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Parrot puts on headphone gesture gadgetry

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"Swiping one's finger up the earpiece adjusts volume, while swiping forward skips tracks." It's going to be hard to resist slyly swiping people's headphones on the tube for s&g's

PS Vita due in 2012 says Sony

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We've been here before...

Do you remember the white PSP launching is Japan first?

I, along with thousands others got them imported, this is going to happen again I suspect.

Sherlock because we should have known Sony would screw us as usual

Has UK gov lost the census to Lulzsec?

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The answer to the title of this article is


LulzSec The Lulz Boat

Anyone in the world can copy and paste The Lulz Boat ASCII art and general lighthearted theme. Smarten up, check the feed first. #AntiSec

Move along people...

Xperia Play gets new games boost

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Call me what you like

But yes, I do enjoy minecraft, and am sorely tempted to get this, I don't like playing games on my iPhone that require my thumbs to obscure the screen, also as a Sony fanboi' why should I buy a new phone (fed up of Apple's ways) and an NGP when this appears to solve both?

Flame because I'll probably get stick for liking Minecraft & Sony

Sony lets slip NGP name change

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NGP or Xperia Play

Aside from real thumbsticks I wonder what this can offer that the Xperia Play won't be able to

BenQ W1200 HD DLP projector

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Got excited by the W in the model name

I thought El Rej had leapt to the the forefront of cutting edge tech and were reviewing a Wireless projector but alas not

Any chance of you doing one?

Google spymobile snaps self jumping to light speed

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as the register tip-off'er

no you weren't the first to make this reference...

Thanks El Reg for the credit...

2012 Olympic mascots cop a shoeing

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Thumb Up


That logo is much better, it's simple yet also clever

Oz filmmaker to flog virgins for TV doco

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Is Mr S. Maug's offer

and raise him to 2 goat's, 5 sheep and my fastest camel

Mozilla spills plan for, yes, Firefox 4

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Instead of a 64-bit version

How about embracing the corporate environment and providing tools for corporate deployment, an MSI and ADM file would be way awesomer than a 64-bit version!

PlayStation site hacker avoids jail

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Paris Hilton


did he cheat at SOCOM? I thought online cheating was impossible other than bugs but that's the devs fault not the user

Acer Easystore H340 2TB Nas box

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No RAID, no interest, couldn't you have said that on the first page though so I didn't waste my time reading all 3 pages....

Steve Jobs: 'Pad? That's my word'

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and god forbid

anyone who tries to market 'fresh apples'

look out ASDA, TESCO et al, Steve Jobs is coming for you....

i was going to upgrade to the new iPhone in the summer but Mr Jobs acting like a douche makes me consider androids

iPhone 4.0: iAds, multitasking, and 98 tweaks

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Folders for similar apps

Ok that's great, but what about folder management for photos, my iPhone currently has 500+ photos and if i want to find something to show someone it's a giant pain in the arse

Women face 'glass cliff' after breaking glass ceiling

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what the hell

is a trick-cyclist and why is she pretending to a professor?

French poised to seize Port of Dover

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for everyone who says that its good because they'll bring French standard but no French people and will generate more jobs for local people have obviously never visited a French retailer e.g. Decathlon, centre of London yet fully staffed by the French....

I have nothing against the French, but as someone said Dover is a British border point! Although they might be good at shipping the illegal immigrants back judging from their handling of the refugee camps

Parcelforce fails to deliver for Windows 7 lovers

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I don't understand, what does PF care what OS your on, surely only the browser matters?

Americans promised all you can eat Twittering for $99

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What's a "dataplane"? is it how they send your tweets around teh interwebs

NASA sat snaps LA wildfire

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@ Charlie Clark

I managed, but for those that can't


meh, it's always these US City's getting burned to the ground, you wouldn't have this sort of thing happening in London....