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You can be my wingman any time! RaspBerry Pi AI waxes Air Force top gun's tail in dogfights

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Re: No one has said it yet ...

Damn you! <shakes fist>

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Pi in the sky


Photoshopped image scam used in rogue Facebook app trap

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Kiss my assbook.com

Google chief: Only miscreants worry about net privacy

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What a first class twat.

McKinnon family 'devastated' by Home Sec's latest knock-back

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Apparently he used a remote admin tool to gain access to accounts that were not password protected.

I really don't think he gained access to anything remotely valuable.

I actually think he gained access to a honey pot designed to draw crackers away from the real targets.

This whole thing stinks.

Secret teen hacker army ridiculed

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Me please

Pick me, Pick me. I have just installed a rootkit.

Now if I could only manage to get it onto someone elses PC. Hmmm...

World's nastiest trojan fools AV software

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Big Brother

By Zeus's beard!

Sounds like AV company propaganda. Think about it... The average consumer mindset believes in the strongest brands to provide the best service. Thus, in the face of extreme fear such as having your bank details sniffed who they gonna call? It sure aint gonna be ghostbusters. Probably Norton or Mcafee.

Trial set for 'botnet for hire' duo

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Gates Horns

Hurrah for the botnets.

I couldn't give a distributed denial of service what you think

Man remanded for extreme porn offences

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Paris Hilton

Holy goats!

You mean there's porn without animals?

Paris - because she does it like they do on the discovery channel.

Secret US spontaneous human combustion beam tested

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Ahahaha...you thought I was crazy!

Tin foil hats anyone?