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HTML5 vs native: Harry Coder and the mudblood mobile app princes

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Re: Hell no!

I think you are missing the point. If you are on mobile and you search for some content, would you not prefer to view it on a mobile optimised view?

Lumia 830: Microsoft hopes to seduce with slim 'affordable' model

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Another level

Even though it is definitely good to have competition in the mobile arena, MS really need to up their game. Android especially, but iOS as well are moving on so quickly, Windows Phone is being left in the dust while they decide how they are going to integrate Windows Phone with Windows 8.1.

MS don't have a great track record with hardware, so I expect they will make some fatal mistakes over the next couple of years which will ensure they are always thought of as 'also run'.

Ab phab: Apple is Britain's coolest brand YET AGAIN

Nathan Askew

Shh - don't tell the oldies

Don't let the secret out of the bag, let aunt Mildred & uncle Geoff think that Apple is still cool. But as we all know, the brand is now the most un-cool tech around.

Rap for KitKat in crap app wrap trap flap: Android 4.4 is 'meant to work like that'

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Change to WebView

El Reg is only telling part of the story here. The reason this is happening in KitKat is because WebView now uses Chromium rather than the old Android Browser renderer. This allows for better, quicker layout but the consequence is that devs need to update a small bit of code to implement correctly.

No big issue.

LIVE CHAT: You, El Reg, experts chat about Win 8.1 and Surface 2

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Ha! Hilarious. How can anyone love Win8.1

Microsoft: Surface is DEAD. Long live the Surface 2!

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Re: How much an Ultrabook costs?

Part of the problem is that windows 8(.1) is not very good as a touch OS, or very good when controlled with a keyboard and mouse. How can you use a touch OS which needs a keyboard to find an app quickly?

Good luck to any who buys these devices. I fear there will be plenty of non-techy people talked into buying one but some spotty sales person. I saw someone buying a Surface RT yesterday ??

Yahoo! web! traffic! BIGGER! THAN! GOOGLE! in! July!

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Are you sure?

The Google outage last week apparently showed a 40% reduction in internet traffic. So if these numbers are correct, Yahoo! and Google have over 80% of total web traffic...I don't think so

Review: Sony Xperia SP

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"...for a few quid less you can get a Google Nexus 4 but that has storage and battery issues."

I have never run out of space on my Nexus 4, the cloud is a wonderful thing you know. And the battery lasts for 2 days. Not too shabby I think.

Adobe rips up rebate rules after resellers riot

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Subscription model

And their subscription model is far more expensive in the EU than it is in the US. In the UK it can work oyt as nearly £900 a year!

Voda to plug not-spots with mini-masts in boozers

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Sure Signall

When I first got sure signal, I was very disappointed with the performance. If I was uploading data at the same time, the person I was talking to couldn't understand a word I was saying. Then I got a 40MB ADSL line and now all is well. I don't have any problems whatsoever. It really is a godsend because I work from home and previous to sure signal, I got 1 bar at best.

Googlephone sales off to a sluggish start?

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Apps Schnapps

Why do all reports highlight the fact that there aren't as many apps on Android but fail to recognise that it is far better to have 1 decent, usable app rather than 10 fart apps.

I thought the stats were that most iPhone apps get used on average between 3 & 4 times in total. There are no apps I have on my iPhone that I haven't been able to get similar on Android.

So really it is not a point which is worth making.

HTC smartphones vulnerable to Bluetooth file sniffing

Nathan Askew

What are the chances!?

I understand it may be a vulnerability but the chance of this actually happening are tiny. Considering you would have to stay with 10m of the hacker while firstly he had to anonymously pair with your handset which is not the easiest thing to do, then set up the FTP connection.


MobileMe offers another free bite of the Apple

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Why pay?

Why are aple devotes willing to pay for this service when you can do exactly the same with Googlemail/calender and goosync all for free!!!!!

Apple users are constantly having the wool pulled over thier ideas with good marketing.

Record labels to ditch CD singles for USB Flash drives

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I know, believe me.

Just so you know, the Universal releases will not be DRM'd. They are high bit rate MP3s. So with this in mind, it is better than download, also the memory is re-usable so you have an artist branded memory stick. Maybe not as bad as most reggers think?

Only Sky can save digital TV

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Thumb Down


...was this article written to provoke reaction?

Completely misinformed and narrow minded.

No end in sight for Vista's Long Goodbye

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I thought this problem was solved...

I had the same problem with my install of Vista and after lots of searching I found a solution.

There is a setting in Folder Options which is "Always show icons, never thumbnails". If you uncheck this, the problem does not occur. I would have thought it would be the other way around but it is not.

Why MS can't fix the problem and why they released the OS with these sorts of problems after there massive amount of Beta testers, I will never know.