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Apple's lone wolf approach to security will bite it in the rear


Re: The trend is social engineering

My experience of mac users must be different to yours as about 90% of all the ones I support will just click yes yes yes to anything flagged in front of them. Windows users that I support however on the whole don't and I often get request to look at things they aren't sure about.

Microsoft drops 'risky' Windows 8 preview on World


Re: Hate it - I have a 24" monitor not a 10" tablet!

Actually the server version has no interface, to my knowledge it's going CLI :)

BUSTED! Secret app on millions of phones logs key taps


HTC Desire Z doesn't show it.

Just had a look through my running apps and it doesn't show this.

Anyone else see this?

Disk prices double after flood - and could 'double again'

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Boo hoo £100 for 1TB is nothing see enterprise hdd

I use enterprise drives and they are really taking the p!$$ atm with the usual 500GB 2.5" constellation that had been £125 up at around the £300 mark.

Far to much profittering atm...

India uncloaks new thorium nuke plants

Big Brother

Did I do something wrong

Went to petition to add my vote upon visting there were 90 votes and after I cast mine there was 82.

It appears I'm classed as a negative when voting clear BB is watching :)

HP: webOS will still run PCs and printers


Nice one HP....

In less than a week you've managed to create so much confusion around webos that it's an epic FAILURE! You've done such a good job of killing any chance for webos to be a rival platform the consipiracy part of me thinks you might even have been paid off to do so.

Que webos to become a skin for windows 8 in the mighty HP Microsoft partnership????

I know it's late I'm off....

Earth may be headed into a mini Ice Age within a decade


I'm not worried about this

As I fully believe that the CO2 we release will save us as clearly mankinds affects on earth is far greater than that small yellow dot in the sky.....

Vote Lib Dem, doom humanity to extinction


The Cherno Problem

Having read and a listened about what when on in and around Chernobyl I can safely say I'd rather burn fossil fuels and pump money into various alternatives than spend another penny on Nuclear.

Also when polution has a half life longer than we have had modern man on this planet you have to wonder is this really the clean alternative.

Nuclear Fuel NO, Nuclear Weapons NO and sorry to say Lib Dem's NO.

Still don't know who I'll vote for but I know who I won't and they both start with L.

Sony's PS3 firmware update shows how retailers can be exposed


Do you work for Sony or something.

Just to shoot your analogy,

1. did I buy the bank?

2. did I buy the account?

3. can I go and open another account at no extra cost to me?

1.no, 2.no,3.yes

A better comparison would have been if I purchased a Worldwide Ticket that let me fly return anywhere in the world and then they decided it was only a single.

Big government and business sucks Sony included!

AMD signs Acer to hit Intel in the Duomos


Didn't anyone tell AMD

Acer SUCKS!!!!!

Really Acer Servers 10% of market surely they kid, Acer might manage 10% for home user PC's as most home users are clueless about IT. But servers are usually purchased by IT heads or those that know and they are unlikely to trust Acer for critical kit.

But hey I could be wrong......

Intel says warranties evaporate when kit resold


You think that's bad how's this for a wholesaler horror!

We purchased an asus barebones workstation about 4 and a bit months ago which turned up DOA this you would expect would require returning to the distie and getting a replacement easy peasy but oh no....

We had to send back to Asus in Germany at our cost, to a department you can only email and they attempt to repair it or replace. About a month and a half later the workstation turns up scratched, still not working, minus an internal drive bay and the CPU cooler which is custom to the workstation.

Much emails back and forth slow responses results in a stale mate with them refusing the RMA or refund it. I had to go back to the distie rattle a few cages and 3mths after the orginal purchase I get an RMA for full refund however I'm still waiting for the full refund.

NASA finds cocaine in Space Shuttle hangar



After all these years and this post has finally jogged my memory and reminded me of the name from a song much loved.

Nice one off to youtube I go :)

P.s. Coke is over rated Ebeenezer is the geezer you need to seek!

