed. They should all be put against the wall today in any case.

New iPhones: C certainly DOESN'T stand for 'Cheap'

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Summing up the whole announcement in 4 words...

Much ado about nothing :)

Microsoft, Nokia and the sound of colliding garbage trucks

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This could be a great move by the "remainder" of Nokia that MS don't get their hands on.

Firstly, they get rid of that asshole Elop, and his asshole board of asslicking directors.

Secondly, they get rid of the bag-of-shite WinPhone platform.

What is left, if I understand correctly, is the Asha phone line, NAVTEQ/Maps, patents, and a GIANT pile of cash.

Nokia would have a couple of years time to engineer an Android phone ready for when they can start using their brand on phones again. This will compete strongly with Samsung and bury Elop & co.

Of course, they could blow the cash pile on a damn good weekend out in Tallinn with blackjack and hookers.

Rogue Nokia splinter cell drops its Jolla phone A-BOMB

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I wonder whether it will be able to run any of the QT apps already in the app-store-formerly-known-as-ovi?

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Re: Rolling upgrade

Well, yes and no, the main issue I can see with that is that you are tied to the same form factor - if you make your device any larger or smaller, then presumably you will have issues attaching the two halves.

... time machine. Iranian Dr Who claims he invented a ...

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I'd like to know how they prove...

...it is accurate to 98% when things in the future have not happened yet :)

Nokia axes 300 IT bods, outsources 820 to Tata, HCL

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Re: Hardly

Come on Elop, don't post anonymously!

Chinese man pleads guilty to $100m piracy scam

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Cosburn Wedderburn

Is his middle name Afterburn?

4chan founder Moot threatens site for using his handle

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never 'eard of 'im

famous my arse

Musk to blast right of way through California with railgun Concorde

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Thumb Up

Hope this railgun concorde does not have rounded corners, or it won't end well...

ROGUE PLANET WITHOUT A SUN spotted in interstellar space

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Paul 75

Cue Space 1999 theme tune!

Steve Jobs' Apple-powered yacht makes belated first trip

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I bet that looked a whole lot better on the back of the envelope that they originally sketched it on...

WHITE WHALE spent 4 years trying to tell us something, then stopped

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Re: Best get those scientists out there to do their research

Not if it is Jimmy Wales, and that wouldn't be counted as cannibalism, but as a favour to humanity ;)

Brighton marathon munchers banned from all-you-can-eat diner

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Re: @mark 63

Please get me a job at your place...in CZ... :D

Simon Cowell plans X Factor for Tech

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Re: The hunt for the Susan Boyle of code is on

There are many with the looks, but alas few with the voice...

'Proud' RIM supremo survives shareholder showdown

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What he really meant was

"The change in timeline is not related to the quality of the platform nor the architecture nor the functionality,"

"the delay was due to software integration taking longer than the firm thought it would"

The quality, the platform, AND the architecture are all fooked concurrently :)

Milky Way DOOMED to high-speed smash with Andromeda galaxy

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Milky Way

The galaxy you can eat between meals without ruining your appetite.

Nokia Lumia 710

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It is rather amusing, but the Maps team is actually based there.

X Prize: Build a Star Trek 'tricorder' and win $10m

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That's all very well,

but where will they find someone with 15 different diseases to test?!

If they get a bunch of MPs together and they could easily detect the seven deadly sins...do they count as diseases?

Apple: 4m iPhone 4S handsets sold, thank you very much

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Another story...

...on this day "Survey: '4 million' Brits stung by ID theft"

Coincidence? I think not!

Here lies /^v.+b$/i

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delete stob;

stop = NULL;

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User::Leave( KErrDied );

Legendary steampunk computer 'should be built' - programmer

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It's all very well building the hardware...

...but who will implement the App Store for it?

Blog service shut down by order of US law enforcement

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bunch of bloggers...

...who will even notice and give even a small amount of poop?

New Jersey car prang woman blames carjacking

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Safety first

With a face like that, she CAN'T have been wearing a seatbelt!

Symbian Titanic heading for iceberg

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Ways to develop on Symbian

Nowadays there are lots of ways to develop for Symbian - in native C++ with the ugly descriptors, cleanup stack, and leaves...but once you learn it, it works well, although it is somewhat verbose.

J2ME, already mentioned by some posters, is supported on all S60 devices, and can run for the most part unaltered also on Nokia's S40 devices (as long as you don't have too much memory utilisation and know differences in camera handling, for example).

QT will bring a huge salvation in application development for the platform with its really nice C++ APIs, with added advantage that the same apps should run on Meego also...and also in theory might cross compile to other platforms (PC, Linux, and I believe Mac is also on the cards), although I believe Nokia have grafted some phone-specific APIs on top of vanilla QT that won't port across (yet).

One thing not yet mentioned is that Nokia have OpenC interfaces, with very posix-like APIs, so many C programs and libraries can just be recompiled. If you use Open GL for the UI then you should be in a good position since you don't need to use the crappy Avkon framework, which is admittedly, crappy.

Maybe there are some other ways, but those are the ones I have used until now (there is also web runtime stuff, Flash, and Silverlight, but I don't know too much about that at the moment). So, you are rather spoiled for choice in a way, and developers from many backgrounds (C++, Java, C, Web) can find some tool to leverage for Symbian. Which is pretty impressive actually.

Sun slips nips onto iPad

Paul 75
Jobs Halo

Steve Jubs

I like his new surname :)

Alt rock diva's nude snap 'leaked' to tweetosphere

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May I be the first to say...

...album art!

Bear and Monkey smack Apple with patent suit

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So why doesn't he sue the big G (and all other search engines) for only showing a summary of their page matches? What a dumb thing to try to patent, and even dumber to be granted a patent!

Flat-pack plug designer wins top award

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Nice plug for laptop

I'd like to see the rest of his house, if his wall sockets look like that!

Googlenet dwarfs all but two of world's ISPs

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Is it just me, or can anyone else comprehend how a single company can accumulate so much wealth and power, in such a short time, simply from some dumbasses clicking adverts on a computer screen? I mean they don't even have any physical product, unlike Amazon or other online retailers. Even Microsoft actually ships products out the door. The world has gone completely mad.