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Facebook caves to Australia's call for explanations of News Feed algo changes

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Are you not entertained?

" reducing their capacity to deliver the public good of strong news services that entertain and inform the nation."

Inform the nation - Yes.

Entertain the nation - No. I do not wish for my news to be entertaining thank you. Precisely because we end up with the ratings chasing sh*t show that is our current "24 hour" news.

"That article / report is not entertaining enough, spice it up a bit.... change that language, make it more suspenseful. I want fear as a response from the reader / viewer...."

"But this is a story about the USDA's monthly orange crop report"

Brit brainiacs say they've cracked non-volatile RAM that uses 100 times less power


Re: "Within the next decade we'll either have it or we won't"

Zombie, the Quantum Human state... Alive, Dead, or both

Nokia tribute band HMD revives another hit


Re: I still have a 7110...

it wasn't. a friend had one and after a few months you had to jump out of the way every time he answered the phone.

Facebook tried teaching bots art of negotiation – so the AI learned to lie


Why would you want to teach a computer / AI / automaton-inator to negotiate like a human? Is human really the gold standard of negotiating? Are you not just handicapping it from the start?

Try also building AI that learns to negotiate without copying human behaviour and then compare the results sets. Yes it will take longer, but do you end up with a better negotiated results for both parties?

RBS debit card payments have gone utterly TITSUP

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total inability to support usual payments

Bravo! just perfect for a Friday!

(This is both to RBS, and to Author 2936!)

Zero-day hole can pwn millions of LastPass users, all that's needed is a malicious site


Re: given its owned by log me in now

Does this change the above statement?....


Ex-HP boss Carly Fiorina sacked one week into new job


Re: I was thinking of a Kickstarter campaign

you were beaten to it by the UK show The Last Leg.


5 Eyes in the Sky: The TRUTH about Flight MH370 and SPOOKSATS



Surely they missed a trick here:

Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation (DIGO)

should have been

Defence Imagery aNd Geospatial Organisation (DINGO)

Assange: 'Ecuadorian embassy staff are like my family'


but with the US government in shutdown due to toys out of pram, isn't now a good time for IT to leave the embassy, get sent to Sweden, sort that out?

Guinness: Have a quick bonk over the bar and receive FREE BEER


I know I will get lambasted by the small minded for this but...

What about windows phone 8 device?

(There are possibly more of those out there with NFC embedded than Blackberrys with NFC...)

Star Trek saviour JJ Abrams joins the dark side: Star Wars VII


Re: Ughhh

anyway, there is no such thing as a fish. doesn't exist.

Phones 4U scrambles onto EE's back, flings out own virtual network



see title

SAP customers fancy licence payments 'holiday'


Re: sod that....

Reg Article in a few years time.....

Decent developers are hard to find and too expensive...

Developers lock in major problem and massive unpredictable cost for companies .....

And AC comments:

sod that.... just buy an off the shelf system ... hell of a lot cheaper then paying for developers


What works for some, doesn't work for all. Thankfully as a company, you can choose which way to go.

Rolling robot avatar trumps telecommuting


Ivan Anywhere - been there done that!

a colleague in Canada came up with this around 2005 to 2007.


Dreaded redback spider's NEMESIS: Forgotten Captain Cook wasps


Re: The list of non-dangerous creatures in Oz:

Welcome to the University of Woolamaroo.

Look, you being called Michael is going to cause a bit of a problem...

Do ya mind if we call ya Bruce?

Monster camera preps for dark energy search


When are Nokia putting this on a phone?

The latest PureView?

Hackers leak '1 MILLION records' on Apple fanbois from FEDS

Big Brother


should they ask you for your name and credit card number on this site too?

O2 outage outrage blamed on new Ericsson database


single point of failure

i remember the "single point of failure" complaints made when Vodafone had a similar outage last year.

I will repeat what one person said....

if you are that concerned about single point of failure, why aren't you carrying around an O2 and an Orange phone then?

network down for a day = a day of getting work done.

Study: Climate was hotter in Roman, medieval times than now

Paris Hilton

ice faries

Is anyone else reading ice faires as ice fairies?

Sony awards PlayStation cert to HTC handsets


I see what you did there!

Game of phones.... very good (for the day after a 4 day weekend).

but who does that make the stunted dwarf in your mind then?

Siri subtly shifts smartphone allegiance


old response

I seem to recall that when siri first made it onto the scene a lot of people asked a lot of dumb questions to the phone. What is the best phone being one of them.

The response is what you are seeing in these articles.

This was months before this "scandal" arose

I am guessing that they finally flipped a switch from "joke response" to "actual search", then this news item hit, so they flicked the switch back.

(honestly not an apple fan, have to use the products and they suck)

Stuck in a dull conference? You need Verity's survival guide


One speaker/lecturer handled it brilliantly....

This was at university, but similar situation.

Guest lecturer at front giving interesting talk. Guy(male) at back (long black hair, slightly high pitched voice) asking annoying questions.

