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Jaguar F-Type: A beautiful British thoroughbred

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Re: How to do it

The XF was already a beautiful car, you cheeky scamp. Some people including myself prefer the front (and the rear) of the original design. More Jaguarish, I think.

Cowon iAudio J3 personal media player

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Looks good but...

...Proprietary USB - No thanks. I've got enough charging bricks/cables around my house.

Would it have hurt to use micro USB - now the standard for mobile devices?

Microsoft finally debuts Euro-choose-a-browser screen

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Once again...

Crap-apple will not have to provide something similar, because they do not have a monoply share of any market.

Michael Dell: Netbooks go sour after 36 hours

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"Performance is kind of coming back"?

It never went away! My Linux boxes (and netbook) are as snappy as ever. :-)

All this hype about Windows 7 being so much faster than Vista is all Marketing Moonshine of course. The benchmarks I've seen say it's fundamentally the same as Vista: Much of the perceived speed-up is due to MS tweaking the UI to be more responsive. Not very surprising because It's still much the same beast as Vista under the covers.

Lexmark C736dn workgroup colour laser printer

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Lexmark are crap

Lexmark are crap IMHO. I'd never buy another one after my C532 managed only 500 sheets from a new (high capacity) cartridge. Lexmark didn't even bother to reply to my complaint.

Hands on with the Nokia N900

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Battery life?

So it's an N810 + cell radio, but with a smaller capacity battery. Uh-oh!

The battery life on my N810 is very poor. It'll last about two days from a full charge without running any apps. If I actually use the thing I'm lucky if I get home before it runs out of juice. This is with a brand new battery. My crappy old 6630 phone will last for days with light usage.

The N900 will not be very practical as a phone unless Nokia have heavily optimised the OS/daemons to improve battery life.