Billionaire floats eco dream on sailing soda bottles


Is this the same Rothchild

That when questioned about his belief in man made global warming using the shrinking ice caps as proof and was pointed to the fact that the Ice caps on Mars were also shrinking stated.

"that's because Mars is closer to the Sun...."

As others have pointed out a soda bottle boat is just as delusional guess it must be the inbreeding.

Citrix backtracks on XenDesktop 4 pricing


The Citrix Problem

There is no consistence with Citrix I use Xen server and it's a very good product in my experience however as an ex reseller I got the destinct impression they don't know how or who to sell there product or what sort of a business it thinks it is.

If Citrix really wants to make some money it needs to

1. Decide what type of business model to follow.

2. Simplify the product range e.g. Xen SMB Edition, Xen Server and Xen Desktop Corporate finished!

3. Set realistic pricing and stick to it also open up who can sell it as a lot of us have Xen experience but don't have to time to jump through your stupid hoops.

Businesses like to plan and resellers like it simple so sort it out or lose!

Intel unfurls copper-killing optical cables


10Gbps Copper Ethernet

Hasn't this been out for a few years now?

White hats release exploit for critical Windows vuln

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@ Shagbag

The market share of Windows means it is targetted for exploits way more than Linux or Mac hence why security flaws are shown up more often. I'd love to see MS open source but it won't happen until there is no money in the OS.

btw. Windows 7 Professional RTM is very nice I've done a side by side comparison with Vista business fully updated with 7 Professional RTM. Using the same hardware I had used for my initial vista test I did all those years ago.

7 is hands down what Vista should meaning that ageing quad core system with 2GB I have multi tasks like it should and I finally see a worthy upgrade from XP which lets be fair is getting a bit dated.

Either way the future looks bright no matter what OS your on :)

BMW unveils futuristic Vision

Black Helicopters

Can I just get my water powered car please

I heard about it in 1980 and have seen it on youtube :)

Can you please stop messing about with batteries and hydrogen fuel stations and give me the one that runs off water.

Oh maybe this is why http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDHT0hBgVOw

Hackintosh maker rises from the dead


Am I missing the point

apple release software user pays for software and gets it installed on non mac hardware. How can that be a problem or should we allow movie producers to say this dvd can only be played on a sony player.

apple you took a free os gave nothing back and put your lame gui on it. please get over yourselve before you end up like M$.

Ten of the best... iPhone beaters


@ Gary F 1

"Before the iPhone, mobiles had a slow upgrade cycle, adding one or two new features here and there to try and tempt you to upgrade. Touch screens were nowhere to be seen, multimedia and internet experiences were very poor and user interfaces were horrific."


XDA, Ipaq and it's ilk all had touch screens well before the Iphone and as for slow upgrade cycles remind me what apple's upgrade was this time as last time it was 3G whoohoo but a bit late.

The only thing Apple have done is what they are good at, which is to dumb it all down make it look pretty and give it a good PR spin.


htc touch pro 2 ?

Palm pre good but where is my touch pro 2 a serious device for business and techies imo.

You can keep your idrones no keyboard makes it a lame business tool.

HTC Hero look very interesting from a non business perspective.

Sony Bravia KDL-37S5500


Sony paid hansomely for the review then.

Sony have lost the plot to many fingers in to many pies have left them with a product range that is average at best with inflated costs. My recommendation would be a series 6 Samsung 100hz 50,000:1 works great with SD and Full HD and cheaper to boot.

Had mine for over a year no problems looks great too.

Microsoft conjures imaginary 'Apple Tax'


Re: Mad Clarinet

Sorry but you are so wrong Mac's are more expensive that PC's and your statement is plain wrong and shows you didn't do much research. Without spending more than 1 minute I see Dell offering PC with 20" monitor similar specs to the 20" Imac for £679 inc VAT and delivery.


Not like I'd buy a Dell but point is your wrong by about £300.

Also replacing failed parts is easier/cheaper compared with an IMAC so a PC has a lower TCO.

