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Ballmer bitch slaps Vista


DirectX10 and Vista supporters

Now that they have admitted what we all knew already Vista sucks, will they reverse their stupid policy of no DX10 for XP?

As for all those Vista supporters that state your having problems with vista cause your running it on old hardware all I can say.....

2 x quad core 5000 Series Xeon at 2.6Ghz, 4GB of Ram, Raid 0 Raptor (scratch), Raid 0 WD 500 (system), 8800GTX 768MB.

Vista Slow and bloated also downright unstable.

XP 64Bit fast and stable.

It has nothing to do with old hardware why vista sucks and more to do with too much bloat and lack of driver maturity. The later will be solved with time but the bloat seems to be the direction MS is going.

Mines the one with the go faster stripes on it!

eBay kills live auctions


Ebay great for buyer sucks for seller

I have until recently been a happy seller with ebay and paypal however I recently sold a laptop that was returned to me as having a faulty DVD drive however the item had been either damaged in transit on return or damaged by the buyer. The buyer did not return it insured or registered and upon fixing the damaged screen at my cost I find the DVD drive was fine anyway.

However Paypal had gladly refunded the buyer at my loss and ebay still haven't refunded the FVF on it. Ebay to this day request that I send them proof of the refund via fax which I've done 10 times from 3 different location. I've also emailed them what I faxed and each time I get the same automated email telling me they haven't received it and how to fax it.

Now I am a very unhappy ebay seller and I hope the choke on the 2bill profit!

US government forces military secrets on Brit webmaster


What do you expect?

This is the same lot that can't even distinguish between friend and foe on the battlefield what chance have they got with a simple domain name.

Vista SP1 kills and maims security apps, utilities

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OSx Drive Failure cause for upgrade

OK I run XP/Vista/Ubuntu/PClinuxOS/Slackware and OSx and out of all of them the worst OS for me is Vista which I might start calling Windows ME 2nd edition.

First time I've had a problem with OSx and it's caused by a drive failure however I've taken the opportunity to upgrade to 10.5. Bearing in mind this is a 2Ghz PPC Imac it's running sweet however one wonders how slow an equivalent Vista system would be. As for Aero / Aqua the later still looks better come to think of it Linux has looked better than Vista for a year or two now with it's 3D gui.

However I would like to thank MS as their whole attitude to OS design is keeping me in business. You see I am in IT support and thanks to there building of popular bloatware I get regular support work and PC upgrades.

So thanks MS for helping me pay my bills!

IBM hands server tech to Lenovo

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Lenovo doing servers oh dear

As an old school avid fan of IBM servers and notebooks I am unhappy to hear they are going to put there servers in the hands of Lenovo who imo have managed to ruin Thinkpad's.

Anyone that thinks I'm wrong should compare an IBM made T42P with a Lenovo made T60P. Also driver issues abound especially in the Wireless and VGA sections.

Microsoft spits out final XP service pack, beta version


Re: @BitTwister by Steve

"Still yet to hear of anything reasonable in the comments of El Reg as to why Vista is so bad. Performance is bollocks (run it on modern hardware and it's fine"

Well I didn't need to try it on 300 odd machines as the 8 core 4GB Raid 0 desktop I built and installed Vista on acted like a Celeron 2.6Ghz 512MB with XP SP2. So to reiterate what everyone else is saying Vista is a lot slower than XP FACT!!!

Despite this I do think Vista has some good points however like Stilton Cheese it still needs some maturing before it's going to be any good. It's quiet possible that vista is the ME of its time however W2k and XP came after that and were both good IMO.

PS. I'm using a MAC right now for business and XP for home/gaming.

Sony's 40GB PS3 for Europe confirmed

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Wouldn't mind but!

Having invested in a PS3 and 1080P screen I'm left wondering why I bothered. It's boring compared to my Wii and no amount of fancy graphics is going to change that fact. And to top it off the one game I do like runs in 720p which looks naff on my 1080P screen leaving me the option of spending £300 odd on a decent upscaler or ebaying my PS3 60GB before I lose anymore on it.

I think sony have really messed up with this next gen of consoles and I'm sad that I listened to all those saying the Wii isn't next gen due to graphics when the fact is next gen is not just about graphics but a general evolution of the console something I feel the Wii and to a lesser extent 360 have done.

Bye bye sony PS3 don't buy buy people.....

No end in sight for Vista's Long Goodbye


Vista Bashing hmmm

Just a quick note any OS requiring multiple reinstallations is not stable. I've a couple of clients that have chosen to become Vista early adopters desipite my warnings and 2 of the 3 have had to reinstall the OS a few times due to odd behaviour.

I've noticed slow transfers speeds when moving files from one drive to another so the DRM scan or goverment inforced scan idea makes sense to me but I'm open to other options. The only thing I know for sure is it doesn't happen under XP.

Finally Aero having put together a system that scores 5.9 across the board I was expecting some really cool looks instead I am left wondering what all the fuss was about. I've seen better from linux desktops that were out 6 months before!!!

Roll on SP1 for a bit of stablity.