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IFPI wants another stab at OiNK

Steve Skipper

Musicians should get another job that pays

Poor old musicians complaining they get no money, Music labels with a business plan from the beginning of last century.

People who make music should now just accept that they will never earn a living from recording music in this digital age and find a job that does. Does that mean music will die? like the IFPI thinks. No it just means that people who have a passion for music will continue to make music, but only for love. (or maybe a pint if they are lucky)

In any case why do we need record labels now anyway? aren't they completely redundant?

Mozilla slots pr0n safe mode into Firefox 3.1

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They shouldn't bother putting in "safe mode", just so they can say IE8 is the browser of choice for wankers.

Ice in fuel caused Heathrow 777 crash

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Air crash investigations

Should be a fascinating episode....

Suicide squirrel knocks out Swiss TV

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Presumably the unlucky rodent must have touched the neutral.

New Van Gogh pic discovered using German atom-smasher

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Cerca, trova

How funny would have it been if there was a crudely drawn knob underneath.

Unmanned Aerial Manhood outrage at Kasparov rally

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Chess master Pwned by Bishop

The bodyguard gave it a good beating however.

Id Dooms gamers to new shoot-'em-up sequel

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I still play DOOM

Albeit GLDOOM @1024x768 with mouse look, it is incredibly fast and playable and wait for it....it even works under Vista. I tend to pick a random level and try and complete it from scratch, otherwise it is too easy as you carry over the weapons and ammo from previous levels.

Customers give Dell the finger over keyboard screw-up

Steve Skipper

Dell Boy

Didn't their namesake once have a problem shifting some doggy calculators with no equal sign?

Apple blocks cheaper UK iPod sales

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Hope they FAIL

They move their manufacturing operation to China, a market that plays by different rules to the West but they Don't like it when the consumer does a similar thing by exploiting different markets.

BTW top comment by Charlie Clark.

Creative threatens developer over home-brewed Vista drivers

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Wiki vandalism

"Creative Fail Limited (SGX: C76) is a listed manufacturer of inferior computer multimedia products based in Singapore"


100Mbit/s sewer broadband rollout coming your way

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Just finished flushing my DNS cache

The name of the company managing this should be called Cistern Systems.

Car crash driver blames pterodactyl

Steve Skipper

But seriously....

Maybe he was thinking of dinosaurs after he "rapter" around the lamp post.

Microsoft spits out final XP service pack, beta version

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@Cynical thought

XP used to run just fine with 256MB RAM, now 512MB is barely enough. I do wonder sometimes if the updates MS releases slow your machine to a crawl to make you go out and buy a new one. although some of the blame for this is the bloated "Internet security" suites that in my view are unnecessary for most users behind a decent router.

Moon makes us extra special, scientists say

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if you think about it there are a number of things that make this planet "just right" to have life emerge on it, like the large amount of Iron which as well acting as a shield against rays, helped the ocean release oxygen into the atmosphere. And the unusually large moon acted a giant mixing spoon in the primordial soup.

But that's why we live here on Earth and not on Gamma Hydra 12,400 light years away.

Brown reveals road pricing, emissions plans

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Another thing about Guy Fawkes

I bet there is more CO2 released (and who knows what else) on November 5th than any other day in the year, with all these thousands of bonfires.

I say BAN that first.

it is such a strange thing to celebrate anyway.

Ubuntu laptop clan trapped in hard drive hell

Steve Skipper

Maybe not just Ubuntu

Since I installed 1 of the performance & compatibilty patches on my Wndows Vista a similar thing has been happening with my second hard drive (spinning up and down) I will now have a play with my bios settings and see if it goes away.

Oz burglar had sex with Hoover

Steve Skipper


When I first read the title I thought it was about a sex scandal from the Bureau's archives.

PC superstore suffers breakdown over Linux notebook

Steve Skipper


He could have taken a screen shot from a windows XP desktop and used is as his wallpaper in linux, the tw**s at PC World probably wouldn't have noticed the difference.

'Ads-funded' Microsoft Works pilot barges onto your PC this year

Steve Skipper

Works must die

What is the point of works, the file formats cannot even be opened by MS Office. So later on when you are rich enough to buy a copy of Office 2007 you will have do all your work again.

Your very own R2 unit multimedia machine

Steve Skipper

Just what I need

Just in time to fix my 3 year old son's bicycle. (you can finish the punchline)

Derbyshire cops get into deep water

Steve Skipper

Don't be so hard on them

I sent this clip to a friend of mine in the police and he said that on the advanced driving course they are told to hit the water fast and hard and then drive in wake of the resulting wave, however it is difficult to time it right as this driver proved. Still funny though.

Missing German doctor reappears after 22 years

Steve Skipper

What is that smell?

"And what is that buzzing sound I hear every time I go into the garage?" she must have to her self........ for 5 months.

How did she not notice?

No end in sight for Vista's Long Goodbye

Steve Skipper

Vista Spook

I have had this bug working with files and folders on local drives a well a networked, it happens randomly I’m beginning to think Vista is haunted. I have noticed that empty folders and files that register as “0 bytes” seem to really confuse it.