This isn't a MS/Mac argument it's a PC/Mac argument and PC's are CHEAPER no matter what OS you use on it!!!!

Obama & Gates vs the US military-industrial complex


Shouldn't title be Military Industrial Complex Puppet Obama plays at change

Youtube Obama Deception.....

Maybe I'm wrong but to me same agenda different face.

Lockheed offers ready-to-go supersoldier exoskeleton

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Better than the bendy bus

How about a 20mph version for the daily London commute

AMD teams with Intel chum on 40nm GPU shrink


Lots of firsts

But still can't release some decent Linux drivers though :)

I'm off pass the tux please.

Robot 'Spider-man' casts net to nab burglars


Nice is this a new Burgular Aid!!

So it fires a net that could be used carry all the kit you've just nabbed looks big too so you should be able to get a fair bit in there.

BT cuts 0870 charges


This will still cost you.

Simple fact is a lot of business use 0845 0870 08x as it means they can have fancy phone services without the costs. If revenue stops getting generated by this then they will have to pay for these fancy services and that cost will be passed on to the consumer in other ways. The only issue I have with these numbers is the rates that Mobile operators charge for calling them.

NASA orbiter reveals buried Martian glaciers



"larger than the city of Los Angeles and up to one-half-mile thick"

Is that instead of two-half-mile thick.

What's wrong with saying it's half a mile thick at the very least it's more economical!

Lenovo offers netbooks with added 'e'

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Yet another copy when I expected so much more from them!

How about 1280x768 10.2" screen what about doing away with trackpad and going with the track point ala thinkpad. How about bringing some innovation to the netbook arena lenovo 3G anyone.

I guess not. Another clone is all they could muster, one wonders whether IBM would have been so lack lustre coming to the netbook arena.

BNP leaked list claims first victims



No one should be sacked or repremanded due to a belief, thought or joining a legal entity that agrees with their beliefs. Allowing this to happen opens the door to pandora's box of George Orwells 1984 and their thought police. We have already gone to far down that route!

Tiny MyCar named electric vehicle of the year


@ Jacob Lipman

I think you should read this


All of it!


Greenies are soooo stupid!

What is so green about something that uses lead and acid and requires charging via fossil or worse still nuclear power. And to top it off you need to pay £9k for it..... Polo TDI only costs £3k more and it's a proper car!

It's like the idiots that go on about Nuclear power being better for the enviroment than fossil fuels. Lets look at it quickly carbon dioxide something that plants use, spent nuclear fuel rods 10,000 years to degrade to a safe level.

Where's the symbol with the world in a straight jacket as the worlds gone mad!

Orange can't find BlackBerry maps

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Orange and Businesses

As the majority of people that buy a blackberry will be business users I have to ask myself haven't they learn't that orange is not for business.

Paris because even she knows they are no good for business.

The Top Ten 3G iPhone beaters

Dead Vulture


You have a list of the top 10 smart phones and don't put the nokia e90 in their lame guys very lame!

Farewell then, Symbian

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Dead what eh.....

As I type this on my nokia e90 i'm left wondering what ur all on about. It seems far from dead to me and I can't stand the iphone looks nice but no ssh,vpn,exchange sync I wont continue.

Long live symbian!

Heavyweight physics prof weighs into climate/energy scrap


@ Michael and anyone else that things CO2 is bad!

"(a) Switching stuff and using low energy light bulbs >does< help. In my (rather high tech) house I brought electricity consumption down by 30% by this technique at essentially no inconvenience to me. Nationally, switching to low energy bulbs means that roughly 1 GWe of installed capacity can be switched off - about 2% o fUK demand or one power station we don't need to build."

Nice to see you've replaced your normal non poluting light bulbs with ones containing lots of nasty chemicals well done there.