After question 5 he actually raises an interesting point, but lecturer is frustrated, so says

"The girl at the back has made a good point...."

no more questions, lecture continues uninterrupted.

Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S III


Re: Ecosystem and accessories

Couldn't agree with you more.

a SmartPhone is one where the battery last more than 1 day/2 days

iPhone/Android/WP7 are all dumbphones, but perhaps great pda's


Ecosystem and accessories

I may be wrong but...

With a quad core processor, decent screen, decent battery life, and connectivity options (wifi/BT/NFC), there really isn't much further you can take the hardware on a handset.

And so it will become more about the accessories and ecosystem rather than the handset itself.

With ideas like Ubuntu for Android, and the Asus padphone, the apps available in your app store of choice, cloud storage solutions then the thing in your pocket will be more a personal processing unit than a phone.

Whoever is best placed to take advantage of that will be the one to succeed.

Angry Birds Space


Space Penguin anyone

I recall an old online game called space penguin. this just feels like a bit of a rip off.

Outbound space probe looks back at tiny Earth and Moon




Seven Dwarfs password gag declared Fringe's best


A few jokes I heard recently

What do Nokia and Apple now have in common?

No more jobs

Steve Jobs' text was meant to say: "I reign as CEO of Apple". Damn you auto-correct!

When I saw my girlfriend playing football for the first time I knew she was a keeper

Acer tweaks tablet with MeeGo move

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Tablet OS comparisons from one manufacturer

Are Acer trying to provide reference hardware that runs all of the different flavours of Tablet OS so you can see which one you prefer?

It's official: Nokia bets on Microsoft for smartphones


Nokia Tyres

I look forward to putting Nokia Tyres on my car in 5 years time

SWAT team besieges Illinois school in 'butt dialling' incident


Mobile phone to landline, only the mobile can end the call

When on a call that is mobile phone to landline, only the mobile phone can end the call.

I have had accidental calls before to the home number and no matter how many times I hang up my phone, it doesn't matter, as soon as I pick it up again the call is still there.

Florida cops tase naked jogger


from the 50's

Perhaps the cop was straight out of the 50's where they used use Electrocution therapy on people with perceived deficiencies?

Boffins build acme e-paper screen


RE: didn't a UK company/university already do this?

it was a Dutch company



didn't a UK company/university already do this?

I seem to remember seeing a video about 6 months ago showing just this same idea, but in colour and up to 60fps video....

App steers cyclists away from traffic, upward inclines


app fail

Just tested the route from my work to home.

Application ignores the mostly flat national cycle route path (on footpath next to a main road) 40 minutes, in favour of the quiet roads that take you up 3 extreemly steep hills (and back down the other side), 240 minutes

App fail.

Robot footballers 'will beat Human Race first eleven by 2050'



can't wait to see one of the meat-bag players try to tackle something with solid metal legs and no pain receptors!!!

New 'Tolpuddle Martyrs' demand £50 a day

Gates Horns

devilish pay

£26.65 per day

4 hrs (as some have mentioned this is how long the place is open for per day)

26.65 / 4 = £6.66 ph

I think we have stumbled onto something here!!!

Quake Live shoots out of beta with a charge


@Pirate Dave

Duke Nukem is never coming out.... that is part of the joke.

Duke Nukem "it's gonna take" Forever

iPhone customers lay into Apple after iOS 4.0.1 update fails to install


new keyboard please

"Maybe you touched the USB cable in the lower left corner. ‘Don't hold it that way’, okay?


Made me choke on my cuppa!

Apple spews Judas Phone signal bar 'fix' to world+dog

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just as gripping..... ha ha ha

'Russian spy' was MS software tester

Big Brother

12 people ejected eh...?

they weren't all selected as jurors in a case against some high powered senator were they?

iPhone mag-stripe reader stalled


finger prints

chip and pin on iPhone?!!?!? ha ha ha ha.

wipe screen clean - hand to customer to enter pin - hold screen to light and see what 4 numbers make up the pin!

New road made from pigsh*t in Missouri


porcine portfolios

porcine portfolios.... is that a Porkfolio?

I'll get my coat!

Google, Facebook cop for preposterous patent potshot

Black Helicopters

US PTO won't go away

Blanket approve all patents = lots of lawsuits = judges, courts and lawyers busy and employed and paid large sums of money, which gets taxed....

Sky 3D soccer fails to score


3D footballers... ew

Oh god no..... you know that the players will work out where the camera's are and then spit or clear their noses in the direction of said cameras.... put you off your pints!!?!?

Home Office misses Brussels' Phorm deadline



The people that made the 'oversight' won't be changed by voting in a new government.... it is just the bosses of the bosses that would change.... and as you rightly say, in name only

Sale talks heat up at T-Mobile UK

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Competition Commission anyone?

"Deutsche Telekom is talking to Vodafone, France Telecom and Telefonica. An anonymous source told the FT:“If we’re lucky, we could end up with a three-horse race.” "

Vodafone.... France Telecom (owns Orange), Telefonica (owns O2)....

would have thought none of these guys will be allowed to buy it due to competition/monopoly problems