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Futurologist warns of malevolent dust menace

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Never Say Never

Work of fiction by Raymond Khoury- The Sign is all about smart dust...

World Cup streaming to choke corporate networks, doomsayers predict

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Not far from the truth

We monitor bandwidth usage for a government department. Everyday the bandwidth is maxed between 11:30am and 2:30pm all due to streaming.... at other times its less than 40% and this is even before the World Cup.....

Computing smart-scope gunsight for US snipers

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Check this out


Ash cans flights for another day

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Flight out of London

FlightRadar is saying an Air Berlin A330 has just taken off from London.....

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In case you don't know this site:-


superb and sickening to see at the same time... this is all a joke.... stranded now 5 days.....

How much of the EU's data will the UK lose?

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Poor Article

I am sorry but the data stick that was lost in a car park was encrypted. Your failure to mention this means your entire article is invalid and you are thus trying to push another agenda entirely.