"(c) The authors assumed faith in clean coal is endearing. This is a technology which has never been demonstrated at scale, and the scale required is collosal. Taking world numbers of something on the order of 10 billion tonnes of CO2 per annum, this occupies a volume at a minimum 10 cubic kilometres. This volume has to be gas tight with an internal pressure of 50 bar and storage would have to be permanent. This volume would have to be built every year. For the UK the demands are proportionately less, but it makes storing nuclear waste look easy."

Oh that deadly CO2 again, you know we could just feed it to plant life I hear they quiet like it. I see your misconception that it's better we go with a really nasty polutant like nuclear waste or mercury light bulbs.


Whats far more important is the amount of real polutants that big business pumps into our air and water supplies things like heavy metals, man made chemicals etc. CO2 is easily dealt with by more vegitation something that more CO2 actually encourages.

T-Mobile doubles 0870 call costs


@Ofcom making it even more confusing.

Really I don't see a problem with the way it worked before why did they start to mess with it. 084X 087x numbers allow services to be provided free of charge to end users things like dial up, conference calling, messaging services etc. People have only just got their head around this and now Ofcom want to change the playing field again.

Please just leave it, there was nothing wrong with the old method everyone I know knew they had to pay for 084x 087x numbers outside their plans.

Thanks Ofcom!!!

Nintendo Wii US sales 3x PS3, Xbox 360

Paris Hilton

Oh lets dismiss the Wii as a Novelty Console

Deary me to all the PS3/360 owners posting on this please just get over it your consoles lost and neither Sony,MS or Nintendo really care what you or I think. To dismiss the Wii as a novelty that soon wears off proves you don't own one. RE4, MK, MG, Metroid need I continue.....

I've played consoles since Atari's ET days and quiet frankly I was bored with the whole scene luckly Nintendo got it right this time and it's injected some much needed fun into the console scene again.

Too the hardcore gamers going on about adult games sorry but all PS3/360 offers is what I've had on my PC for years except with a console I've to suffer a naff control method to play those adult games.

Paris cause she's hardcore too.

9/11 an inside job, says Irish pop folkster

Black Helicopters

Strange my last posting didn't get through.

Well my last post didn't get through it dealt with the MO for false flag ops and how 9/11 has all the hallmarks. However rather than repost I thought I'd comment on the Architect side with



Operation Gladio

Operation Northwood

theirs more.....

All those having a pop at Mark please elaborate on WTC7 and its classic demo job centre crimp and drop in its footprint, no plane hit that!

Black helicopter as my last post obviously got picked up and I've been marked domestic terrorist. Not long now and I get to go on my free CIA backed waterboarding holiday I hear you get to visit lots of exotic locations :)


@ Chris

Quote "Yes, but this "conspiracy" would involve thousands, perhaps millions, not a dozen."

Eh no you are very much mistaken their is no reason for it to involve thousands or millions as you suggest. The building could be brought down very easily by a small team and the rest can be organized by having your people in the right place.

"Nearly every structural engineer and architect in the world. Numerous other scientists and people who actually can reason. The 9/11 commission and all their staff."

Just like you people tend not to think their government or elements within it would do this to their own people. Before I woke up I never even doubted the official story and when I did start to wake up I spent a lot of time looking into it and various aspects of it as I just couldn't believe it but the facts are their.

"The vast majority of the NYPD and FDNY"

Not at all and look at how many of those first responders where killed by Rudy sending them into an area they knew had asbestos without proper kit.

"the passengers on the planes, witnesses in the streets"

Your getting silly now.

"the demolition teams, their suppliers"

Government supplied black ops unit plausible deniability!

"and many, many more. The members of Al Quaeda and their relatives would all have to be in on it too."

Getting silly again however the supposed head of said group Mr Osama did state it was nothing to do with him unless of course you believe the video supposedly found of him admitting it. A video that show someone that looked and acted nothing like him. A Fat, jewelry wearing right handed osama mmmmmmm not quite his profile and certainly jewelry is against his version of islam.


