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Tech that we want (but they never seem to give us)

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Connecting social media together, I use google+ for pictures, my friends use snapfish, FB, and other services, why can we not pool across platforms, why do i have to download and upload,

I have outlook for skype, google for android, whatsApp, lastFM etc etc why can i not manage my contacts in one place and have a single list of contacts with duplicates removed in all accounts.

Defo want a laptop i can use indoors and out where the battery lasts a full working day.

Defo want a phone with just an OS and let me decide what SW to install

If i buy a VW and Apple have shoehorned in their media services, i want use my Android phone in said car not an iDevice and vicsa versa.

Subscription models for media, TV, Film, Music, Games which care not for physical boarders and only cares if paid this months fee has been paid.

Network operators not making money off of the backs of roamers, it does not cost that much more for a non domestic user to use the network than a domestic, the effort/cost involved is only in recovering the costs from either your sister legal entity from within the same group e.g Vodafone GmBH from Vodafone UK LTD or from 3rd parties e.g Vodafone GmBH from Three UK LTD.

Rise Of The Machines: What will become of box-watchers, delivery drivers?

Andy 7

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should

Science and Technology companies have soon start thinking about social impacts for sure, but i cant see 10m being put on the scrap heap straight away, i would see these being sidelined into roles supporting the new master of the road, yes the bus will drive itself, but the bags may not load/unload themselves, same with couriers, unless we fee paying customers start having to take on more responsibility, "doing more for less". The other important role is to be ready to hit the big red STOP button, when things start going bendy

Automated warehouses already exist with humans supporting the machines doing the put away and picking, leaving us sacks of meat to feed the put away and consolidate the picking processes and being ready to hit the big red STOP button , with white collar staff still pushing paper in the office mezzanines for now.

The more worrying item will be living longer, with all the great advances in medicine, not enough housing stock, not enough networks to transport, nor enough land to feed them is the quality of life worth hanging on for a few more grim years.

Which qualifications are worthwhile?

Andy 7

Customer Service Skills

I moved into IT in 2001 with no qualifications inc GSCE's and from a catering background (would you like fries with your password reset?) and have built a successful career over the last 10 years and have recently moved into a senior Business IT demand role from a Service Delivery Role with just a foundation v2 ITIL qually to my name.

So I would say to begin with all you need is good customer Service Skills the rest you learn on the job and keep the knowledge with you.....If you need to do functional qualifications for your chosen career path as you progress, then this cannot hurt.

just my two pennies worth

Vulture Central logo pops up in prehistoric France

Andy 7

It is not the French you should be worrying about....

I would be more worried about a tech monolith patenting it and backdating damages.....

'Young people don't want to become like us', say IT pros

Andy 7

Grass is greener in the "X" dept

I would rather be in IT than, HR, Accounts/Finance, Marketing or Operations.

Maybe I feel like that because I'm not at the coal face watering and feeding the systems/infrastructure or keeping the code alive, but I wouldn't swap IT for anything else.

Each day there is a new problem to solve with the help of the right people within the IT dept who are the SME's for the topic at hand be it Technical, Process or Politics some days are painful, most are not.

Get some perspective people we all have our crosses to bear, no industry is 100% fun for 100% of the people in it.

Don't like what you are doing now, then ship on out and go something you enjoy, if you cant leave, then grab your ankles while you grin and bear it. It could be worse, you could be one of the many looking for a job and can't get one.... I'm just saying

Who the hell cares about five nines anymore?

Andy 7

Will nobody think about the WAN/MAN

DC 5 nines are all good, but when you work with end user availbility in a global enviroment 5 nines is a whole new ball of wax, there are many obstacles to overcome before a user in a site could be given a garuentee of any figure.

How many ISPs opperate in each country? if only one then oh dear hold on to your ankles at your next SR

Which ISP owns the infra if running with multiple ISPs for sepracy?

How much influence do you have on SIP's after major outages affecting ISP's?

if running dual links, where does you ISP consider the last mile for convergence to be? No good if 5km from site and copper gets dug up by poor people and all your links go down including RF

Will your landlord let you add a new server room and seperate LAN in your location should you feel the need?

What is the local break fix support SLA's? do you have 4 hour resolution times for H/W failures, Desktops, Network, File Print?

Are spares easily avaialble to swap out in less then 4 hours?

How much revenue would you lose as a site if you do not get Five 9's? is this less than to cost of implementing? Do you want to spend €1m to protect €250k in losses over 3 years.

Who will fund these improvements? if you opperate in an Empire enviroment dominated by P&L never an easy question to answer

Is the user base running low attrition? is knowledge retained on Incident management, Business continuity management

is the user base well trainined? as above

Back at the DC

If the market has not provided an off the shelf solution and you A-team yourself a new one, will the original vendor(s) still support the core of their product you have not ripped apart to deliver the business what it needs

has the business given you a forecast of business for capacity planning?

just my thoughts.

As i say to my business partners off the record, you can have what ever you like just give me explicit and clear requirements, a blank cheque to deliver and run it inc for undocumented features, a well trained user base, good communication matrixs with named people to own it and review it, good SOP's owned and reviewed inc DR and BCP. A heads up on pipeline of volumes inc users, a pipeline of SIP and funding to implement

PS IT tries it's best to deliver world class service more so than other service providors like Finance, HR etc

Equality Act causes logistics nightmare

Andy 7

Discrimination in the workplace

@ John I'm only dancing; Here, Here!! Could not agree with you more.

Shame there is no other way of picking up the minority of organisations who are being discriminatory.

Before the credit crunch, I would have said to anybody who felt they had been discriminated against to find another job obviously, you are not valued where you are, so go to somebody who will value you.

Even if you love the team you work in, the partners you interface with each day, the brand you work for and of course your customers, if you are being passed over, and you have the talent ,all the positives are worthless if your not on the path you desire.

Now I would say stay put till you find another job, and in the mean time what can your friendly HR team do for you?

That being said sometimes people are not as good as they think they are, even if you tick all the non job related boxes you may still be passed over, you just don't want to hear the fact your crap at your job despite being told in your annual review or not as the case may be....

I have heard of organisations who have named dedicated groups for minorities in the work place e.g. Red Squirrels working in English forests*. Which you can join even if you are not a member of said minority (I can only assume to stop being discriminatory, kind of defeats the object really, unless I missed the point)

* Group open to Grey Squirrels

Orange predicts death of bosses and birth of P2P offices

Andy 7

@ Darius

I was thinking the same, what happened to my little ear piece?


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