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Oz pedestrians fall to 'Death by iPod'


iPods kill!

As already observed by a number of posters, these people aren't being killed by iPods, they're being killed by cars. If you're driving a car in a place where there's a likelihood of people stepping out, etc., etc., you shuold be moving slowly enough that you can stop in time - hence 20mph limits outside schools.

All in all, it's quite impressivee that you managed to pretty much completely ignore any possibility that these people are dying because they're being run down. Hence, fail.

'We must all stop washing to save the planet'


Am I missing something?

Is man-made climate change / global warming so hard to believe? Really? With all the scientific evidence lined up on it? Christ, an entire dump of East Anglia's emails has failed to turn up with much smoke, let alone a smoking gun.

What makes you think that world is going to survive with everyone aspiring to the same level of resource usage we enjoy in the UK / Europe / etc.? This must be one of most researched, debated areas of science for centuries, and we still have to wade through mindless commentarding idiots who probably also think that the Iraq war was a BAE conspiracy, Barack Obama is a Jewish Arab placed there by secretive Republicans wanting us to lay off Dubya, and the Queen is st the centre of some bizarre power nexus which stiill runs the whole of Europe.

But hey, let's solve the whole problem by going nuclear everywhere, with the miraculous new reserves of uranium and other fissile material that don't seem to be coming out of the ground ... yes, that'll work well - nuclear plants running on bombastic hot air.

Manchester journo gets first ID card - late


LOLs all round.

If you can bother to go and look at the original article, one wag has pointed out that she's quite clearly waving an ID card with "specimen" over the centre of it. Her daughter is sure of a long, fruitful life, being brought up by such an incisive, inquiring mind.

UK.gov hoovers up data on five-year-olds


@AC 11:24

Stop! Stop now before you drown in your own drooling bath of conspiracy-theory induced drool!

"..using evidence collected by the labour party, defined by the labour party, and marked by the labour partyaccording to labour partydefined measures and reported according to kill, kill, kill them all, labour party defined criteria..."

No, collected by ordinary people working in ordinary schools up and down the country, defined by some civil servant somewhere, and graded according to some amazingly dull meaasure worked out at great length over random meetings of civil servants, and then aggregated probably automatically. Unless you imagine that Labour has somehow managed to brainwash every civil servant in the country - including all the teachers - and somehow not tell us.

17 times table? Wow. That'll just be so useful in later life, won't it? Quick get your kids to such a useful school! Any child who can do that much multiplication at 6 must be a complete joy to have around the house!

The survey sounds like a pile of excrement, but your demented ravings are no better.

Spain 'goes 50% wind powered' - in the small hours


Well tiitled as 'opinion' ...

The Oil Drum has a far more reasoned look at wind power: http://europe.theoildrum.com/node/5354

if youu're going to take the view that someone is suggesting that wind power on its own is the only way forward, it's a hard target to miss, criticism-wise. However, if you want to make it a bit more nuanced, suddenlt it becomes a less obvious target.

Beeb gets grief for Humpty Dumpty rewrite


Get it right!

"Happy" in Makaton is different to "Happy" in BSL: Something Special uses Makaton, so really it's a bit of a non-story on that front. (Besides, Makaton requires you to speak the words while signing them, and he's very clearly saying "Happy" ...)

And Humpty Dumpty still fell off the wall in the episode in question, Some MPs need to get their priorities right, I think.

Fail because the story's pretty rubbish in the first place, and because I've come to expect far better from this esteemed organ.

Ex-GCHQ chief compares Iraq whistleblower to Soviet spy



So we have 5,500 people in a big happy family who are all happy to ignore international law and basic moral values at the behest of their political masters. Thank heavens we're all in safe hands, eh?

Microsoft wraps Project 2010 parcel in Ribbon


Oh dear ....

I actually like the ribbon a lot. I can see more functions, more quickly, and understand what they do more easily, too ...

Of course, the Apple UI is still generally better.

CRB checks can take years to complete


And even then, we might not tell you why you've been turned down ...

And after you've waited however long, don't imagine you habe much recourse if they cock it up, or if they tell you requesting authority that you're dodgy, but they can't say why, really, or tell you .. Still, I'm sure a national database will cut down the number of these errors!

Beware evangelists


@Steven Knox, @Mr. Tebbutt

"I'll put you down as an evangelist, then?" By which you mean 'Someone with an opinion he's prepared to offer? Yes, please do: I'll join you on the platform. If I get to be an 'acid rain zealot' by suggesting that burning coal is roughly analogous to shitting from a great height over large parts of northern Europe, then you'd better pigeon-hole me as an acid rain zealot, too, if that makes you feel better.

And Mr Knox? Yes, I read every word, and then I re-read it just to be sure. As Captain Underpants observes: "On the other hand, it's a sad state of affairs that this fairly simple point can be considered sufficient subject material for a piece like this ... "



I hope the Register didn't pay for this pile of tripe. So people who feel strongly about a subject, whether right or wrong, are probably to be weeded out and ignored? And we should just carry on doing bad stuff, irrelevant of how bad it is, until we've got a nice handy everyone-agreed solution.

Surely the point of evangelists is that they tell you what they think is the best thing, and then you make adecision for yourself? Heaven protect us frrom any more idiocy like this pile of horse manure."More from this author?" I don't think so.