@ Wayland Sothcott (red pill blue pill)

I know exactly where your coming from. It took a lot for me to accept the reality that was laid out before me. I would say I've spent a good year in denial, looking at alternative theories double checking official stories, debunking sites and scientific papers. However the inconvenient truth of all this is that the only rational explanation for the way 9/11 happened and everything that has happened since is that it was an inside job.

@ Onionman

Quote "Wayland - I'm sure no amount of searching by me could possibly lead me to your conclusions, as I retain at least a semblance of rationality in my life."

That is because you are not open to the possibility it might be true like most deniers I'd add.

Black Helicopters

@ Motive

I respect the fact you work in the US government however like all government employees you are compartmentalised. Do you really believe that those involved in black ops have to deal with the crap you do?

As for motive I'll name three but could name more however they are mostly covered by these three.

Oil, Money and Control!

Oil's pricey these days isn't it and soon to be $200 a barrel I hear. How are our freedoms these days I see torture is legal just by changing the definition and then we have detention without charge. Fascist state here we go......

Now tell me the motivation for a bunch of Muslims in a cave to organise the destruction of their beloved Islamic state Afghanistan, without quoting the usual they hate us for our freedoms bollocks!


@ Ign R. Amis

Quote: "Only if you know nothing about CD. Wiring a conventional building for CD takes approximately three weeks. The WTC towers were massive structures that would have taken considerably longer, and would have required the thousands of people in the building to ignore the packs of explosives strapped to the support columns and the thousands of feet of wire for the detonators. The only thing overwhelmingly obvious is that there's no way this scenario is plausible. Just because something bears a resemblance to CD doesn't make it CD. If you ever watch an actual CD video, you'll notice a number of significant differences between those and the WTC towers' collapse."

I think it's pretty obvious you know nothing about CD, as if you did you'd know their are multiple ways of taking down a building and they are different for each pull.

However 10 seconds is 10 seconds and the official story that says their was a pancake collapse in this time does not compute!!! This doesn't even tackle WTC 7 the building that was hit by no plane.

On that day the official story is that 3 buildings collapsed from fire first time ever recorded that a modern steel structured building has done so and it happens 3 times on the same day.

Quote: "Typical conspiracy nutter - cherry pick the evidence that supports your views. The lawn outside the Pentagon was littered with plane debris. If you look at photos taken close to the building, focusing on the lawn, you can see this.


I don't see what your getting at with that picture are you an airplane specialist do you know that those parts came from the plane you think?

You speak of cherry picking yet you are doing exactly whilst at the same time trying to pidgeon hole truthers (ppl that seek the truth about 9/11).

Explain in your own words the following.

1. Collapse of WTC 1 & 2 in about 10 seconds?

2. Where the fuel came from to heat the steel to 800C for 60 odd minutes when the majority blew up in a giant fireball upon impact?

3. Why WTC7 collapsed at again near free fall speed and had been reported by the BBC as having collapse about 20 mins before it actually did.

4. Why their was multiple reports of explosions in the basement of both the towers from multiple witnesses at various points in time prior to collapse.

5. Why the FBI won't release at least 1 video that actually shows a plane impacting the building when they confiscated all videos that had a view on that area of impact.

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@ Ign R. Amis


Sure looks like American Airlines to me."

Oh a few unburnt scraps of an AA plane pretty amazing seeing as the fire was so hot it melted the rest of it according to the official story.

"I thought IT people were smart? WTF?"

So being smart in your opinion is taking things at face value, I see why you selected that name it suits you.


@ 9/11 really happened.... it wasn't a conspiracy

"I have read the conspiracy theories about how it was a missile that hit the Pentagon. Prior to that, everything else I was reading - hell, it's all quite plausible! However, when the missile hit the Pentagon it hit it, not on remote military base so they have 100% control of the "story" - it hit along the 495 beltway in front of thousands of witnesses.

So am I to believe that the government then co-opted all those thousands of people and paid them off to say, no it was really an American Airlines jet?"

I've read ones that said their were no planes however there is such a thing as disinformation which is most likely released by those wanting to hide the truth. As in doing so you can create a situation where a perfect logical theory is swamped with crazy conspiracy theories thus leading the general herd to bundle them all into the same category.

I believe it was a plane that hit the pentagon just not the plane we were led to believe. As for the 1000's of witnesses well that sounding like a strawman argument. Where is your source for that as I've looked at this for a long time and all i've seen are a few people. The majority of these people stated nothing more that they saw a plane of various descriptions. The vids released clearly show no large plane which again kind of rules out the offical story and what about the rest of the vids, sorry they are not for public consumption!!!

Black Helicopters

@ Boris the Cockroach

Well obviously it doesn't take 1000 charges to bring down WTC 1, 2 or 7 for that matter. As according to the offical pile of crock all it takes is 2 planes flying into corners of two building to bring down all 3 buildings. As for the fuel heating the steel to 800c that is pretty amazing seeing as most of it flew out of the building in a gigantic fireball. Also you are using the maximum temperature that the fuel could reach what you are missing is the fact it requires some work to maintain that temperature for any length of time.

So the reality of the situation is plane crashed into building you had a fireball that hit 800c or so that then quick drops in temperature as their is no continued source of airplane fuel. This is confirmed by the fact the people were able to to stand next to the damage without bursting into flames.

As for the number of people required to carry out the conspiracy well I doubt it's as many as you think.

"And then finally the fact that if any 1 of them blew the whistle, he'd get immunity , millions of dollars and most of the rest would goto the electric chair."

That's a joke someone is going to trust their goverment to protect them from something they know high up elements in the government organised. If one did come out they wouldn't be around very long and I'm pretty sure they'd work their way through their family tree too.

So you keep up giving away your freedom for a lie oh and don't forget that CO2 is bad for the enviroment too those damn plants use it to turn into oxygen don't you know.


Black Helicopters

What I find interesting

is the reaction you get from deniers when you put forward a conspiracy theory or as I like to call it in 9/11's case a conspiracy FACT!

It's almost like you've called their mother a slut.

Seriously if the serial deniers pulled their head out of the sand long enough to actually see what is going on around them they would most likely quickly put it back in again and say la la la I'm not listening.

WTC 1&2 hit by planes and collapse ok possible despite most of the fuel going up in a large fireball upon impact. But then we have WTC7 not hit by any plane that comes down symmetrical in pretty much its own footprint.

No NO NO I'm the nut really don't listen to me you continue believing what makes you comfortable but don't blame the tin foilers when you wake up in a world you don't recognise.

WiMAX gets EU harmonisation at 2.6GHz

Paris Hilton

Can we stop with all this RF stuff

Really I don't need 100Mbps to check my email on the mobile can we just make the current wireless stuff safer or release a safer technology and leave the high speed stuff to the landlines.

Because 2.4Ghz makes my blood boil!

Windows XP SP3 sends PCs into endless reboot


Worked for me eventually

After waiting about 2 hours for it to finished updating my T42 to SP3 I got fed up waiting so start/shutdown was enough to actually get it to finish the job. Now that is complete it works fine no issues to report and it actually boots up a bit quicker.

Reboot issue does sound like some sort of driver problem as you can boot into safe mode and the OEM's do have a habbit of cr@ppy installs.

Did have ubuntu on this laptop but upgrading to 8.04 resulted in constant harddrive access which I couldn't resolve so back to XP for a bit.

Mines the one with the various CD's in the pocket.

'Extreme porn' law could criminalise millions

Black Helicopters

Manga Films

I know a few Manga films that could possibly be caught up in this law Legend of the Demon Womb would be one.

@ Jeremy

Anyone that thinks the Tories will be better than New Labour is sadly mistaken it's like they are both in a relay race to control our lives and its been going on for decades.

It's a sad path we are heading down and no amount of voting is going to solve it direct action might but their is such a divide between military and the public that it would most likely end in a slaughter.

The criminals in power need to be removed and the system reset where is our Neo...